Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool – Begin Voting!

Ok, voting starts now! I will not be publishing comments, rather I’ll try and leave a comment saying who’s votes I’ve received. I’ll publish comments on Sunday, and once votes start being published, voting is over.

Please read the Puppy Pool Guidelines before making your guess. This will be a very hard competition. Blame your fellow bloggers who gave me more suggestions haha!

One guideline has changed. since it’s so up in the air when I’ll go, I’m giving you two guesses for class date. One guess should be between January 2010 and April 2010 and then from September 2010 to the end of the year.

Originally I thought between January and March, but I decided I could stil go in April.

It would be helpful to click on the Doggy Diaries label for the full situation here, to aide you in your guess for class date. And a lot of the comments might be helpful too, as people have asked me questions.

I will be going to the San Rafael campus.

Ok, that’s all the help I’m gonna give. Any other questions you might have, you’ll have to dig for in the blog hehe.

Have fun, guess carefully!

Oh if someone comments here without a guess, I will post it, but no guesses will be posted.


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47 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool – Begin Voting!

  1. Class date:
    #1. 2-15-2010
    #2. 9-13-2010



    Labrador retriever

    First initial:

    Can’t wait to see how many guesses there will be…

    Toby’s trainer

  2. Class Date: March 1, 2009.
    Sex: Female.
    Color: Tan/yellow.
    Breed: Labrador Retriever.
    First Initial: G.

    Ahhhh its nerve racking lol…. my initial was between G. and H. if its H. I’m gonna be mad lol.

  3. Our guess:

    Female Black Lab beginning with “M”

    Class date – March 7th or September 20th.

    Sam and Beauty

  4. Ro

    Ok so far received votes from Toby, Hobbs Dogs and Natalie. Natalie, you get one more guess for class date. Sometime between September and the end of the year 🙂

  5. March 8 for the first date.
    October 11 for my second date.

    Female, Yellow, Labrador Retriever

    M Litter

  6. Sorry, I forgot… hmmmm I’ll go with September 6, 2010. Andy I’m pretty sure the other one I guessed for 2009.. lol Don’t disqualify me!! Where are all the votes? Are you giving everyone till Saturday night. I voted as soon as I saw your post lol.

  7. Ro

    Received Lisa’s vote.

    I always get paranoid that posts are eaten, so that’s why I’m posting who I’ve received. Maybe sure you check to make sure I’ve received your vote.

    Natalie, got your second date. I’m not posting any votes until Sunday morning, so no one knows who’s guessing what. When I post the votes Sunday morning, voting is over.

    this is fun to see all the guesses!!!

  8. Yikes! SO many things to choose! But, like we said previously, it’s all Poppy’s picks. So, here we go.

    Class Dates: March 29 and September 13th. Neither of those classes will include Poppy most likely – she should between those dates. But, she’s still going with her original plan.

    Sex: A hard decision for her – she’s a girl, but she REALLY likes the boys. She’s voting girl.

    Color: She doesn’t like your options, so she is voting yellow. You may call it tan if you’d like. She’s prefer to be called marshmallow, perfectly toasty around the edges.

    Breed: She can only vote Labrador here, both statistically and emotionally.

    Letter: P, of course!

    Hopefully, we don’t have to wait a year to name a winner!

    Cassie and Poppy

  9. Anonymous

    Ro, guess who is going to win. BTW, thanks for the assist from you and wee small Carin. Sharp cookie, that one.

  10. Anonymous

    Ro, I did not leave my name, sorry. Great contest.

    Martin or Marty to my friends

  11. Anonymous

    Ro, last comment, promise, Wanted to register my vote.

    dates: April 27, 2010 and Sept 3, 2010
    dog: yellow Lab, sex – Male, 65 lbs, hazel eyes and the first letter of his name B

    Martin (Marty)

  12. Ro

    Haha! Wee small Carin? I like that one. Glad you were able to comment!

    Received Poppy’s vote, and I have to say, hers has been the most creative comment giving her guesses. Hmmm, might need a Miss Congeniality prize tee hee!

  13. Still scratching my head. Will have to pick very very carefully. Will have to do a lot of thinkthinkthinkin’. And glad to see that Martin can comment now! Woooo! Glad what I said could be of help. I felt bad because I don’t know Supernova at all.

  14. Ro

    I’m really glad the question came up, because i didn’t realize I had comments disabled. Kinda pointless to have that disabled since I have comment moderation haha!

    I’m glad Martin can comment too, since he’s been reading for awhile.

    You’ve got time Carin. I’m ending voting sometime on Sunday. Was gonna do it first thing when I woke up, but might wait until after Gamma’s to allow for more time on Sunday.

    Ok, this just cracked me up. I always re-read before I post, and sometimes I leave typos in if they can make sense, but I had to copy this typo and re-post it. Up at the beginning of the comment where I wrote, “I had comments disabled” I had typed “U gad abibtniys “. Huh? How did I write that??

    Oh, Carin, I assume you’re voting here, and not on the lounge pool? Is Steve gonna play?

  15. Class Date Spring: Feb 15
    Class Date Fall: October 11
    Full Breed Lab!
    Initial G as in Gabrina!


  16. Gees, are ya trying out the dvorak keyboard or what? That’s a doozer!

    Yup I’ll vote here. I dunno if Steve’ll get in on the action. He’s not as crazy about all things poocho. I mean he loves the Trixter, but he’s not as ga ga about everything as I am. I guess that’s why I have the guide woof and he doesn’t hahaha.

  17. Ro

    Received Maddie’s vote 🙂

    Yeah, I also don’t see Steve being too wild about a blanket hahaha!!! It might be unfair too, since you’re in the same household. Hmmm. Hehe!

    Curious, what colors would you pick and what style, for the blanket? This is open to anyone, just cuz I’m curious.

  18. That second style sounded super cool. Colours. Hmmm. I think my brain is fogged out. For some reason that question seems too hard.

  19. Ro

    The second style is uber cool. I especially like doing different textures of yarn. Gives the blanket an almost tactile feel. Really cool.

  20. I liked the sound of the second style and my favorite color is a green-ish teal. I like it with either navy blue or different types of purples or all lol.. as long as it has teal in it i’m happy. I love crochet stuff I wish I could do it but I don’t think I have the patience lol. I would want to finish it all in one sitting and I just can’t sit that long haha, too busy.

  21. Ro

    I taught myself to crochet about 2 years before going blind. I thought I’d never do it again, but I think I’ve made more blankets since going blind lol! Its so fun and I can’t wait to get back to it.

  22. I would most likely go with the second style:)

    My favorite color is pink- but I’m also fond of lime green, blue, and lots of other colors…

    Toby’s trainer

  23. Okay, I am going to throw out some guesses here:

    Breed: Fantastically gorgeous Labrador Retriever
    Sex: Female
    Color: Carmel Yellow
    Class Date: April 12, 2010
    Class Date #2: October 18, 2010
    Litter Letter: “P”

    Can’t wait to see who you get!!

  24. Ro

    Toby’s trainer, that’s the cool thing about the second style. It can be really colorful in a cool way.

    Received Megan’s vote. I think there might be two Megans, not sure, so it’s the Megan with Fullerton 😉

    Or maybe it’s two Emily’s I’m thinking of.

    There are still a few missing votes from people I thought sure would jump on this! Hurry! 😉

  25. L^2

    Okay, I know I said I was going to do this yesterday, but I just now finally had time to look at a calendar for choosing Mondays. 🙂

    Class Dates: April 12, 2010 or September 13, 2010
    Sex: Female
    Color: Black
    Breed: Lab
    Letter: J

    No idea why I picked anything I did. LOL I kept changing my mind on the letter – there were 4 letters I kept going between. I’m so indecisive! LOL

  26. L^2

    I’m never lucky, but if by some miracle I did win, I think I would choose the second style of blanket. It sounds really cool. My favorite color is purple, but I also really like brown and greens and lots of other colors.

    Also I love this puppy pool idea, so if you don’t mind me copying you, I might have to do one of these for my next guide dog too. 🙂

  27. Ro

    Oh you totally should! We could start a trend!!! Maybe raisers will start “people pools” for when their dogs are matched hahahaha!!!!

    I already knew that if you won, I’d be doing purple 😉 I think all those colors would look great in the second style!

  28. Here I go, ker sploosh, into the pool! My date guesses are February 15 or November 1. Now, the more complicated stuff. I’m totally guessing male black lab. Hmmm initials. I’m gonna go with G.

  29. Ro

    Received votes from L^2 and Carin.

  30. When the votes are unveiled, this thing’s gonna have a heap of comments.

  31. Ro

    Haha yes it will. I’m gonna need to put results into a document so I can see them all together.

  32. Oh yes, yes indeed, Steve is playing! In fact you might as well just stop the whole contest now as the master prognosticator has arrived to show you people how these things are done!

    the winning entry is as follows, and for it I will take the second style of blanket. Let it never be said that I don’t love blankets. You under estimate me again. First with music and now with comfort hahaha.

    Class dates: Either March 29th or November 22nd.
    Sex: This is the hardest one for me to pick for some reason, but I’m going to say it’ll be a girl.
    Type: I’m going with lab.
    Colour: Yellow.
    Initial: My gut said to me “Steve, pick H,” and if you’ve ever seen my gut you know it is not something with which to be messed, so H it is.

    There you go. You can feel free to start congratulating me at your earliest convenience.

  33. Ro

    Received Steve’s vote. I’m shocked. He said he likes blankets 😉 I need to quit making asses out of me and umption.

  34. Really,anybody who doesn’t like blankets is a fool unless they live in a climate where they are entirely unnecessary. And I have a special place in my heart for homemade ones, because one of my Grandmas is a knitter, and one of my great grandmothers was also a knitter. she made awesome slippers, the best I’ve ever worn. Nothing has ever come close to those. Look at me, getting all sentimental.

    But yeah, I’m a hard person to peg through the way I write. I mean my writing is me, but I have a lot of interests and things about me that wouldn’t be obvious from what I put out there. I’m sure Carin will back me up on that. Even things I don’t particularly care about I try to know the basics of, I’m strange that way.

  35. Ro

    Actaully, Carin was the one who made me think you wouldn’t vote, so you can pick a bone with her 😉

    It’s so fun getting to know about people. I think I get to know more about people in comments, rather than their blogs sometimes.

  36. Monday March 27th for the first class date, and September 20th for the second class date.

    I’m going to have to say Female lab/golden cross. Yellow.

    And it will be a ‘T’ dog.

    ~Emily and Keno (Tahoe and Burgess too!)

  37. Ro

    Received vote from Emily with Keno

    I’m working on a text edit document of all the results so it will be easier to determine the winner, wow this is hard work lol!

  38. Oh yes, I’ll definitely be picking a bone with the little guy, don’t you worry.

  39. Ro

    Ok this is interesting. I’ve got 2 three way ties for first initial lol! Lots of ties on class dates too. This could be interesting. What on earth am I gonna do in the case of a major tie?

    I’ve got some date descrepencies. They should all be Monday dates, so I’m gonna check them, and I might be adjusting your date if you’re the day before or after a Monday. Don’t worry, it won’t disqualify you if you guessed a Sunday 🙂

  40. Date: March 29th and September 27th,
    Sex: Female,
    Color: Black,
    Breed: LGX,
    Initial: K

  41. Ro

    Received Darrel’s vote

  42. R – Male Yellow Lab, with class date starting in September… 🙂

  43. Ro

    Erin, received your vote, but everyone is giving me specific Monday dates for January through April and then september on. Did you want to submit dates?

  44. Hi Randi! Sorry, I’ve been gone all day yesterday and today, so thanks for thinking of me. You’re so thoughtful! Here’s my totally random guesses:

    class date: Jan-Apr 2010
    male black Lab
    first letter C

    Hope I win!!!

  45. Ok, Here is my vote. And I even went on the littermate list to see what the most common color in training is right now! Hopefully I got it right : )

    Class Dates: March 8th or Sept 20th
    Sex: Female
    Color: Black
    Breed: Lab
    Initial: L

    Can’t wait to see who you end up with!!

  46. Ro

    Received votes for Mimi and Sarah.

    Still have plenty of time. I’ll be ending voting about 5pm or so.

  47. Ro

    I’m submitting Mimi’s vote because we finished it up in email. Don’t worry, she submitted yesterday and didn’t see votes 🙂

    Mimi and CC Cabana has left a new comment on your post “Doggy Diaries – Puppy pool – Begin Voting!”:

    class date: Jan-Apr 2010
    male black Lab
    first letter C

    Email response to date: Okay, I will say March 8, 2010. Did I do it right?!?
    Holy schmoly, this is complicated! Okay, September 27, 2010.

    I had to copy it all because it was cute, Mimi, hope you don’t mind 😉

    Erin, I never heard back from you for dates, so I just submitted your vote as is.

    This concludes voting! I’ll be posting the results as I’ve compiled them. then we’ll have to wait 🙂

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