Doggy Diaries – Six months ago

On this day six months ago, I was given my bundle of joy. Well, he wasn’t really a bundle, but he was full of joy haha. Can you believe it’s been six months? I can’t either. If you want to look back at that day, check out the dog day posts.

At the time, I didn’t have internet at GDB yet, so I had been writing in a text document and posted it later. I’m so glad I got the day somewhat captured. I had forgotten that our first walk was with Pete. I can’t even really remember that first walk. I wish I had written more about it. Ah well, at least I got the emotions captured.

Today we went to the mall. I had really been hoping to go check out the route to the gym where goalball will be, but Dave said it was way too humid. He was right. I’m just so sick of the mall. So we went and Dave just shadowed from far back and Jayden and I took off. It went fine. He knew where he took us in the beginning of the walk and luckily there were children in the play area even though the stores weren’t open yet. They are a great audible landmark.

Then we went back towards the food court and I heard the magic bus even though it was on our right instead of the left, which meant he had picked a different shoreline. Then he veered left and everything felt closed in and I thought we had gone down this other way we didn’t go before but it turned out Jayden wanted to go to the movies. Haha!! I didn’t know we had walked into the theatre. It wasn’t open yet lol! So Dave caught up after we turned around and came out and told me what had happened. It was all fine though.

Then I wanted to see if Jayden would find the food court where the doors are to leave so after we passed the magic bus again I waited to see what he would do. He’s really good at giving me indications of places we’ve been, and he did just that. He slowed and angled right and I said yep, and he took me to a chair. We had sat there once before. I said, find the door, and he took me right to the doors going outside.

At that point I felt a sudden fatigue barging in. I mean it came on fast. My bones ached and my eyes got watery and droopy. Dave caught up and asked if I wanted to see if Jayden would find the bathroom since it’s a funky one and I said sure, might use it, but I had gotten so fatigued I wasn’t even going to mess with it. We found the door to the ladies and I kibbled.

We were heading back towards the door when I asked if there was a drinking fountain. Dave didn’t see one so he stopped a mall employee and asked, and someone had ripped the water fountain off the wall. Stupid people.

Then the guy asked what we were doing and I explained that since it’s so hot, we’ve been stuck in the malls, that we’ve been together six months etc. Then he says just so I know, people might complain because there’s no animals allowed. I calmly said Jayden was a service dog, and the guy finished my sentence saying, so he can go anywhere. Yes sir. Let people complain. Bring it. Haha! That would actually be good craic, especially when I’m in a fatigue hahaha!

So we left and I got in the car and man. I just melted into the seat. Dave said he hadn’t seen me fade like that in so long. He can see it in my walk, and actually when we first got there I said my balance was off. That was a warning I did not heed. But we got home just fine and now I can just rest. I have no idea what brought it on and really I always try and figure out why a fatigue comes, when there doesn’t have to be a reason. It’s really humid and ugly so I’m sure that’s part of it. Dave was right not to let me convince him to go check out the route to the gym. Since it’s at the university, we’d have to park pretty far and it would have been miserable.

When we got home, Jayden got his frozen Kong but it was different this time. I always take a ration from the dinner portion of his food and put it in the treat pouch and make the Kong from that later. But I had left the treat pouch in my room and Timmy was locked in there so I could take Jayden out after he ate. So I took out the food and put it in a little cup. Then I thought hmmm, what if I moisten the food now to put in the Kong later? So I added some water and put it in the micro so the cats wouldn’t eat. I promptly forgot about it until evening haha.

Man that food blew up! I mean it expanded so much it filled the cup. So I crammed it into the Kong, completely stuffing it and froze it.

When I took the Kong out this morning, the food had expanded even more over the top of the Kong. So it was like a stuffed mushroom cap hahaha! It took Jay a good thirty minutes at least to get all the frozen food out.

He just goes nuts when we get home now. I always take his harness off and immediately take him out. Then when he’s done I ask if he wants his frozen Kong and he goes nuts, jumping around outside still on his leash and then practically yanks me inside hahaha! Then he hops into the kitchen, we go through obedience and he grabs it and runs to his spot.

So he got a nice totally stuffed Kong for our anniversary. I think he enjoyed it lol!

So, happy six months Jayden Bailey! I love you so much!


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6 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Six months ago

  1. 6 months already?! Where has time gone! Glad that Jayden is such the perfect dog for you and you are doing so well as a team! That is just totally awesome!! Congrats on your 6 month anniversary!

  2. Woe man, 6 months? Does not seem possible, even though it is. Give him a big huggeroo.

  3. Jen

    Did you just write “good craic” in that post? hahaha Irish slang, I like it!
    Why was he called Jayden Baily? two names? Just curius!

  4. You guys sound like such an incredible team! congratulations on 6 months. I remember the emotions of my first walk (almost 13 years ago – wow,) so well. Wish I had it recorded a bit more. Hope you are feeling better today. That must be difficult when that fatigue hits so intensely. Take Care and here’s to many more years with Jayden!

  5. Ro

    I did indeed use good craic hahaha! Torrie wrote it in her post and Carin and I were like, um, what’s that? So it became a huge discussion and I said I’d try and bring it here hehehehe!

    When I got Jayden at school, I started calling him JayBay. So it just seemed fitting that his middle name should be Bailey. 🙂

  6. Haha, well Leah got her middle name in class too, she had tangled her self all up in her tie down and I was really frustrated at the time anyways, and I just yelled the first thing that came to my mind and said “Really Leah Marie?” and it just stuck from there when she is in trouble, I yell Leah Marie and she goes runnin the opposite direction lol.

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