Doggy Diaries – On this date – Birthday time crunch (TRX!!)

I’m firing off a post quickly while I have a few minutes. It’s my birthday, yay! Hehe anyway, I was on the phone with my friend Erik all day since he called this morning to wish me happy birthday. While On the phone with him I got my birthday present to myself when UPS showed up. It’s a TRX unit!!! It’s the thing I’ve been using at the gym and I’m so excited to have one at home. I hooked it up and tested it while we talked and we just hung up a few minutes ago. I’ve gotta get ready shortly for my birthday dinner, another yay!

I’m so mad at myself because I meant to blog yesterday about the twenty-ninth two years ago and I totally forgot. So I’ll link the post now. It’s about the day I found out I was accepted to guide dog school. I read through the comments this morning and I’m so happy I have those! So, here’s that post.

I’m also going to link to the post from my birthday two years ago because it was when I began the doggy countdown and started questioning everything I needed to do in preparation for doggy school.

I’m so glad I have those memories! I wonder what I blogged on my birthday last year. Haha well never mind, I just checked it out and it’s basically the same post, having forgotten to write on the twenty-ninth hahahaha! Ok, not gonna edit, crunched for time.


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  1. Wow. Those are some sweet memories. Duuude. To think that was two years ago.

  2. Ro

    I know!!! Isn’t that crazy? I can’t remember if it was in that comment thread or another, where one or both of us mentions Echo and I’m like, I’m considering getting that. Man am I glad I didn’t. Have you guys get adjusted to having lost all your comments? It must be so sad, ick.

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!

  4. We’re adjusted as we’re gonna get. It’s still sad, and there are times when we look for something we said and realize it’s in a comment thread and bristle all over again. Yeah really glad ya didn’t get Echo.

  5. I have neither forgiven nor forgotten where Echo is concerned. Jerks. Yeah, let’s take these people’s money and not tell them they can’t get support anymore. Nope, that won’t ever cause any trouble. We’re Echo, our servers never fall over and our code always works flawlessly!

  6. Probably wouldn’t be quite as angry as I am had they not added injury to injury and had the export tool repeatedly fail on the way out. I’d have asked support about that, but well…

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