Doggy Diaries – The handler is broken

It’s been an icky couple of weeks. Well really only about a week and a half. I can’t remember if I blogged about injuring my back. It was so stupid, making the bed and pulling something. That was last Saturday. I started alternating heat and ice and trying to stretch it out. I worked out the following Monday but took it really easy, then worked out Wednesday but ended up just walking on the treadmill. I talked with a massage therapist at Saavi and he gave me a stretch and it helped a ton. Did laundry and some cleaning on Thursday and screwed my back up again. Talked to a friend who does physical therapy and she said if it’s inflammation, the heat was making it worse, so I switched to ice and sure enough, that fixed it.

I decided to play it safe though, and didn’t work out yesterday. That was a good decision, as Aunt Flo arrived for her monthly visit and I must have royally pissed her off because yesterday was awful.

I got a really bad dizzy spell in the morning. B had just left for work and I almost called him to come back, but my phone was in the other room and I couldn’t stand. I was covered in sweat and just kept hanging my head between my legs. Finally my legs decided to carry me and I made it to the couch and my water and phone and just sat and let it pass. After ibuprofin and the heating pad on my belly I felt better but was seriously drained.

So Jayden and I had cuddle time on the couch while I listened to a movie. He is such a good cuddler! He was on the couch next to me with his butt near the arm and his head on my lap and there was enough room for me to turn sideways and put my legs up next to him, so he was swaddled between my legs and the back of the couch. He turned on his side and pushed into me. It was sooo nice. He makes these little content noises, little grunts as he pushes into me. It was wonderful and really helped me relax after the dizzy spell.

This morning we went out with Dave and before we set out anywhere, I told him what had happened. He asked if I take a vitamin and I admitted I don’t, and I’m pretty sure I’m anemic. I need to start taking One-A-Day for women. Between the having to rest my stupid back and Aunt Flo, I’m in bad shape. He said I could work out tomorrow, but just walk and stretch, no lifting. Bah. I know that the way I’m feeling is because I haven’t been able to work out as hard as I’ve been, but Dave said while my back is feeling better, it’s probably not totally healed. So it’s either be careful now or be down even longer. I don’t know how to care for an athlete’s body haha!

In Jayden news, he’s doing great. I have been doing daily obedience with him, but switching it up. He never knows when I’ll do it or what I’ll ask for. He gets all excited when I put on the treat pouch haha. Also, the frozen Kong is like crack. I freeze one every night. I’ve started craming kibble down in there and wetting it, then carefully adding some more with some water and laying it on it’s side, so it ends up with frozen kibble shoved down in there and then some frozen kibble on the side. All I have to say is, “do you want a frozen Kong?” and he goes nuts. He starts jumping up and down and runs into the kitchen. I get it out and he’s panting and going nuts and I have him run through obedience and then give it to him. He takes it and runs around the house and then settles in to eat. It’s so fun haha!

This morning on our walk, we got to a curb and I had to sit down. Then I got dizzy when I stood, so we chose an easier route back home where Jayden can just shoreline a long curb. I heard a car behind us and it’s just a driveway in the complex. So we’d be on the left of the car as it drove passed. Jayden stopped dead until it passed. He’s such a good boy. He takes absolutely no chances.

That’s really about it as far as Jayden goes. He continues to be perfect. He sleeps free now right next to my bed and our new thing at night is I hang over the side of the bed and he gives me kisses before we settle in. I love him!

In other news, I did a Safari update and now it sucks. Right after I did the update last week, I had written a long blog post and Safari died. It had never done that. And now, the text edit fields aren’t behaving the same way. It used to be I could interact with text and then arrow down line by line to edit. It won’t let me do that now. If I want to edit I have to go word by word. I can’t just easily find a mistake. So now I’m composing blogs in a text document. Gonna have to memorize the code for links. Pain in the butt. This takes me back to hating to install Windows updates. I haven’t had the energy to go check out Mac Visionaries and see if anyone else is having the problem.

In baseball news, the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees last night, putting the Rays and Red Sox only a half game out of first. We didn’t play last night. Tonight we’re back at home to take on the San Diego Padres, who lead the National League West. We have a three game series with them and then the D-backs come to the Trop. I hope they keep beating the Yankees here in AZ but then stop winning when they go to the Trop.

There’s lots of turmoil over the Rays moving. The owner says if they won’t move to Tampa he might sell or move the Rays out of Florida. I’m only getting snippets of all this on Twitter for the time being.

I move that the Rays come to Arizona. We need an American league team. So we have the Arizona Diamondbacks, how bout the Mesa Rays? Phoenix Rays? Scottsdale Rays? Eh, none of them have a good ring.

I was in baseball withdrawl last night, but they’re back tonight.

Ok, I think that’s about it. I should blog more often so I don’t need to write such monsters.

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