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Mom gave me a couch when I moved here. For a long time I didn’t know it was my couch and I wouldn’t get on it until she said it was ok and she had the towel down but soon it was always ok and it was mine. She used to be on it all the time too when the white thing was near it so I’d have to curl up on one side and I couldn’t stretch out on my back but then she moved the white thing and most of the time it was all mine and sometimes she’d ask me to move over so she could sit with me and use that silver thing that’s small but makes the white thing talk or she’d have that string stuff that turned into a big thing.

You guys, yesterday she moved my couch. She’s been moving a lot of things and using that loud thing a lot so at first when she moved the other couch I didn’t care but then she moved my couch all the way across the house and it was where my mat usually is. I stood there and looked at it. Am I still allowed on it? My towel is there. But I don’t want to get told no so I just looked at so she sat on it and told me ok and I got on my couch while she used the loud thing over where my couch had been.

Then Carol came over! But she had two dude guys with her and mom put my leash on me! In the house with the leash? What?!?! Huh!?!?

I couldn’t say hi to the dude guys even though I tried and they carried in this HUGE thing you guys. It was huge. I was stuck in the kitchen with mom on the leash looking at the dude guys with the huge thing. Where did it go? Then they went in the cats’ room where I don’t go and they brought out a big thing from in there and carried it outside. Then I was allowed to say hi to them.

Then, they put my couch in the cats’ room! Are you bloody kidding me? The CATS get my couch? What!?!? Huh!?!?

They took the door off the room after they had my couch on it’s side twisting it and hurting it. Then it was gone. My couch was gone.

Then mom let me off my leash and I went into where my couch had been The big thing was there and one of the dude guys was putting its winter coat on. He said it was coffee. Mom asked if it was coffee with cream and he said yes. I sniffed him and before he left he gave me a big old pet.

Then Carol and mom sat on the big thing and mom sounded happy. Of course she was; she loves coffee, you know, that black stuff.

I stood there and looked at them and mom invited me up. Oh, I’m on this thing with mom *and*Carol? Told you it was big. Apparently it’s also a couch. The coffee couch?

Mom and Carol did some work out of a book and I got on the couch. It doesn’t have a towel, just the winter coat.

After Carol left mom got on the couch with me and then we went to the place where mom lays on the bed for awhile and I nap. We came home and dad was home and I got on the couch again and didn’t get off till mom took me outside to pee.

We went to bed and mom gave me my snack and I didn’t get on my bed. When she changed clothes I went to the door but it wasn’t open all the way. She got in bed and I walked to her but didn’t lay down. Then I walked to the door. She stayed in bed. I walked to her. She pet me and asked why I was restless. She. Just. Didn’t. Get. It. I went back to the door. I went back to her. I went back to the door. Finally she got up and opened the door and I ran to the coffee couch. She asked dad if I was on the couch and he said yup and they laughed.

I never went to my bed in mom’s room last night. I love my coffee couch. The cats can *have* that other one.

Mom’s on the couch with me. We had a fun day. Guess what I got? A Rudy! Mom says she has videos for you, but she’s too tired to put them on what is it? Ooboo? Whatever. We’ll tell you about my Rudy tomorrow. Right now we’re just on the coffee couch and mom is drinking it.

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