Doggy Diaries – On days we can’t work

On bad spoon days like today, my biggest annoyance is not being able to go work Jayden.

I had totally planned on going to the gym today since I know moving and exercising helps the aches and pains, but they were so bad this morning that there was no way I was gonna get moving. We’ve got a storm front coming in so I’m just in bad shape. Everything hurts and my entire body feels heavy.

Luckily, I’m prepared for days like today now. Since there is always a frozen Kong in the freezer, taken out of Jayden’s dinner ration the night before and moistened and frozen over night, there’s always a treat waiting for him. Normally I reserve it for after we finish working, but I knew today that no work was in our future.

Jayden never knows when I’m going to ask for obedience, or what he’ll get in return for it. Sometimes it’s kibble, sometimes it’s loud and crazy affection. Either way, when he hears his name in that obedience voice, he comes running, eager to please.

Just now, I walked buy him and bent over for a pet and he did his doggy stretch, which he does all the time. You know the one, head down, butt in the air. I sat on the floor with him and he began giving me kisses. Timmy wandered over so I grabbed him for a cuddle and Jayden took the opportunity to give Timmy kisses as well. It’s so cute! Timmy just sits there in my arms purring away while his head gets a bath. He gets drenched!

I stood up and asked Jayden if I should make him work for a Kong. It was literally just like that. Normally when he gets one, I start asking if he wants one as I walk in the kitchen and he follows me jumping. I get the Kong out and have him go through obedience before he gets it. So this morning I switched it up. I was amazed by what he did.

He was standing there facing me and I asked, “should I make you work for a Kong?” That was all I said. The smart boy bounded to my side in perfect heel position and sat. Wow! I don’t normally ask for a heel before the Kong, just push ups, so why he did that, I have no idea!

I got all excited telling him good boy and decided to keep doing that. I would back away and tell him to heel and he’d run into position. I just used verbal and physical praise, released him from the heel and did it again, repeating this all the way into the kitchen. As I backed away, he’d wait patiently for the command. Our kitchen is a tight squeeze, but he forced himself into a heel position hahaha!!

I got the Kong out and showed him and he did his puppy prancing side to side hops. I had him run through puppy push ups and when I gave him the Kong, he ran to his favorite spot and went to town.

I’m so grateful little things like that keep him sharp and happy on days like today where I can’t do much. In a couple hours, I’ll take the kibble I rationed from breakfast and put it in the Kong Wobbler. I wonder how I’ll ahve him work for that? 😉

Have I ever mentioned how much I love him?

Oh, he’s about done with it. Soon he’ll come up to me and I’ll tell him to “go get it”. He’ll bring the empty Kong to me then, for praise and a few kibbles. 🙂

Ok wow, he didn’t come to me so I walked over to his spot and asked him where the Kong was. I knelt down and he walked over, picked it up, and handed it to me. Such a smart boy!

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