Doggy Diaries – Laundry and walking

I’m so relieved that it’s Saturday haha! I jumped back into things in earnest last week, feeling that my back was finally healed. I mentioned that I’d need to start setting an alarm to get out with Jayden before it gets miserable, and that worked great. I had also mentioned that I’d need to get to bed earlier, but was worried about the relieving schedule.

Enter my brain fart moment. Duh. I wasn’t worried about the time of the nightly relieving, I was worried about the time between relieving. But yeah, um, what I failed to remember is that if I’m getting up earlier, Jayden relieves earlier, so the nightly relieving can be earlier. I am so tempted to blaim this oversight on my spoons, but really it was just a dumb moment haha!

So we got out every morning last week, and Thursday we were out for a long while. It was laundry day, so I had the load in by 7am. It was actually really beautiful out. It was warm, but there was a light breeze that felt great. We dropped the laundry off and headed for home, but only briefly. I drank some more coffee and then we set out again. I tried to time it so we could walk and get back to the laundry room when it was time to make the switch from washer to dryer.

We took our route and I let Jayden make the decision I mentioned before. He can either go straight at the end of the sidewalk when we turn around, or make a right. Thursday he chose to go right. We reach the end of another sidewalk and cross over to a curb. I don’t think I was awake yet. Actually it was probably another dumb moment. I forgot that we need to get to another curb before verring to the left to shoreline yet another curb. So we start walking and suddenly it just doesn’t feel right. I tell Jayden left to do a curb check and yeah there’s a curb there, but why does it sound like something’s over my head? Ooooh….we ended up under covered parking hahaha! It was fine though, as I knew where we were. We had gotten back to our original sidewalk, just in a round about way.

The cool thing lately is that my trust in Jayden has just clicked. It takes a long time to learn to trust a dog. No matter how much I tried to force it in the beginning, I always felt I knew best. I mean, if we were in my home area, the place I used to see, obviously I knew better, right? Wrong. It’s all totally different without that cane giving me information.

Eventually I quit trying to force the trust, knowing it would come with time. And when I let go, it started happening. Not only do I have to trust Jayden, I have to trust my inner compass and listen when something feels off. But with that comes the question, does it feel off because it is, or does it feel off even though it’s not? Those are the times when I choose to trust Jayden or trust myself. Usually I’m the one that’s wrong. 😉

So we got back to the laundry with four minutes to spare and went in to turn the swamp cooler on and wait in the cool. We switched the clothes over and went back home, where I drank more coffee and started my daily internet reading. It was time to go back and get the clothes, so we set out again.

As we rounded a corner, a vicious barking met us. We both froze and I bent over to stroke Jayden, telling him it was ok. I think I was more spooked than he was. Earlier we had encountered a guy walking his puppy. Jayden started to pull me towards it but I told him no. The guy said, “I’m sorry, he’s just a puppy” and I told him I was telling my dog no, not him. I’m finding a few occasions where I think people might have thought I was talking to them when I’m actually talking to Jayden. Oops.

Anyway, the dog stopped it’s barking but Jayden still wouldn’t go to the laundry door. Come on, find the door. Hellooooo…hmmm. Ok. Reach out. Oh! A big honking trash bin was right outside the door. Ok…well, now what. A lady came out saying sorry, sorry. She was cleaning the laundry room. Why would you leave a trash bin right in front of the door? Anyway, she moved it, we got the clothes and went back home.

Jayden thought it would be frozen Kong time, but we weren’t done yet. I put clothes away and called the office because UPS had left a package there the day before and I wanted to know how big it was. B was expecting a cd and I’m still expecting the Rays gift box. It was a small package, so Jayden and I set out again.

We were walking and I heard my name. It was my friend Lish who lives up here too. I hadn’t seen her in forever, so that was cool. She was heading to the office too so she walked with us. It was lucky she did, because they were cleaning carpets and there were hoses and chords across the sidewalk. Jayden and I would have figured it out alone but it was nice that she was there. I carefully heeled Jayden across it all and we continued on.

On our way back we stopped and talked for a bit and then I was anxious to get inside. It had been an incredibly long morning already. We went home and Jayden got his frozen Kong. He’s so funny. He comes in and sits in the kitchen and then jumps up and down when I bring it to him. I go through obedience and then once he has it, he runs over to his favorite spot and goes to town. Anytime he’s done with a Kong, he would bring it to me. I’m assuming he was hoping for more. But it works rather well, because I like to rinse it off and put it away when he’s done with it, so I’ve started rewarding him when he brings it to me. He brings it every time now, which means I’m not going on the hunt for it or walking through and kicking it across the room haha!

Carol came over later on Thursday so Jayden got to see another friend.

Ok this turned out long. Originally I was just going to say I’m happy it’s Saturday because it’s our day off and I finally get caught up on blog posts and reading haha! I’ll talk about Friday in another post…

Oh, quick heat tip. When I’m doing laundry, I’ve been wearing a wet bandana on my head. It really helps.


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6 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Laundry and walking

  1. Ro have you ever heard of those cool bandana things that have those gel beads in them that you soak in water? I know they make them for dogs to go around their neck and I have seen some people who run used them as well. That might help you for walking in the heat, don’t know?

  2. Ro

    Yeah, I’ve seen those things before. If it was going to be necessary for us to be walking in the heat of the day, I’d look into more of that stuff. As it is now, the mornings have been tolerable, and for my health I can’t be walking in the heat of the day no matter what I try to use to cool me off haha.

    Soon the monsoon will be here, which will give us some cooler afternoons for afternoon walks.

  3. Yeah I’ve had people think I was talking to them and not the dog. Once, Trix tried to sniff my aunt, and I heeled her past her and said “leave her alone.” My poor aunt thought I was talking to her! When I was out with the shoe thief and Anton, I said “Hold your horses…I’m talking to the dog, of course.” and the two of them laughed at me. I explained to them I didn’t want them thinking I was talking to either of them!

  4. Ro

    Oh man, the same thing happened with a male neighbor. I said leave him alone, to Jayden and then thought, crap what if the guy thought I was talking to him? I’ve gotta get in the habit of saying Jayden’s name so these people don’t think I’m incredibly rude.

  5. What a long morning you had!!!!! I’m so glad that you and Jayden are working so well together, and that you are learning to trust him even more.

    I think it’s stupid that you would leave a rubbish bin out side a londry door, where loads of people would probably be going in and out all the time.

    Take care, xxx

  6. I have people think I’m talking to them all the time when I give my puppy a command. Especially when I say thats enough. I can’t even count the times someone has said sorry right after I said that’s enough!
    Sounds like things are going great with Jayden!

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