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Oh this is too fun! I broke everything down and entered in everything by class date andsuch, listing the names in groups, to see about ties. Can you believe we’ve actually got 2 three way ties on first initial?? Wow! It’s definitely interesting to see how it’s shaping up. Too bad it’ll be awhile before we know who wins haha!!

I double checked dates with my braille calender because there were a few that weren’t turning out right, like 2 numbers in the same month that were a day apart, so if it was your guess, I’ve adjusted it accordingly. Its only like if you wrote 12 when the Monday was the 13th or something like that.

Voting ends tomorrow late afternoon/evening, so make sure you get your votes in. There are some people I really thought would be voting who aren’t. So please, if you want to participate, get your vote in. No one is excluded.

Visit this link

to read the guidelines and cast your vote in the comments there. No votes are being published until tomorrow, and when they start being published, you’ve run out of time.

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