Doggy Diaries – Third day exaustion

I really expected to crash Monday, and I guess I kinda did with all the reading a book and laying around, but while I was tired, I felt ok. Then yesterday a storm was moving in so I expected it to hit then, but I felt ok in the morning and by the the time the rain hit, I could have gone out again.

Today however, is a different story. My whole body hurts. Joints, muscles, all of it. I’m still a little worried about Jayden being bored, but I consulted the email list yesterday, and they assured me he’s fine. Every little strange noise though, and I’m checking him lol. I wonder when his tongue is warm, I wonder if it should be cool. I wonder when his nose is dry. I wonder if his sighs are content sighs or I’m bored sighs. I wonder if he’s happy. I know all that stuff will fade in time.

I have to say I can already see that he’s picking up stuff even though we haven’t done much. For instance, my door opens in on my left side, so for the first two times I said “over here” and transfered the leash to my right. Now he goes there automatically. I tell him to wait when he steps out so I can shut the door, and now he’s automatically waiting.

The best part are the rocks. He doesn’t like the landscape rocks. But he understand that he must do his business there. So this morning I took him there and he urinated immediately and then ran back to the concreate. I tried pulling him back for number two, but he didn’t budge and was actually pulling me towards the door. I assumed that meant he was finished so we came in. I figure if an accident happens because I didn’t wait long enough, that’ll teach me, but for now I’m reading him. I took him out two hours later and he went right to the rocks and did number two. I picked it up and he went right to the concrete lol. I grabbed my cane and patterned to the dumpster to make the poop deposit. I paused and kibbled at all the places I’ll want him to pause. Then we went back and I paused and kibbled at our walkway, then kibbled at our door. Then I turned us around and patterned the mailboxes. At every pause, I kibbled.

Hopefully we’ll do it again this afternoon only I’ll heel him in harness. Then maybe tomorrow we’ll pattern and then try it with him working.

It’s fun discovering what works for us. I’m glad I have all the time in the world, unlike others who have to get back to life immediately. I can’t imagine trying to do that.

Dave asked me if I want to meet Friday or Tuesday and I welcomed Friday. So not sure if we’ll go pattern at Saavi or what. I want to be comfortable there before I resume workouts. Though really I could pattern there on my own. So we’ll see what Dave says. I can’t wait to see him and tell him about training and how much I appreciate the way he handles me like a human and not a dog. Maybe because he’s never trained dogs?

It’s pretty cold out. Sunny, but cold. My body feels heavy. Yesterday I managed to do some cleaning since the house was neglected for three weeks, but I don’t have it in my today. Conserving spoons for hopefully an afternoon outing.

I’m catching up on blogs so far today. It was killing me to be plucked out of everyone’s lives for three weeks lol. I may not get around to reading everything, but I’m definitely putting a dent in it.

Ok, back to reading. Is it time for afternoon coffee yet? Nope, only 12:24, gotta wait an hour. Guess it’s kinda like Jay watching the clock for meal time 😉


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4 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Third day exaustion

  1. I don’t think Jayden is bored already, since everything is new to him. When Cabana goes to puppy sitters’ houses, she’s intent, watching everything, sniffing everything. I’m sure there’s plenty going on in Jayden’s mind, even when he’s on tie down.

    What’s patterning? I like how you use “kibble” as a verb!

  2. Yup this is all normal. Go Jayden, figuring stuff out already. Hope you feel less achy soon, Ro.

  3. Ro

    Patterning is kinda getting the dog familiar with things before you tell it to do it. So by heeling Jayden and walking my routes with my cane, he’s getting familiar with it without having to work it. Therefor he’s not gonna make mistakes while heeling so it just kinda helps him get familiar with things.

    For the first few days in the dorms, we couldn’t work our dogs inside. So I heeled him everywhere. And the day I worked him inside, he knew right were to go. It got to where I just said “dining hall” and he took me right to it. They didn’t tell us it was patterning and I don’t know if they intended it to be patterning. They said it was a safety thing. But whatever, it worked, and he was a champ at it. He always took me directly to our table and even my chair.

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