Doggy Diaries – Know when to fold ’em

As I was thinking up the title to this post, this song started playing on a loop in my head.

I woke up feeling pretty good today, so after I drank my coffee and talked to Georgie, (so glad our morning calls are back in progress) I harnessed up Jayden to try the route to the mailbox again. This time, I remembered my cell phone lol. I folded up my cane, stuck it in my back pocket and left the apartment. I told him forward and he took me right to the black, no longer pausing for the first sidewalk that we never take. Sweet. Right. To the rocks. Left. To the parking curb. Forward. This is where it’s been getting hinky. That iffy curb deal he has to follow, that’s nice and rounded. He went forward and I felt him veer right. Correct. Halted and did a curb check, we were right on the curb. Kibble. Forward, halt, check the curb, still right on it, kibble. Forward and he slowed and then stopped. I probed, still curb. Hop up, two steps and he stopped. Sidewalk! Jackpot kibble. Forward, walk a little, he stopped, I probe, nope, hop up. Took me to the mailbox. Kibble celebrate. Turn around, lets go back. Forward. Pant pant pant goes a little dog. Nails on blacktop. No human sound. Jayden stops. I say good boy. Probe out, nope, hop up. End of sidewalk, blacktop. Kibble. Little dog still panting. I look in that direction. Don’t hear a human. Jayden ignores little dog. Tell Jayden left and he goes. Round the curb, halt, left, check curb, still on it, kibble. Forward, stops, probe out, parking curb. Yay kibble! Get on the sidewalk. Forward, left left left but he misses the sidewalk. I refuse to get out the cane. I turn us around and say forward, we stop at the rocks. Turn us around, forward, left left left, and he nailed it. Took me to the dippy landmark, kibble. Forward, door. Stop at door, celebrate, kibble. Get in side, love him up. Take off harness. Not pushing our luck this time. Give him Kong with cookie, chomp chomp squeak squeak. Gets cookie, go outside to relieve. Come back to couch, Timmy comes to say hi. Actually let Jayden sniff him. Now Timmy is sitting on my arm with his face in mine as I write and Jayden is curled up next to me. We’ll do it again in a bit. But knew when to fold ’em this time 😉


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2 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Know when to fold ’em

  1. Awesome! I was so excited I cheered when I got to the end. Yea Jayden for ignoring the panting yipper yapper. I wonder if it’s neighbour shih tzu.

  2. Awwww row that’s cool. I’m glad you and Jayden are working good today.
    How are the other cats, sorry can’t remember spelling lol getting on with him?

    Take care, and glad you are able to trust Jay a bit better. Xxxx

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