Doggy Diaries – Night and Day

Taking a break from the novel to write about Jayden. 🙂

He is such a different dog when it comes to mornings and evenings. After he has his breakfast and relieves, he immediately curls up on the couch for a long nap. I like this as I know his food is getting settled calmly, and it allows me to get my caffeine levels to a theraputic range.

In the evenings after he has his supper and relieves, he walks around the house, bringing me the few toys that are safe enough to leave out, like his NylaBones and Goughnut. I try and find ways to play calmly after supper so he doesn’t get riled up with a full belly.

I was telling Gamma about this this morning and she wondered if other guide dogs are different, so I just knew it would be a blog post.

So, does your service dog behave differently with different feedings, if you feed twice a day that is. What about the puppy you’re raising?

I’m just really curious, and so is Gamma. =D

(The novel is coming along nicely. Writing it seems to be the easy part. I’m sure it’ll be a different story when I start the first revision. I will be pulling my hair out, indeed. Should easily be done by the end of the month! Hope I didn’t just jinx meself!)


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5 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Night and Day

  1. My guys tend to act the same after meal times. Breakfast is usually at 8, dogs are very excited to eat, then they all settle for a while, usually till about 10, while I get some work done or train Jess. Dinner is at 5, and after they generally noodle around the house or snooze on the couch/dog bed.

    Glad to hear you’re still having fun with the novel! That’s really cool!

  2. Ro

    As I’m writing the “zero draft”, I can’t guarantee what will stay and what won’t, but one thing I’m noticing as I’m creating smaller character’s aside from my main peeps, is that I’m reaching for names. Your name just sort of fell on my male character’s sister haha! Is that ok? 😉

    Thinking back to when I did that writing class, your name was also brought to mind. Guess I like it hehe!

  3. haha, sure go wild, I don’t have the only dibs on “Katrin” LOL

  4. Hmmm let’s see. Yeah Trix snoozes in the mornings, although lately she’s taken to sitting by me and getting pets and then going off to sleep. At night it depends. Sometimes she wants to play. Sometimes she just wants to sit near me and get some scritch scratches. Traix got all bathed up and smells like a shampooch again! Mmm shampooch smell.

  5. In the mornings, I try to feed Ushi about half 7. After I relieve her, I usually crawl back into bed for an hour, so don’t know if Ushi copies me, but sometimes she chews her nylabone, or just crawls back into her bed. Plus she usually isn’t as hyper.

    In the evening however, she does a little bounce when I pick up her food bowls. I always put her toys away at feeding times, just in case! Then after about an hour, I just give her them. She usually chews her nylabone again after evening food. She’s lying on her bed now lol.


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