Doggy Diaries – Sent off initial paperwork

GDB sent a medical release form for me to fill out, with all my medical information so that they have permission to get my records. I almost forgot that I wanted to get it in the mail box tonight so it’ll go out tomorrow. My boyfriend helped me sign it, and then he grabbed my hand and had me feel the envelope it came in. There is braille on the envelope and I tried to read it, but it looks like contracted braille, which I don’t know yet. I put it away for safe keeping to read it later.

So…once the mail goes out tomorrow, this will all really be officially rolling. Once they get my medical info, they’ll be figuring out the best time to schedule the home visit. Dave and I will be hustling to finish up my O&M skills, which will include crossing a major intersection at stop lights….ugh…hehe. I went out with Carol last night and I was talking about how I hope Dave can be there for the home visit. Dave and i have a working history and there is a lot of trust there. I’m nervous about the possibility of crossing a major intersection with a stranger, even though I know he is trained in O&M. I’ll be asking Dave about this next time I see him.

As Carol and I were leaving the pump and sip last night, I said something about how much easier it’ll be with a dog when I’m out and about. Ahh….I can’t wait! But, I must be patient. Still lots of work to do. Got my workout tomorrow, so I’m excited about that too. It’s all part of working towards getting my doggy!


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  1. Good luck, can’t wait to “meet” your dog!!
    Thanks for checking out mine,

    Toby’s trainer

  2. R

    Thanks Allie! I can’t wait to meet my dog either hehe, looong way off. I follwed all the puppy links you have on your blog. Its such a joy to read about them!!

    Thanks for all that you do, and give Toby a hug for me!

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