Doggy Diaries – Lazy crochet day

This morning on the phone with Georgie, she asked how the baby blanket was coming along. Eek! Yikes when’s the shower? Next month.

I had been planning on making a matching mommy and baby blanket duo, but there was no way there’d be time for that. School fell right in the middle of working on it. I had started the dging on the baby blanket way back before I left, and I had made it pretty much square, to have enough yarn for a mommy blanket. So I decided to rip out the edging and make the baby blanket bigger. I pulled it out this morning and continued listening to ‘Duma Key’. It turned into an all day affair. I just finished the book and feel pretty tired. Might be just that I’m good and relaxed, or perhaps it was the activity yesterday and the fact that I’m still recovering. Jayden doesn’t seem to mind. The boy has been just as lazy as I. I got him up at the normal relieving time and he forced himself off the couch. Then in the entry way, he just flopped over on the carpet haha! It would be easy for me to worry that he’s lethargic, but several have assured me that labs love to sleep. He seems perfectly fine and content with the ocassional belly rub.

So that’s our day today. Puppy pool winners, you’re gonna have to tell me what colors and style you want since I’m now getting into a crochet frenzie 😉


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  1. lol sounds fun. Eventually I’m gonna try and find some begining books and learn from audio… hopefully I can actually find books like that though hhaha.

  2. Scrump scrump scrump baby! That’s what I want. Hmmm colours. Hmmm I’m not picky. We do have darkish furniture, so probably something brownish grey would be good, but if you have good ideas about accent colours, I trust ya.

    Take your time. I’m gonna have to take a picture of it somehow when I get it for blogging purposes.

  3. Ro

    If you want to comment me with your email, I won’t publish it. Then We can write easier and I can try to figure out how to show you. Your knitting experience might come in handy because one of the things I’ll need to show you is how to thread the yarn in your left hand, which you might already do for knitting. It’s for tension, and it was the first thing my book taught me. I think once you get some hooks, we can try. It’ll be fun.

  4. Ro

    Hmmm ok, brownish gray. Hmmm. This will be fun creating. What other colors are in your house? What’s your favorite color? I can also do a video of it, maybe even while it’s still in progress, and then the finished product. That would be cool!

  5. Herm. Favourite colour. Herm. I think I like blue. Whatever you end up making will be beautiful.

  6. My fav colors are pink & blue, but I love surprises!

    Toby’s Raiser

  7. But how are you on quilts? I want a Husker quilt!

  8. Ro

    Haha unfortunately I’ve never quilted. Best I could do would be crochet in the Huskers colors hehe!

  9. Hmmm, I like bright colors (pinks, blues, oranges, greens) or pastels (blue, pink, green). My school colors are black and gold.
    You can surprise me :). I love all the colors, except for red. But I still like red 🙂 haha

  10. Ro

    Ok, do you want the scrump like Carin? That’s where I take all the colors and tie random lengths together so it comes out all patchwork. Or do you want solid rows?

    This is fun!!! Now to decide if I’m going to the craft store, or trying to order online. Hmmm.

  11. Ro

    Oh and Toby’s trainer, for the scarf, do you want the crazy scrump? I haven’t done a scarf in that style before. Or do you want rows? The scarf won’t be a ripple, so it’ll most likely be long rows, if that makes sense. So the rows would be the length of the scarf.

  12. I want the scrump, it sounds really cool!

  13. It sounds to me Ro that you got the most perfect dog for you! I think that is so awesome!! I mean if I had a dog that slept all day like that I’d probably get nothing done. I’m so use to having dogs bouncing off the walls if they don’t get out that it forces me to turn off the computer and get outside and get other stuff done! Like right now, James is standing at the front door whining under his breath going “Ok now, I’ve had enough of you ignorning me on that machine, it’s a lovely day out, let’s go outside NOW!” (and that’s after we’ve been home only an hour from art class!)

  14. Ro

    Ok scrump it is. Fun stuff!

    Katrin, I’m willing to bet that once Jayden and I get back to my normal routine, that on my lazy days he won’t be as happy lol. It’s been really chill since we’ve been back, so that’s the routine I’m setting up. But we’ll be getting busy again soon. I feel horrible because I’m doing laundry right now so I’ve got him in the kennel. He’s just not quite ready for me to have him guide me while dragging my cart. But I know some alone time is good and he’s taking it well. Only whined once and stopped after a “quiet” from me. Can’t wait to let him out though 🙂

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