Doggy Diaries – Passed out pooch

Today was just plain awesome. Today was what gave me strength to make it through school. Today was what made all those horrible days worthwhile. Today I went back to Saavi with Dave.

He arrived at 8:30 this morning, and Jayden and I were all ready to go. I had the storm door closed, so I heard him approaching, and Jayden got excited. It doesn’t matter who it is, he gets excited lol. I had him sit and then took him outside, where I had to make him sit. Dave was saying he wasn’t looking at Jayden, only peripherally haha! I gave Dave a hug and told him we should go to Saavi since it was so windy. So I worked Jayden to the van and got inside, Jayden following. I wasn’t sure about the room at first, but he had more room than in the other vehicles we’ve been in so far.

I filled Dave in on some of the stuff at school, about why I was so glad to be back with him, about how I was the only student there who got to come home to an O & M who had teken the training at GDB. Then he told me that two of his other guide dog students heard about the car accident on my blog!! Hahahahaha!!! Apparantly two of his students are readers, or one of them is and she’s married to the other student. I asked who it was, but he couldn’t tell me. So I said I got a comment from someone local and gave her name, so then he was allowed to tell me yes. Small world eh?

We got to Saavi and Jayden ran the curb going up so I reworked it and he was great after that. I walked in and heard my name and went up to the reception desk. There were quite a few people there, but I was busy getting Jayden to calm down lol. No one talked to him or asked to pet, since they all know. They told me how great I looked and that I’d gotten some sun. Then we started our work.

We were just gonna walk the halls. I didn’t think I’d need to do patterning and I was right. I know the building so well, I was able to work Jayden everywhere I wanted to go without problems. I kept getting stopped and he would start to get excited lol. We definitely need to work on the sits.

Then the assistent director walked by and she’s a guide dog handler, so we both had to manage our dogs, but hers behaved much more quickly haha. She reminded me that they’ve been together six months and then I felt better.

I saw Lisa and gave her a hug and then I saw another friend and gave him a hug and it was just all so fun. I felt bad though since I can’t let anyone pet him. The sighties could look at him, but the blinks were left in the dark haha. They were all understanding though.

After we walked the building we went and found the relieving area they have and I showed Jayden. Then it was time to leave and I visited the human relieving area. The handicapped stall was taken, so we had to squeeze into the small one. It had been awhile since we were in a small stall, but he did fine.

When we got home, I worked Jayden to the mailbox to show Dave. The wind made it all miserable.

We went back to my door and Dave gave us both tons of compliments. He said I’m handling him well, that I have confidence, that I know what I’m doing, I corrected him when necessary, knew when to rework, etc. All those things were things I was longing to hear, that I do know what I’m doing, that we are already a good team. Yay!

He was very impressed with both of us and said Jayden is a wonderful dog. He said when we were walking, Jayden ignored everything. But he also already remembered doorways and looked in those directions in case that was where I wanted to go.

So it was excellent and so fun and Jayden has been passed out pretty much ever since we got home hahaha!!!! I’m pretty tired too, come to think of it. Dave was impressed with my stamina. We worked nearly two hours. I reminded him that I just did three weeks of pretty much six days a week except for the few lessons I skipped. It absolutely was boot camp. So a nice relaxing fun day of work was a welcome thing.

Woo hoo!! We’re meeting again Friday to hopefully walk in the historic neighborhood if the weather is nice. Can’t wait!!

Oh yeah. I took him to this area with tables and chairs off the lobby and told him to find a chair. He walked me around the table, and targeted a chair that was pulled out a little. Dave said all the other chairs were pushed in flush with the table, and Jayden targeted the one that was pulled out a little, that he could see. How cute!


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6 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Passed out pooch

  1. How wonderful! I’m so glad that you’re reaping the benefits of all your hard work and time away.

    I’m curious. Have you gotten rid of the cane altogether, do you use it when you need to explore your environment, or do you use it all the time, now that you have Jayden?

  2. Sounds like a great trip for both of you!! woohoo! (grins)

    Erin & Guide Pup Pompei

  3. Ro

    Oh I’m still using the cane, though not in the last two days. I don’t leave the house without it, especially not while Jayden is still learning. We used it a lot while he was learning the mailbox. We have to do what’s called “patterning” while he’s learning new routes. So I’ll heel him with just the leash, and walk it with my cane. While we were figuring out the rounded curb, I used the cane a lot. But he’s getting it now, so the cane has just been folded up in my back pocket. As we go, I’ll use it less and less, but it’s always wise to still have it on me.

  4. Aww good job Ro! It’s great that you got to work with Dave and he reassured you so well. Keep it up, it only gets better – get plenty of sleep too! lol.

  5. I hate the cane… but can’t deny its useful especially for figuring out new routs. 🙂 I use an ID cane for that, but still have my old regular sized one for patterning long distences.

  6. It is great to hear that you and Jayden had a such a wonderful day! It sounds like you are back in your comfort zone with Dave! It must be so nice to have someone like him to help you in your home area. Keep up that good work.

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