Doggy Diaries – The Curious Case of the Bark

I had a ton of laundry to do today and everything was going great after we got passed a dog that suddenly began barking very viciously, making me jump. A woman’s voiced called out that I was fine as her dog kept barking and I told her I was just glad it was on leash. I’m sure she could tell I was shaken. Jayden kept looking in the dog’s direction until a firm, “leave it” got him straightened out again. When we got into the laundry room, Jayden kept me from running into the laundry cart someone had left in the middle of the room. That would have hurt.

When we went back to pick up the last load, I got into the room before realizing I had forgotten the laundry bag. I told Jayden I lied about this being our last trip and we went back home to grab it. We met a new neighbor on our way back out and I let Jayden say hi after the neighbor asked if he could say hello to Jayden. I love it when people ask! We chatted for a minute and then Jay and I made our way back to the laundry room.

When we walked in I thought another dog was in the room. I knew a person was in there because as I unlocked the door I could hear movement inside. The reason I thought there was another dog in the room was because I heard a loud bark. My dog doesn’t bark, therefore it must be another. I froze and tightened my hold on Jayden’s leash and I heard a woman call him Jason and tell him it was ok. I asked if there was another dog in the room and she said no. I couldn’t believe Jayden had barked! I’ve only heard him full on bark once before and that was when I first brought him home and was outside chatting with a neighbor and my friend. The neighbor had his dogs with him and Jayden barked through the security door.

This time was bizarre. I knelt down beside him after realizing it was he who had barked and his tail was clamped down firmly. What on earth? The woman kept saying it’s ok it’s ok and was he surprised someone was in here etc etc. I know who she is, after she said her name and I wish I had asked if it was she who had been with the barking dog earlier.

Right after I had stood back up Jayden gave a tiny whimper. I knelt back down, goofily asking him if he was ok. I try to keep concern out of my voice whenever possible. His tail was still clamped firmly. Nothing seemed to be hurting him after a quick physical so I grabbed my towels and chatted with the woman about dogs and their odd behavior sometimes.

Normally when we’re walking home from the laundry room, we stroll, especially when the weather is nice. On the previous trips, we strolled home at a slow pace, just enjoying being out. This time, Jayden booked it home. I have no idea what it was, the only thing I can think is that the neighbor had been the same one with the barking dog and he was spooked. Do you think that could have been what it was? He’s met her before and never reacted to her. So strange!

When we got home and I removed the harness I asked if he wanted a banana. That would be the test to see if he was hurting since he always hops like Tigger when you ask him that question. He hopped like normal and got excited and finally his tail was up. He’s been fine ever since, though he seems a bit more clingy than usual.

Do you think that dog just really spooked him? When it happened I didn’t scream or anything, just jumped a bit and we never stopped walking. That was only the second time in two years I’ve ever heard him full on bark. So weird! And the timid way he was until we left the laundry room? Wow.


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  1. Ro this might sound weird, but did the woman have her face covered? It’s just ushi hates when she can’t see a persons face. She barks very low but backs away and all. She has never fully barked though.

    Agh vicious dogs. Shake shake shakey. Oh just the thought. Aaaaaagh!

    Take care, and glad he is alright now. Xxx.

  2. Ro

    I don’t think she did. He could have been just surprised, since we had been in there several times and no one had been there. There have been people in there before, but she was by the driers right by the door when we walked in so maybe it just spooked him. But I still wonder if she had been whte one with the barking dog on the leash earlier. Wish I had asked.

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