Doggy Diaries – The fun ended too quickly

This morning we got to go have breakfast with a classmate from GDB, his wife and of course his guide dog. It was so great to see them again, in the real world haha! They live in San Diego, but were passing through on their way back from Texas. They arrived last night and the best time to get together was this morning before they hit the road. It just worked out perfectly because Dave had cancelled our lesson for this morning.

After I got myself ready this morning, I sat Jayden down and gave him a pep talk.

“I expect you to be on your best behavior today, ok? I know it’s going to be fun to see your friend from school, but don’t let her behave better than you, ok? Just be yourself and be the same great guide dog you’ve been. Be nice and good under the table and don’t run me into anything. I know you’ll be a good boy.”

Something like that hehe. I think he could tell I was excited this morning because when I held out the leash to relieve him before we left, he came running to the door. Then he was so excited to get the harness on. When they got here, they tooted the horn and we stepped out and I swear he smelled his classmate. He has never pulled me to the parking lot so fast haha! We got in the backseat and my friend and his guide dog were in the front seat. Both dogs got excited but settled down quickly and Jayden was thrilled to lay on the back seat with me, with permission of course.

We got to the diner, where Jayden has only been once, and both dogs did great and settled in nicely under the table. The way we positioned ourselves in the large booth, Jayden’s head faced away from his classmate, so they didn’t try playing at all under the table.

It was so great to sit and talk with my classmate and his wife. We caught each other up on life after school and man, if I thought Jayden was a power chewer, I was mistaken. My friend’s dog has destroyed Kongs and even Goughnuts in no time at all. Wow haha!

After we were through eating and talking, it was time for them to get back on the road, but we went outside and sat at the outdoor tables and took the dogs’ harness’ off. They were both still on leash and they both just stood there until we gave them permission, then they both went nuts hahahaha!!! It was soooo fun! At school we couldn’t let the dogs interact, so this was great. Both dogs were jumping and spinning in place even though they had their leashes on and were attached to us. At one point Jayden ran behind my chair and almost pulled me backward. I got to say hi to my friend’s dog finally and she was so cute, putting her paws on my legs and licking my face. She’s a tiny little black lab, so I could easily tell them apart.

The fun ended all too soon and we harnessed up the dogs again. Instantly back to business. We got back in the car and they dropped me off. Jayden got his frozen Kong and is now relaxing.

We’ve been invited to California any time to stay on their house boat, so we might just have to take them up on the offer. Jayden had too much fun playing and it really made me realize that I need to find him a guide dog budy to see on a regular basis.

Good times end too quickly, that’s for sure.


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  1. L^2

    How fun! Glad you were able to hang out with your class friend for a bit.

  2. That sounds like fun for both you and Jayden! 🙂

  3. Jen

    cool. its always nice if you can keep in touch with people from your class, and even more importantly if your dog has other dogs to play with. Playing with humans is fun, but just not the same as playing with other dogs. I find that O.J gets less excited and is very relaxed around all other dogs because he sees dogs regularly, compared to my friend’s dog who rarely gets the chance to interact with others.

  4. Awww how class. I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves. I wonder how your friends dog relieves on a house boat? Lol.


  5. Ro

    They actually practiced that at school. They gave my friend a square of fake grass and put it on his patio for her to practice going on. I think that’s what he uses when they take the boat out. But when they’re docked, he takes her off the boat. He said she knows where two good spots are and takes him right to them. But she goes on those fake turf things on the boat haha! They were really accomodating at school. They even took him to a friend’s boat to see how she’d do getting off and on. They really made sure he got a dog that would be cool with living on a boat. That’s partly why they gave him such a small dog.

  6. Aww I’m so glad you got to connect with him, and I’m glad the pooches had fun. That reminds me of a time when a friend came up to Guelph after she got her dog. Both our dogs were about the same size, but mine’s female and hers is male. Her little girl was absolutely terrified that we’d mix up the dogs. “Don’t let go of the leash, mommy! We’ll never know which is which!” Uh, nope. Anatomy’s a little different down there.

  7. Ro

    What the heck, I published a comment from Carin but it’s not here. Wtf us up with Blogger comments lately?

  8. Ro

    Ok, there were only four comments when I left that one. Twilight zone.

    Reminds me of the April Fools joke I played on FB which I don’t think I got around to blogging about.

  9. Anonymous

    I left you a comment on another post – it says 3 comments on the main page, but when I click on it to read the comments there are only two and mine isn’t there.

    Something weird is definately going on.


  10. Oh cool. That is really cool. At least they were accomidating.

    Karren’s comment seemed to post okay. Or did you mean another Karren lol.

    Do you have opportunities to “Free run” your dog? Like can you take Jayden to a park or something?

    Take care, xxxx

  11. Ro

    Yeah comments are definitely weird. I didn’t reject any, so I don’t know what’s going on.

    I can’t think of a park where I could let him free. I certainly won’t take him to a dog park. The only other option would be to get a flexi lead to let him run. I’d probably want a sightie with me because I don’t trust other people’s dog handling. 😉

    It’s not even an option until it cools off, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out. I’m going to get in touch with the local puppy club too.

  12. Cool. Our team gives us a play collar with a bell on it. We put it on when we are free running the dog, but i think i would have a sightie there too lol.

    I thought puppy club would only be for if he was disobbeedient?


  13. Ro

    Hahahahha puppy club. Hmmm, wonder if that’s for sale? Terrible, terrible lol.

    I can just hear the infomercial. Dog being disobedient? Try our puppy club. One firm wack and puppy won’t sniff anymore. Terrible! Hahaha!

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