Doggy Diaries – Not much to report

I haven’t done a Diaries post in awhile because there has been nothing to report, really.

Yesterday I sent an email to admissions at GDB, because they had let me know when they received my medical release, but I haven’t heard anything about what else they’ve received.

My primary care stuff was sent off, with a good health report and negative TB test, and proof of tetanus shot. My doctor gave me all the paperwork to send, which I liked, because I could see what she wrote.

Dave sent in my O & M report with rave reviews, but I haven’t heard a thing from the 2 eye docs, the opthomologist and neuro opthomolgist, so I asked admissions if there was any footwork to be done on my part.

So thats all. I just did some follow up because i don’t trust medical offices to get things done in a timely manner, having worked in medical records and knowing how crazy it can be.

I’m just continuing with the work outs to build up my stamina, doing O & M on Fridays to get all my skills completed, and participating in the new GDB email list I joined. I think that is going to be the most valuable as far as information goes, along with all the blogs I read.

There really wasn’t much to write, but I longed for a Diaries post =D


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  1. Hi R, I am a new follower, turned onto your blog by a fellow blogger (Cabana’s puppy raiser). I think its awesome that you want to get a guide dog and are ready to do it so soon! My boyfriend took forever to get everything started up with his new lifestyle (lack of a better word). He didn’t even use a cane until we met and that was a 1.5 years after he went blind. So, once we realized I wouldn’t be able to take him around our college campus all day after I graduated thats when I turned him on to guide dogs. He loves it and wouldn’t trade his guide dog Egypt for the world. They are such a good pair even though they are still technically brand new. He graduated at the end of June. Well anyways, I’m kind of just rambling on here but if you want I know you have a problem with clicking on your followers and such so my blog page is or puppy raising escapades dot blog spot dot com. I have just applied to be a puppy raiser for the guide dog school we have here in Texas and will hopefully be getting my puppy soon. Sorry to make it so long but I do have another question. My boyfriend, Darrell, also uses a mac and was thinking about doing a blog of his own, but for the life of him can not figure out how to get to the box where he has to type in his post. Every other thing works on that page he just can’t get into where you type the body. Any suggestions? Thanks and take care, I look forward to seeing your story unfold. Good luck with the application.

  2. Hey, Natalie again, sorry I never introduced myself. Um anyways, nevermind on Darrell’s blog thing we changed a setting and figured it out. lol It always happens right after you ask someone for help huh.

  3. R

    Hi Natalie!
    Cabana’s raiser is sure leading a lot of people to me tee hee. Blogging has become such a wonderful source of therapy and meeting others, I just love it! Good luck on your puppy raising endeavors, as you know, I think puppy raisers are just the best!

    Its so cool to find another Mac user. How did Darryl decide to use a Mac? I’m just surprised because it sounds like he’s somewhat newly blind, and I’ve noticed that most go for Jaws. I’m glad you figured out that setting to change. When I was setting up Blogger, I got so far and then couldn’t find my edit text box and was getting pretty angry until I played with settings.

    I’ve found a lot of ways to help navigate blogger and stuff, so if he has anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  4. Hey R, Darrell decided to get a mac because of me actually.. I am a big time mac person and I absolutely love it. When he first got to college with me I had him almost going towards mac, we had played with the older voice over and he liked all the features and stuff. He had been using jaws forever though on his PC and was still kind of hesitant because of the costs. Well, he went and asked the guy at disability services which would be most compatible will all the things he would be getting from them. They guy said he didn’t know much about mac but blah blah blah something about something Windows would be better. Darn. Haha so Darrell bought a Dell and had jaws installed and had to buy a 600 dollar upgrade and all this stuff for it to run on Vista. Well, guess what, the processor just wasn’t cut out for the program and his computer would pretty much stop working after three months and he had to do a total system restore each time. Well after about a year of this and him not even using his computer, we sold it to my sister and I convinced him mac was the way to go. Them coming out with Leopard and Alex helped a lot too lol. So yeah, he has had his computer for about 3 months and would never go back. He’s already tried to convert just about everybody in his family. His mom doesn’t really get it because she just can’t justify the cost in her mind but she doesn’t realize what having a machine that will actually work for ya’ll can do. He no longer slams the computer shut in anger and she doesn’t see that so she’ll never get it lol. Oh well. Darrell has been blind for 3 years now but has had problems since he was little. We met 2 years ago and have been together pretty much since that day. He’s a great guy. Sounds like your guy is good too. I always like meeting others in our type of relationship. All the stories are so different but I just love hearing them. They are more special for me, I guess just because I’m in one too. Anyways, rambling again. I will let you know if Darrell needs any more help with blogger.. If he even starts one lol. I think he got turned off of it when it wouldn’t work a couple weeks ago but I think he would be good at it so yeah. Ok, talk to you later, Bye!


  5. R

    Oh man, to me cost is not an argument against apple.

    Ok sure, they are more expensive then buying a PC. I spent a grand on mine.


    I spend a grand. I don’t spend extra on a screen reader. My computer handles my screen reader.

    Snow comes out, which I haven’t upgraded to yet, but its 39 bucks or 129 if I wait. And it includes Voiceover!

    Lets say I bought a PC for 500 bucks. I buy Jaws for 600. I upgrade to Windows 7 for how much? Then I’ve gotta upgrade my screen reader?

    Spend more in the beginning, and less for lifetime of the computer, it just doesn’t compare. Not to mention I can call tech support and understand them.

    I’m so glad I got started with Apple in my blind computer user career lol.

    darryl should definitely start a blog. I’ve found it so incredibly theraputic. And I’ve met so many amazing people!

    On the “couples like us” yes, I think its so important to find other couples like us, one sighted one blind. In fact, its this that got me on the road to getting a guide dog. B came home from the mall one day and said, “There was a couple like us at Macy’s. She was blind, he could see, but she had her dog”.

    I write with another woman on blogger who’s fiance is blind, and we all get so silly, coming up with nicknames and teasing each other. I wish B would get into the blogging, but he’s just not that kind of guy tee hee.

  6. I totally agree with you on the price thing. That’s what we tried telling his mom but she still gets kind of pissy whenever we talk about it. Excuse my language. She just doesn’t get it. I guess its because we paid the one big price all at once so maybe it doesn’t seem that much to her when its split up. I don’t know. Darrell had no problem spending it because he knew it was better. Same when I bought mine a few years ago so whatever, she doesn’t need to understand for us to be happy with our choices lol. I told Darrell he needs to start one, he had one going when he was in guide dog school but only put up three posts. He thinks the lack of things to write is going to be there forever. He doesn’t get that once you actually start it and start having fun you can’t really stop. I’ll tell him what you said about it being therapeutic, that might motivate him a bit.

  7. R

    Yeah my family was a little concerned until I showed them what I could do on it, then they were just impressed. Family isn’t around all the time, so they just don’t understand.

    I am sooo glad I started blogging. You have no idea. It has ben one of the best things I’ve done since going blind. The community and fellowship are irreplaceable, especially since I don’t get out as often now, at least not until I have a dog. Tell him to just start browsing other blogs, and before he knows it, he’ll get ideas for what to write. I started tagging my posts the way I do because i saw it on another blog, and several of the ways I’ve written have come from ideas I got from reading other blogs. You’re right, once it starts being fun, you just can’t stop. Its like opening a can of Pringles lol!

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