Doggy Diaries – Sick day clicker fun

I’ve got some sort of stomach bug, that is just leaving me drained and blarfey. It started Sunday night and I woke up yesterday feeling ok but not for long, so we didn’t go to the gym. Today I had the hardest time getting out of bed and I feel all body achey and my stomach isn’t happy having anything in it except for Alka Seltzer. Even an Ensure didn’t sit well.

I hate days like this, aside from feeling miserable, I hate feeling like Jayden is bored. We haven’t gotten decent work in for a few days now and I hate that.

I’ve been giving him a Kong Wobbler in the afternoon, saving a handful of kibble from breakfast for his afternoon treat. I was doing the frozen Kongs every day, but replacing those was going to break the bank, so reserve those for a treat after more major work.

The trouble with Wobblers and Kongs is that if I’m not paying attention to him when he’s finished, I can’t find the darned thing to pick it up. Jayden would sometimes understand that when I was on my knees sweeping my hands about, I was looking for it and he might show me.

Today I turned it into a clicker game. After he had finished it, I put some more kibble in my pocket and got out the clicker. He picked it up soon what I wanted and before long when I said, “find the Wobbler”, he would run to it and paw it. I’m so glad he chose to paw it, because then I can hear when he’d found it and it made clicking it easier and I didn’t have to move much.

I started putting him in a sit stay and going to place the Wobbler somewhere. I’d say “find the Wobbler!” and he’d take off and go paw it.

It was so fun! I wish I knew more things to do with the clicker. Maybe “find Timmy” is next? 😉


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  1. for more targeting fun you can get an Easy button from staples (they are usually pretty inexpensive) and since it talks when pressued you can know when he’s touched it. other fun clicker things you can shape are putting his front feet up on a book (youc can hear when his nails/feet touch the book) or his rear feet up on a book. You can click a retrieve by feel/sound starting with the object in your hand and clicking when he touches it with his mouth, then when he grabs it, etc. you can do lots of different foot and nose targeting things most of which you can hear such as putting his feet into a cardboard box or a milkcrate. the great thing about clicker is it gives you license to be creative and think outside of the box!

    Sorry to hear you are feeling cruddy though 🙁

  2. We don’t use “targeting” here. It’s just “find the shops, find the door, find a seat” etc and if the dog is having problems, we give a treat the first couple of times.

    I hope you feel better soon. Xxx.

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