Doggy Diaries – On the mend

Yesterday was all about Poop Watch. I had talked to the vet on Friday about the no bowel movements and he said I should get one Friday but if I hadn’t gotten one by Saturday, that he’d be worried. He said he’d be in the office from 9 to 1 and to call him if there wasn’t anything.

So Friday continued with nothing. B and I took Jayden for a brisk walk in the evening and I got him all riled up playing with a Nylabone, and still nothing. Saturday morning I took him out and he peed right away and then hunched. Oh! The hunched back! Yay! I put my foot in the general area and when he scampered off, I bent down, hand enclosed in a Mutt Mitt and felt. Where is it? Rock, rock, another rock, oh wait, that ones warm. And slightly squishy. But so tiny. He had produced a tiny little poop rock. Well, it was something.

I waited until the office opened and called but the doc was in with a patient so the receptionist was going to leave him a note, “Jayden produced tiny, tiny little poop.” My words exactly hahaha!!!

So the morning went on and I took him out a little later. He had eaten half a can of the prescribed diet mixed with his normal kibble and I just knew he had to be full. He hunched again! This time when I bent over, I found a pile about the normal volume if not a little more, but it could have been soft Play-Dough. Hmmm. But, at least it was coming out. I had expected some weird stuff after some of the comments I got on the last post.

1 o’clock came and went and I figured the vet just wasn’t calling back. Doctors. Figures. I didn’t want to write a Diaries post until I heard from him. About 2:30, he called! He sounded very busy but he was relieved when I said I’d gotten a normal sized pile. He said it sounds like the crisis is over, but to call if I have any questions, and he told me he’ll be in the office Monday through Thursday. I really like this vet. I’m so glad things happened the way they did, because I might not have found him otherwise.

Jeyden was really back to his old self yesterday. Who wouldn’t feel better after emptying out a bit? He wanted to be wherever B and I were and he’d just run around the apartment when he heard something outside. He would also cuddle as close as he could to me when I was at the computer. I’m not sure, but I think this whole experience has made us even closer.

He rarely is on the couch without his head on my leg or close to it. He pushes himself into me and gives me a lick if I kiss his nose. He’s also becoming even more vocal, letting out a little squeel when I get rowdy with him or when I’m getting his food. And when we’re cuddling, if I go to move, he lets out this little groan like, but oh I’m so comfortable. When I’m reading something long on the computer and absently scratch his ear, he pushes his head into my leg. It’s like he knows he didn’t feel good and I went to any lengths to help him.

We’re skipping Gamma’s today, just because he’s not quite regular yet. I’m still not trusting when he might go, since his schedule got a little messed up. Also, tomorrow I’ve got the field rep from GDB coming. He had called just to check on Jayden, and when I explained about the problems we’re having on the road leaving the complex, he said he wants to see it. So he’s coming tomorrow at 9am. I want to make sure Jayden is really back to himself before then.

I got to tell the rep about the problems I had at school. It came out while discussing the road problem and I mentioned the horrible experience at school, about how I hadn’t been honest in my exit interview and how I was afraid it had transferred to our road here. He was pretty surprised and not at all happy when I explained what happened. I told him I hope I remember it right, and he said we all have snapshots in our minds of moments like that. I did give him permission to speak with the school counselor though, as I had told her about the incidents. So I feel better now that I’ve backed up the other student who did say something, and hopefully no one else will have to go through that.

I just had a water disaster. I’ve got the cat food and water up on the table in the kitchen, on those pet placemats. Well the water thing is horrible. It’s one of those automatic refill ones, but the top doesn’t screw on the bowl, just kinda sits on it. A cat dislodged it and water went everywhere, overflowing the bowl and the placemat and sitting on the table. Apparently there is a small crack in the table as water started dripping onto the floor. I was cleaning it up and couldn’t help thinking, “the table is leaking” which gave me the chills. Thanks Mr. King.

I moved the trash can, a non-covered one, and I heard Jayden crunch something. Oh crap. I hope we don’t go through this again. What the heck was it?? It sounded small. Maybe an escaped piece of cat kibble. Ugh. I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s still on those pills.

Ok, off to edit and then listen to the Rays play the Red Sux. Oops, Sox. A shameless post is coming up about Evan Longoria and an idea I had hehehehe!


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6 Responses to Doggy Diaries – On the mend

  1. Yea Jayden is getting back to normal. That’s so cute about his noises.

    I’m so glad the field rep is coming to see you guys. I wonder if Spinelli will climb on him again. And I’m glad you told him what happened.

    Yeah Stephen King has a way of making common things scary…although I’m going to soon write a post ripping him a new one about an attrocity he unleashed upon the world.

  2. Yay Jayden!

    Ro, someone won the giveaway over at my blog… might want to come over to my blog and read the post 🙂
    I think you may know the winner…

    Toby’s Raiser

  3. I’m so glad that Jayden is back to his usual self. Happy days!!!!!

    I hope it all goes well with the field rep. I hope that it goes well for you.

    Is the field rep like aftercare?

    Take care, and good luck.

  4. Ro

    Well, I think now that Jayden is better, it’s my time to crash. A sudden attack of spoon thieves today after I Swiffered the floor. Didnd’t get to the bathroom, so hopefully Don won’t think I’m a slob, or rather, hopefully he won’t need to pee. Just gotta get through tomorrow morning and then I can cancel Dave on Tuesday if need be. Dammit, this is what happens when I have to push. Sucks.

  5. Ro

    Shweeeet! I never win anything!!!! Yay!!!!! And I get to try interesting soap, can’t wait!!! Hehehehe!

  6. Ro,
    It’s funny how everything always comes down to poop! The other day Glenda and I had a full on conversation about Wendy’s releiving habits and how they have changed since she came home from school. Weird, huh? Well, needless to say I am happy to hear Jayden’s releiving again. What a relief 🙂

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