Doggy Diaries – Oops

I realized I haven’t written about Jayden in a fair little bit. I’m pleased to say that he’s perfectly back to himself now and everything is normal and solid again haha! So no more health worries for now. Yay!

Monday, my field rep from GDB came out to investigate Jayden’s hesitency to go down the road leaving the apartment complex. Dave and I had worked and worked and worked on that road and I had mentioned it here. It had been suggested to try walking it with the cane but when I had mentioned that to Don on the phone, he had said to try it sighted guide again, which we did with no change. So Monday I worked Jayden out to the spot and again, he wouldn’t budge. Don took the leash while I heald the harness handle and he pulled Jayden and still he didn’t want to go. Then told me to step off the road and he took Jayden, and I could hear him saying things like, “come on, you gotta do this, come on.” and I could hear some leash action and I cringed. As they walked back, Jayden pulled to me and I knelt down and he licked my face.

We did sighted guide to the end of the road and then I worked Jayden towards Walgreens and he did fine. Coming back he did fine. So Don had me get my cane and try walking down the other side with it, then walking down the bad side with it. Jayden dragged a little but then got into a nice heel position.

So we went back and Don admitted that he’s stumped. He was grasping at straws, trying to see why Jayden might be hesitant and bascialy, we’ll never know. There’s nothing obvious about it. He said he didn’t think it was transferrance from the country road at school, but the school was following up on that, so that’s good. He said Jayden’s work is wonderful in every other area. He’s not afraid of traffic, he stops everywhere he should, his tempermant is perfect. So, he said try working it with the cane a few times and then try it. The problem might correct itself and if it doesn’t, I’ll just have to cane it down the road and then work Jayden. Don said it woldn’t be the first time a dog refused to do one little thing. I was like, ok so he won’t be retired if he doesn’t get it? Don laughed and assured me they wouldn’t retire him for something so minor. I mean yeah, it’s kinda major since its our way out, but I can use the cane, something Dave and I just hadn’t even considered. I think both of us just thought it was dog all the time, or no dog hahaha!!

So things have gotten back to normal and I’m working him like usual. Except the weather has taken a turn and this week I really started noticing that I was in recovery mode again, physically. It’s like since all the vet stuff passed and then the home visit passed, my body was finally like ok enough, let me rest! Today I’m really noticing it as it’s suddenly cold out as a storm blows in.

I did work out yesterday though, and weighed in, and I’ve lost 15 pounds since September. At least that’s what shows on the scale. Gotta factor in muscle weight. I’m down to 162, which just floors me hehe!! The brown dress I wanted so badly to wear for Thanksgiving and did, though it was tight, is now fitting loosely. If I wear it in the next few weeks, I’ll get another outing in it, but soon it’ll be too big. Sweet!

I’m bummed about the weather though. I took Jayden to relieve a bit ago and I could feel my body try and freeze up. So, we won’t be working today and tomorrow is when the rain is really supposed to start. So I just keep having crazy romp sessions with Jayden until he gets tired. I think I might try hide and seek, if I can muster up some spoons. As the day wears on, I’m feeling worse and worse. Joy. Oh and that writing class is getting a little difficult and frustrating, so that’s taking up some of my internet time.

I think that’s about all to report about Jayden for now. He’s doing great!

K I know there’s typos but I just don’t feel like editing, it’s my blog, it can be flawed if I want it to hahaha!


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Oops

  1. I was wondering how the visit with the trainer went and kept hoping you’d tell us all. Sounds like a puzzlement to everyone though. Hope it gets sorted out at some point though for simplicities sake.

  2. Ro,
    I’m not too superstitious of a person, but could Jayden be sensing something that we humans can’t? This is totally possible. Dog’s are smart people, and maybe he is protecting you?

    Definitely a weird situation.

  3. L^2

    How odd. Hopefully if you guys keep walking the road with the cane he will eventually get used to it and be okay working it with you.

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