Doggy Diaries – Lost and found

After our morning adventure, which Jayden told you about, we relaxed a bit and Jayden had a good nap. Then my friend L came over and brought a Starbucks mocha yum. I gave her the camo crochet blanket I had made for her son and she told me all about how excited he was at the air show this weekend and the way he talked to an F-15 pilot. The pilot asked if he’d want to fly one of these one day, and L’s son said, “No, I want to build them. Wow!!! He’s only 6. I’m going to be taking Jayden to do a presentation for the two kindergarten classes at his school, towards the beginning of May. I’m so excited!

So after L left, I gave Jayden a Kong with a cookie in it which he loves, then prepared to go get the mail. It’s been so perfect when we’ve gone the last few times that I’m excited to go every day now lol. It’s been pretty cool here today, and Google weather said it was foggy. Huh? Foggy? I asked on FB and everyone was like, no, cloudy but not foggy. Point is, Google said nothing about rain.

We went and got the mail and at one point I thought I felt sprinkles on my face. We were coming back, and there had been a car parked in the spot we walk through, which we got around just fine on the way. So when I thought we were approaching it, Jayden tried to go on the curb and into the dirt. I didn’t think I lost my allignment…

I tell him hop up and he stops and I feel a car in front of me, but it sounds like we’re suddenly in a smaller space, like maybe covered parking? We shouldn’t be. I feel a tire and can tell we’re on the side of a car. Hmmm. I tell him forward and he stops and I reach out and there’s the covered parking pole. Interesting. I tell him forward but there’s no curb or sidewalk. Huh? I still have no idea what happened or where we were. The wind was kicking up and the temperature dropped and the air was moist. All in the space of a few minutes. I stop and listen but things are masked with the wind. I have no idea where we are and I don’t have my cane. I do have my phone. I’ll use it if I have to. I decide to throw caution to the wind and trust my dog. He’s been waiting patiently for me to tell him what to do. Finally y I say, Jayden, find home. Where’s home? He took off. I followed. I could tell he was confident. We reach a parking curb and he showed me. I tell him forward and feel the two feet of black and then sidewalk. I’m not certain it’s ours so I tell him left and he takes me to rocks. I turn us around and say forward, home and he took us home! He got the rest of the kibble in the pouch for that one, lots of love and happiness and then a romp on the floor once inside.

I still don’t know what happened. I don’t know how we ended up in covered parking and we must have been a few spots down if there was a car there, because covered is assigned and I knew we were passed B’s spot since his is on the end. But I just knew that Jayden knows where home is, so I knew I could trust him. That’s a new one. To be totally lost and turn it over to him. He wasn’t lost I don’t think, not once. He could always see home the whole time. Wow. I’m amazed. I’m just amazed by him every day!


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Lost and found

  1. WOW! That’s awesome! Good boy Jayden! Doesn’t it totally rock when you start really trusting your dog like that and they prove you right by doing it all perfectly? It’s entirely one of the coolest things in the world.

  2. OH WOW — so cool, that trust that’s building in your partnership — and he’s taking such good care of you. Yay!!

  3. It’s gotta be hard to turn that trust over to a dog and to be sure he really knows what he’s doing. I think I would have such a hard time with that–but how amazing that Jayden is proving himself everyday. It really IS partnership, like Alfie’s raiser says.

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