Doggy Diaries – Office Odyssey

It’s been awhile since a Diaries post, mostly because there just hasn’t been anything really new or exciting to write about. Last month was such the emotional hangover kind of month that life just kinda seemed to be put on hold, aside from the normal workouts and such.

This week has been about being in recovery mode from the latest emotional blow and then holy weather Batman, did it get crazy here in Southern Arizona. Highs in the thirties? Huh? Waking up to seventeen degree weather and a wind chill of one? Where were we??? Even Jayden, who loves to sniff and dilly dally after relieving, was pulling me to the door. It was crazy, and the weather change didn’t help my physical recovery from the emotional roller coaster.

Then the unthinkable happened. Jayden destroyed another Kong and I didn’t have a backup. Oh no!! He is so used to his frozen treat in the afternoon that for the last two days when I’ve locked Timmy up to take Jay outside, he gets all excited, only to be disappointed when we come in and I have no frozen Kong for him. I think it’s been good though. It’s shown him that routines change even though his mom is very set in routines haha.

Today it was finally warm enough to get out. The cold is much better for me than the heat, but when it’s cold, my body is so stiff it doesn’t move very well. I got a massage last night though, so today I was much looser and there was a package for B waiting at the office. I waited until the afternoon when it would be warmest and called the office to make sure someone would be there. No answer. I waited and called back. No answer. I know sometimes they just can’t get to the phone so I decided to set out.

We stopped at the mail and then headed toward the office. Jayden’s pace was quick and he was all bouncy. Yay work! We got down to the office and the door was locked.

I actually looked at where that little fake clock would be. You know the one that says, will return at blah blah blah? Yeah, I tried looking at it. Um, yeah I’m blind. You knew that, right?

I tried the door to the clubhouse which was open so we went in and I sat on the chair by the door, thinking I’d hear if anyone came back. I thought I heard the door so we went outside. Nope, false alarm. I decided to use the bathroom in the gym so we walked back through the clubhouse. I heard the door open behind me.

“Hi, is that Sam?” I ask.

“No, Sam’s in there, I live here,” came a male voice.

“Oh Sam’s back?” I ask.

“No…no one’s there, you’re going into the gym”

“Yeah, I’m gonna use the restroom. Did you happen to notice what time they’ll be back?”

“Yeah, it says 1:45 but it’s like, 2 now.”

I was glad he had noticed the little fake clock thing that I had forgotten I couldn’t see.

After I used the restroom we went back to the office door. It wasn’t too cold there, being sheltered from wind and there’s a doormat so we sat to wait. And wait. And wait. At one point another resident jogged up and said, “no one’s in there?”

“Nope,” I said when I really wanted to say, yeah they’re in there, I’m just hanging with the guard dog.

A little while later the gym guy came back out. “Still waiting?” I would have loved to reply, “Oh no, no, got my package, it’s just cozy here.”

I thought about going back home but I didn’t want to leave again once I got home and I had already waited for thirty minutes. You know when you’re watching a really terrible movie, but you figure you’ve already wasted an hour, you might as well see it through? Plus it was really nice to be outside since it was no longer the arctic desert.

I had to use the restroom again. Yes, I know. But I had been drinking my afternoon coffee. You know when you go out to eat, and you go use the restroom, how awesome it is to return to the table to find your food has arrived?

The door was unlocked when we came back outside. The manager asked if we’d waited long and I assured her it was ok. I wanted to inform her she was an hour later than her fake clock had claimed, but I didn’t.

We chatted about Jayden while I crammed B’s package into my backpack and then started the trek home.

Jayden’s pace was fast again and it felt like we were flying home. I knew he thought he’d be getting a Kong and felt bad. I gave him a Kong Wobbler instead and then sat on the floor to call Carol. All of the sudden Jayden was running all over the house. I could just hear him thinking, outside! I was outside! I walked! It wasn’t freezing! Outside! Yay! Run run run, bounce off me, run run run, boing boing boing.

The boy went bonkers. You’d think we hadn’t worked in a month hahaha!

So that’s the latest. I told B Jayden wanted a new Kong since we sat around for an hour waiting to get the package, but truth be told, I really enjoyed it. It was normal, to be working Jayden. I swear Jayden is the only constant in my life.

We’re gonna go out again tomorrow, just because I’m as stir crazy as he is. And that my friends, was the end of our week long winter. 😉


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15 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Office Odyssey

  1. What color Kongs do you get, do you know? If he keeps destroying the red ones, try getting the black one, they are made for heavy chewers.

  2. Ro

    I tried a black one once. He destroyed it much faster. He actually peeled layers off. That one was horrible compared to the red one. Maybe it depends on how they chew it or something.

  3. Glad your winter is over, wish mine would be I have to get out of this house!! I’m going to go stir crazy and start rocking in my living room floor singing to myself or something lol

  4. Ro

    Who knows if it’s over, but I think the worst is over. This week was just nuts. We’re never that cold. We’ll have more cold but that *that* cold.

  5. Glacier destroys Kongs as well. He tore the top off one of the black ones in less than 20 minutes when we were at guide dog school. Have you tried a Rhino Cone? They are made by Nylabone and you can put frozen goodies in teh middle just as easily as a Kong and Glacier Mr. Jaws of Steel himself has not managed to tear that apart yet. (I may have spelled the product names wrong).

  6. Ro

    Hmmm I’ve never heard of those. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks!

  7. I think and hope that the worst of this is over…now if we could only get this crap to melt away it would be great!

  8. I hate winter! It’s been nice ish here thank god, but i’ve heard that we are expecting more snow! Nooooooooo!
    I hate hate hate waiting. It’s a pain in the arse.

    I use the black kong with Ushi, and she hasn’t broke it yet!
    It’s mad when they run around the house! Sometimes I would get Ushi to sit, walk away, then tell her to come and she goes crazy! She was chasing her tail once on the kitchen floor, and she slid and then promptly stopped! It was funny.

    I hope things are finally looking up for you. Xxx.

  9. Ro

    Jayden loves the sit and come too, especially when I go hide. He goes nuts haha! Jayden was chasing his tail in the foyer once and banged into the wall. He’s much more careful now lol.

    Things are what they are. Not looking up, not terrible, nice and steady I guess you could say.

  10. No,No,No, they are saying we could get more snow on Wednesday! This sucks royal big ones! Hope you guys don’t get any of it!

  11. Ro

    Just checked the weather. We’ve got a slim chance of showers on Tuesday night, but highs in the upper sixties all week. Looks like we’ll be ok here.

  12. You know you guys have it bad when our weather guys mention your area and go “yeesh! Whaaat? In Arizona?”

    Aww Jayden, I love it when you take that first post winter walk and Trix is just so happy not to be hitting snow mounds.

  13. Well, maybe I should move to AZ, it doesn’t seem to get too cold there lol…I don’t think I can handle another snowed in week! lol

  14. I know it’s because you’re not used to it and that I bitch about it even though I am, but watching Americans from warm climates freak out over winter is so cute. It’s like aww, look at them and their inch of snow. They’re closing the roads and schools? Poorr little guys.

  15. Ro

    Yeah, we live here for a reason, so all we have to freak out about is a few cold days a year. We freak out for a week and you have months of cold misery. Hmmm, think I’ll enjoy being cute to to the cold country folk.

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