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I’m pretty absent right now. Yesterday was nice and relaxing. Jayden was feeling better, no diarrhea, no vomiting. Today he seems like himself but there’s no bowel movements. Nothing since the last diarrhea on Wednesday after the vet. I talked to the vet this morning and he said not to worry unless there’s nothing by morning. I worked Jayden while I did laundry and he did great and I hoped the walking would help, but it hasn’t. I don’t want to go walk him in harness in case it gets things going while he’s in harness, so if nothing has happened by the time B gets home, I’ll heel Jayden and go for a walk sighted guide. His stomach is starting to feel hard so I know he must be getting really full. He’s eating just fine and playing and being normal, aside from no movement in the bowels. I don’t want to shower or even clean, so I can listen to him in case anything happens. But I’m so out of it mentally that I can’t even concentrate to get the autism posts caught up. Several of you have written to check on me, and I really appreciate that. I’m just worried about my boy. If I haven’t replied it’s because I’m just not all here.


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  1. Is he still on the special food? He was probably sent home on Hills I/D or Eukanuba low residue. They bind stuff together and produce very little stool. And, if he skipped meals, it takes longer than normal to get to a point where he has anything to give up. Lastly just to give just a bit more info than you want, it will be a strange color too – usually far lighter and more yellow than normal. Just what you wanted to know! Glad he is feeling better!

  2. Ro

    He’s on the Science Diet prescription stuff in a can. I figured it was really working on binding stuff together. He only skipped one meal, the morning I took him to the vet, so Wednesday. So he’s been eating since Wednesday afternoon, but just the prescription stuff. He’s up to a can twice a day today and then tomorrow I mix the remaining can with his normal diet. I have no idea what color it normally is lol. I’m just waiting for that good load. He’s due for the second can in about thirty minutes, and then B and I will walk him on leash tonight, briskly around the complex. H’s been following me around most of the day so he’s moving a lot, and he seems to be urinating a little more, but he’s drinking a little more water and there’s probably a lot more water in that food. I’m sure he’ll be fine, I’m just so exhausted from this week that everything is magnified. I just want my boy totally fine again.

  3. I’m thinking of you and Jaynoi, I mean Jayden. 🙂
    Made ya smile?
    He has to get better. Most kids get better when they have excellent moms worrying night and day over them.
    You get some rest!

  4. Ro

    Hehe that did give me a giggle. Thinking of you too *hugs*

    I was talking about you to my friend Georgie today when we were talking about my writing. I’m gonna try and get her daughter to do an F2K. Apparently she’s pretty good. She’s starting college in the fall and plans to do some writing courses. I’d love to see her stuff at F2K.

    Hope you’re feeling better today!!

  5. Yup! Science Diet is the Hill’s I/D (Hill’s makes SD). Because it is highly digestable, there is not much waste produced. Basically, it is a food that is being used efficiently by the dog and the rest moves through the system slowly, so that it absorbs, rather than just shooting on through and out. At least that is my understanding of the food (my cat is on the kitty version for life).

    Hopefully, you got the movement you wanted out of your walk! Looking forward to hearing about it! Ha!

  6. We hope Jayden feels better real soon!
    Toby got sick a couple times but felt better quickly 🙂

    Toby’s Raiser

  7. I was just gonna email ya and ask if there was any poop yet, but then I thought I should check the blog first.

    Jaybay, drop a bomb, would ya boy?

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