Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool Guidelines

I really struggled with whether to write this today, as I’m still feeling really brain foggy. But, I was hoping to open up voting tomorrow, so I want to write this so we can get started tomorrow.

So, the pool will consist of one guess for each of the following:

Class date: This will be a Monday’s date. All prospetive students wait to be accepted, and then wait for their class date. *Hint* I will not be going in May through August. The summer months here are just too hot. So don’t guess a class date in those months. If a flude happens, which I really don’t see happening, and I go in one of those months, well I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.

Sex: Male or female. Duh. 😉

Color: Black or Tan

Breed: Labrador retriever or lab/golden retriever cross. I was told every so often a pure golden is selected, but it’s rare. In the off chance that I’d get a full golden, all lab/golden cross guesses would qualify.

First initial: All litters are named with the same first initial. When raisers are getting a puppy, they are told the first initial. I think when I go to class, they tell me the first initial before I get my dog, but I’m not sure. If you have a phase report, that might help you guess, if you’re guessing a class date in which a dog on the report might be available for. I think this guess is going to be what makes the competition the hardest. If no one guesses the letter, I’ll see who’s closest, if initial is needed to determine a winner.

It might be helpful to click the “Doggy Diaries” label at the bottom of the post and read about where I’m at, before you make your guesses. I will publish a post tomorrow morning opening voting, and I won’t publish comments until I wake up Sunday morning. After I ppublish comments, voting is over.

I’ve decided that the grand prize will only go to a blogger I’ve known on here for at least a little bit, so I’m reserving the right to award a runner-up prize if the winner is a stranger.

The prizes will take awhile. Since we won’t know who won until I get my dog, I won’t even be starting the project until I get home from school, so it’s gonna be a bit before prizes are awardedhehe.

Grand prize will be a crocheted blanket in the colors of your choice. There will be twostyles to choose from. One choice is a basic ripple pattern done in rows of alternating colors. The other choice is something I’ve come up with on my own that I call “scrump”. It’s a variation of a ripple, but I take the colors of your choice, cut and tie random lengths together, leaving half inch ends that are not woven in. I crochet a crazy ripple pattern, with leaning ripples, and the colors come out totally random, like a patchwork quilt.

Runner-up prize will be a scarf. I haven’t decided if I’ll get custom yarn for that, most likely I will, in one color, or a variegated. Fringe is optional.

Sound cool? Do your research, think about your guess, and I’ll open up voting with a new post tomorrow.

Oh, I’m limiting this to blogger friends, so I’m sorry, but if you know me in real life, you can’t vote. None of you comment anyway, who know me in real life lol.

No other limitations. If you have a blog, vote!

Oh, in the event of a tie, I haven’t really thought about what I might do. I doubt there would be a straight tie with identical guesses, since class date and first initial offer a lot of choices. But if there’s a tie, I’ll figure something out.


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17 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool Guidelines

  1. Can you hint at if you are planning on going to a 2,3, or 4 week class?

  2. Wow, can’t wait!!

    Guessing is always my favorite! (I’m just not that good at it…!).

    Toby’s trainer

  3. On class dates- are you wanting a date such as 10-4-09, or just the month?

    Toby’s trainer

  4. Ro

    They’ve done away with 4 week classes, so I don’t think I’ll be going for 4 weeks. I guess we can chose between 2 and 3 weeks, so I’ll be chosing 3 weeks. I would be afraid for going for less time on my first dog. So if I’m correct that there are no more 4 week classes, which has been discussed on my email list, it should be a 3 week class.

    I just got the phase report, and there is a dog named Hermione in phase 1. Hermione! From Harry Potter! Hehehe!

  5. Ro

    You never know, right?

    I’m getting a little concerned with class date. It’s such a big jump since I’m not going in summer. I mean, if people guess Jan through March and I don’t go until September, that eliminates everyone. Do you think I should give 2 guesses for class date?

  6. Ro

    Oh, an actual date, just like a baby’s due date hehe. Gotta look at the calander and make sure it’s a monday in 2010. The website has a list of graduations, so that could help.

    But I’m really thinking of giving 2 guesses for dates, one between Jan and March and another between September and on.

  7. I didn’t know that there were no long 4 week classes, but I haven’t looked recently so I believe you!

    Hermoine! Awe what a cute name!

    And I also like the idea of having 2 guesses for class dates.

  8. wow, sounds like fun. So, how long in advance do you know when you are accepted for class? Hope it’s sooner rather than later!!!

  9. Where do you find the phase reports at? There are no more 4 week classes? Darrell just went in June and his was 4 weeks, no fair lol.

  10. Ro

    It’s all rather up in the air. They accomodate the student as best they can. So where I’m at now in a nuthsell is, I’m waiting for my home visit, Which could be in the next few weeks. He’ll come and evaluate my O & M skills, and determine what might need work. Then all the information goes before a committee, and they decide yes or no or not right now you need to work on such and such. Then I get a phone call. I’ve read where some students have gone a week after their phone call.

    So doing this contest now is quite the gamble. That’s why I’m gonna do 2 sets of class date guesses. A Monday between January and March, possibly April, and then from August on.

  11. Ro

    Natalie, I think it’s different with all the schools. Darrel didn’t go to GDB right?

    If you comment back and leave me your email address, I can send you the report. I won’t publish the comment, so your email won’t publish.

  12. Are you planning on going to California or Oregon?

  13. Hey Ro, Darrell did go to to GDB but we have never heard anything about phase reports.. maybe he has to request them or something. Well here is my email address. Thanks for forwarding.

  14. This is gonna be friggin hard, but I’m so gonna do it.

  15. Exciting! Yes, it is now 2 and 3 week classes. That is great. You will enjoy (4 weeks was so long).

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