Doggy Diaries – Paperwork

This week B was off and my doc called on Monday telling me she received my medical release, and I needed a tetanus shot and TB test. So B took me on Tuesday for those, and I went back on Thursday for my negative TB result.

My doctor gave me all the paperwork; don’t know why she didn’t send it herself, but I called today to be sure of the correct address for the school and B is now running it down to the mailbox.

I’m gonna follow up with the eye docs next week to make sure they’re on top of their part.

Dave received his paperwork for the O & M portion, and already sent that off, giving me glowing reviews for what we’ve accomplished, and informed then of what is still in progress. The AZ rep will be in town for another client soon, but will probably be too early for me to have my home visit.

Slow and steady wins the race…


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  1. Ug yeah the paperwork sucks. Sounds like you’re doing just fine. Tell me who comes to see you tell me who comes to see you tell me who comes to see you! God I drool over new puppy hopes.

  2. R

    Hehe I know, I can’t wait! It’ll be Don Frisk. He’s the AZ rep for GDB. I’ve heard really great things about him.

  3. He rocks da world. He’s been there for years and years. There are people who want him to live forever. You’re in good and patient hands.

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