Doggy Diaries – The mall and a little girl

This morning Dave gave me a choice. Work some more on the route to the store since it was our early morning, or have a longer lesson at the new mall I’ve decided is my favorite. I had been all geared up for the outdoor lesson, but frankly a nice inside route without all the traffic noise sounded wonderful. Yesterday I was feeling pretty terrible due to Aunt Flo’s visit so a nice relaxing walk sounded much better. Plus, I really want to master that mall as it has everything I need, just about.

So we went there. Being so early, the stores weren’t open yet, but you can always get in the food court entrance. That won’t be my usual entrance, since I can’t see ever going that early, but oh well haha.

It was nice and quiet so we did a lap around the mall with Dave telling me where the stores are and pointing out audible landmarks. There’s this magic bus thing that I’m guessing is a toy dispenser and you can’t miss the noise. It’s right by Old Navy. Sweet! We got down to the end of the mall where there’s a store Gamma is interested in. She doesn’t want to walk the whole mall though, so once I realized it’s near a set of doors, I had Dave tell me where she can have her friend park, so that will work great for her.

We made it back to the food court and Dave said I should do the walk on my own with him some distance back. So we set off.

Unfortunately when we got near the bookstore where I’ll actually do my coming and going, there is construction on a new bar and grill. Jayden decided we should walk that way and since I’m not totally familiar with the place, I didn’t notice it. Later in the day, there’s a children’s play area that is a great audible land mark but no kids were there yet. Before I knew it, I had no clue where we were and the noise coming from the construction just about made me freeze. I couldn’t hear anything else and couldn’t tell what I was touching. Finally I just said, “get me away from the noise!” more out of frustration than an actual command. But Jayden did just that! Suddenly he was walking and there were two women asking if I needed help, I answered yes and then Dave was there. We hadn’t patterned down that way at all, but Dave saw us go that way and waited to see what would happen. I guess Jayden was just curious lol.

We got back on track and headed the other way and I heard the magic bus and then smelled popcorn, telling me we were across from the theatre. Cool, we should veer right a bit and be at those doors. I feel us go right and then Jayden stopped. The two ladies were there again and asked if I needed help and I asked if we were facing the doors. Yes. Ok cool. I think Jayden was just making sure I wanted to go that way. He walked us to the doors, we turned around and headed back towards the food court.

I was wondering what would happen as we had to veer left and kinda veer right to shoreline properly, but he did it just right. I smelled popcorn then heard the magic bus, then Dave was there.

We sat in the food court and talked about everything and he said Jayden was totally focused on me, even when he saw Dave when I was freaking out about the noise. Jayden didn’t just beeline for Dave, he waited to see what I wanted to do. So that was good.

Then I hear a voice say, “that’s not your dog.” Dave said there was a little girl looking at Jayden and her grandparents were telling her it wasn’t her dog. I asked if they wanted to say hi so the grandpa brought the little girl over. She didn’t really talk and sounded very young. Jayden’s tail was going and I just told him careful and held his leash by the collar. He was soooo gentle with her! He wiggled and wagged but ever so slightly. The little girl was inching towards him with urging from her grandpa. She was making petting gestures, Dave told me, but about a foot away. Jayden then lay down right in front of her, and she sat in front of him and he licked her hand, making her giggle. Then she was petting his head and he licked her feet which made her belly laugh. It was soooo cute to hear her little noises! The grandpa thanked me for exposing her to a good dog, since all she has is cats. It was so fun and I was just so amazed at how gentle Jayden was, not his usual yay a person reaction. He was still in harness, so I’m sure that helped.

It was such a great ending to the lesson and it made my ovaries ache just a tad lol. Her little noises were just adorable. Oh! And the grandpa asked her what noise a dog makes and she said, “woof woof woof” all tiny and timid little voice hehehehe. Almost made me want one, just for a split second. 😉 I think my uterus was screaming at that point hahaha!!!


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8 Responses to Doggy Diaries – The mall and a little girl

  1. Good job, Jayden and Ro! What a thrilling experience and love your humour, as you know.

  2. WOW that is so great! Good boy!!

  3. Aww that’s so cute about that kid. I love when they just giggle giggle giggle. I remember one kid was convinced I stole their dog and was now walking around downtown with him in a harness. “That’s Linus!” the kid yells as I get on the bus. Nope, it’s not. Hahha.

  4. You’re going to learn to love dealing with kids as a blind person. It’s so much easier than dealing with the adults, because most kids still own a set of listening ears. Not only that, but they ask some hilarious questions and make their parents very uncomfortable, it’s great. the adults are apologizing, but I’m always cool with it. If you don’t ask questions, you won’t know the answers. That’s how you learn. Whenever I tell a parent this it always seems like I’ve just said something completely profound, which is kind of a frightening thought when you stop and think about it.

  5. Ro

    Yeah kids are always so much better. I haven’t had a lot of kid encounters but they’re just too cute. So far, knock on wood, I haven’t had a lot of stupid people. I’m sure now that I’ve said that they’ll come out of the wood works.

  6. I still laugh when I think about the little girl in our building who asked me if my eyes “ran out of batteries.” She couldn’t figure out how the heck I could chase her around the laundry room if they were broken. It was too cute.

  7. Ro

    Hehe Kevin’s son didn’t believe I was blind. He couldn’t understand how I kept finding him in the pool. Then he played a joke one day, told me a spider was on the wall behind me and laughed at me when I jumped up and started screaming for Kevin lol.

  8. Somebody did that to me when I was a kid, but it was a bee instead of a spider. Bees freak the heck out of me.

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