Doggy Diaries – Peanut butter Kong

Jay’s raisers said his favorite treats were peanut butter and bananas. I have no bananas. Yes, we have no bananas. Sorry, memory there. Anyway, I have peanut butter and Aunt Mimi and Cousin Cabana got Jay a Kong. Jay has been sleeping most of the day and I’ve been laying around listening to Duma Key, Stephan King at his finest if I may say so. I got up at one point and Jay popped up out of a dead sleep and I knew he had to go out so I took him out. Then I remembered the Kong. So I put just a smear of peanut butter on my finger, not much at all, rubbed it inside the Kong and added three kibble. He’s been enjoying it for about fifteen minutes now. I know he got two of the kibble but I’m not sure if he got the third one. I’ll take some kibble out of dinner to compensate. I’m also cutting his food by a quarter cup because the vet said a lot of dogs get obese when they get home because they don’t work as much as they do at school. I don’t want an obese dog, so I’m gonna pay close attention.

Some weird noises come out when they chew a Kong haha! I keep having to stop and check him.

Timmy is all over me as I write this lol!!! He’s rubbing his head on my face lol too cute.

Spinelli let me say hi without hissing and she actually purred, came out and ate and then hid again.

I didn’t realize how tired I was until about ten o’clock this morning. Jay was fast asleep so I put a pillow down and lay down next to him with my iPod and Duma Key. Did I mention this is Stephan King’s finest?

Jay is still chewing, timmy is on my chest purring. He’s on the left arm of the couch with his paws on my chest and his face in my face, purring away. He’s not daunted by Jay at all.

I think Jayden might be done chewing. Better go check on him. I’m like a worried new mom haha. He’s only two feet away from me, but I have to touch him. Ok dislodged Timmy to check Jayden. He’s laying on his side, with the Kong between his paws hahaha. Wish I had energy to video, but that will come soon enough.


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4 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Peanut butter Kong

  1. Aww how doggies love peanut butter. And I love when they have their kong between their paws like “Mine! Mine mine mine! Gonna guard it! Gonna sleep with my paws on it!”

    Today was such a beautiful day. Trixie just about bounced when I pulled out the leash and harness. Ah walking when it’s beautiful is an awesome thing.

  2. Your raisers gave him peanut butter and bananas while he was a pup in training? Reyna would be very upset if she heard of such things 🙂

  3. Great to hear that everyone’s settling in so well. Alfie agrees…peanut butter IS terrific in a kong!

  4. Toby enjoys peanut butter & carrots!

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