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The weather is so deceiving. It felt really pretty out this morning so I decided we’d go for a walk even though I didn’t wake up at our new walking time. Since it’s a holiday, I didn’t set the alarm haha. So I woke up a little more and then got all set to go out. It felt great, a light breeze with a little coolness to it. For the majority of the first part of the walk, we’re in shade and I think that made the difference. Towards the end of the first leg, the sun breaks through and as soon as it hit me I heated up pretty instantly. By the time we got home I was covered in sweat and it was only just after eight. Ah well, it was still a nice walk. We haven had some dog distraction right at the start that required some obedience to get Jayden concentrating.

Jayden wasn’t at all bothered by fireworks last night. I had no idea what to expect. Sometimes there are firecrackers nearby but there weren’t any last night. I’m glad we didn’t have any nearby idiots haha. The distant fireworks show could be heard, but Jayden passed out since it was our normal bed time, so that was a relief.

We had fun at Gamma’s yesterday. I’ve been playing hide and seek with him there which is a lot of fun because her house is bigger than the apartment. Gamma gets a kick out of watching Jayden hunt for me. The last time I hid, I got under the kitchen table. When he found me he had a heck of a good time licking me while I tried to get out from under the table haha! Then he got all excited and went into the dining room and started spinning in circles which caused him to run into the chair and worry Gamma, then he went on a tear around the house and I couldn’t seem to stop him. Finally he came to me and calmed down and didn’t manage to break anything. I really need to figure out a safe place where he can run. I could easily let him out into Gamma’s back yard, but she’s a stickler about poop being picked up immediately. So it just won’t work unless someone is there with a good set of eyes. It’s really a bummer because his friend Charlie is next door and they could run along the fence. I have to respect her wishes on the poop front though. I wish I had a sightie friend with a yard. Hmmm.

Friday, Dave took us to this old skeletal mall. It’s the oldest mall here, but it’s just pretty much died. I don’t know how it stays open, with only like four stores haha. Basically it’s just used for mall walkers. So Dave took us there to get familiar with it because it’ll be great to go there for a good long walk while it’s so hot. Jayden did great of course.

We had to find the bathroom and the only one available is in the last remaining department store. So we folloed Dave to it. I am just amazed that Jayden finds the big stall in every new bathroom. That’s gotta be the raising.

Leaving the store, Dave was behind us and I could just hear Jayden thinking, man this was a lot easier when I could just follow Dude. It was a little challenging getting back out of the store, but Jayden did great, of course.

That’s about all with regards to Jayden. Baseball has gone well; we took three of four games in Minnesota and now it’s back home to play the Red Sox. I’ve got Sunday’s game playing quietly since I tried to listen last night and the feed dropped, which has never happened with an archived game. Unfortunately there’s no way to fast forward, so you just have to start at the beginning to pick up where you left off. It’s been annoying in the past, but the feed dropping was the last straw and I finally emailed about it. I have to wonder if the main player has the ability to fast forward and if so, it’s not fair that the lite player doesn’t. So hopefully when I reach the fifth inning, the feed will stay up. I know we won, but I want to hear how it happened.

Oh yeah, Jayden’s birthday is coming up, so I’m hoping to get to Petsmart very soon to spoil him rotten. =D


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6 Responses to Doggy Diaries – This and that

  1. I’m so happy Jayden isn’t phased by fireworks. Jayden, you rock.

    Today was friggin hot from the beginning here too. I got in the apartment building pool to cool down. Aaa it felt so good. Poor boodog, I think she saw me put on my bathing suit and knew she wasn’t going with me.

  2. Ro

    I want to go swimming. I’m really stir crazy today. B is still sleeping and it’s well after noon. A friend from my class at GDB is in town and I’m really hoping to be able to hook up with him. Oooh almost forgot a phone call I need to make, better go do that haha…

  3. Oooo! You so totally should hook up with him! Mini class reunions rock the world!

  4. Ro

    I know, and he’s the one who’s like minded, who had the same struggles. We got each other through that three weeks, no doubt. But he emailed this morning saying he’d be here this afternoon and tomorrow but didn’t have my number. I gave it to him, but haven’t heard anything. I so hope I get to see him. I met his wife at grad and she’s great too. So keeping fingers crossed…

  5. Jen

    Waw I don’t know how you survive such heat so early in the morning. Is it hot all day then or does it get cool in the afternoon?
    Could you let him play outside in your gamas if you know he has gone to the toilet first? That way he’s not likely to do it there and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after him.

  6. Ro

    Nope, it heats up by ten in the morning and doesn’t cool off again. It’s in the eighties when we wake up. So there’s not much time haha.

    The problem is that he goes in the mroning for sure and then doesn’t do number two on command until the evening. But if he’s free in a yard, he goes after running around. It happened the one time I let him loose when my uncle was there. If he ever goes number two when he’s on leash, I will let him off immediately to run around haha!

    I could have sworn there were other comments on this post. What’s going on?

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