Doggy Diaries – Kibble Kongsicle

It’s already damn hot and it sucks.

K just had to get that out of the way. So at GDB I had asked about ways to make sure Jayden doesn’t get too overheated, or ways to cool him off when we get home. I gotta say I’m grateful I got a yellow dog. Black dogs would get even hotter. Anyway they had suggested moistening some kibble and freezing it in a Kong. Be sure to use the kibble that came out of the daily ration though, so poocher doesn’t gain weight.

The other day I had some good leftover ice from a drink so I rinsed the ice and put it in the Kong overnight to give Jayden after we did laundry. He went freakin wild haha! I don’t have ice here on a regular basis. I have trays but forgot I had them. Shows ya we don’t use ice. Gonna have to change that.

Yesterday, I took the leftover kibble from the treat pouch, put it in the Kong, plugged the small hole and added water. Then I put the Kong on it’s side in my hand to let most of the water run out, but not all. I put the Kong on it’s side in the freezer door. Then before bed, I took the leftover kibble from the dinner ration, put it in the Kong, made sure the frozen portion was on top and repeated the process.

What came out this morning was a frozen Kong with two layers of kibble stuck to two sides, with like a tunnel in the middle.

I offered it to Jayden and his tail thumped the wall so hard it must have hurt haha. I settled down next to him to listen because I didn’t know how the kibblesicles would break up. He got little chunks out at a time, so I realized I wouldn’t have to worry about choking. He loved the treat and I’m sure it’s wonderful after a walk outside.

We went to pay the rent before 10am and by the time we got back, he was panting and I was sweating. He doesn’t run and chug water, which is good, so I think a nice frozen Kong is great to help him cool down slowly without chugging water.

I put my palm on the blacktop as we neared home and it was warm but I could hold my palm on it. GDB said it’s ok if I can hold my ppalm on it, but once I can’t, it’s time for shoes.

Sunday was one of those days so the shoes went on at Gamma’s and he was not happy. I need to put them on him at home for short amounts of time so he can get used to them. The only time we’re out in the heat of the day is when I go to Gamma’s or out with Lori in the afternoons, so he won’t need to wear them all the time since I do everything else in the mornings before it heats up. Actually I get home from workouts in the heat of the day, and we have to walk across blacktop from the van, so it’s looking like the shoes will go on before we leave the gym. He’s not gonna be happy. I wish I could explain to him that they’re to protect his paws.

There’s a new employee at Saavi with a guide dog and Jayden and the other guide dog like to greet each other. The handler and a friend of mine are talking, so maybe Jayden will have a cousin? 😉

Anyway I talked to the handler about the shoes and he uses them on his dog. He takes the bus everywhere so he’s on pavement a lot more. He says his dog got used to them and is fine with them now. So we’ll just have to keep practicing. I think I’ll put them on for the lesson with Dave tomorrow morning.

Not much else to report. Our routine got a little screwed up with the holiday and a stomach thing I had. So now it’s gonna be all about getting inventive for things to do that won’t kill us. It’s gonna be a long summer. We sure didn’t get much time together in nice weather.

We’ve been together just over three months; can you believe it?

Oh, I should mention our walk to the office. We had two dog distractions but Jayden did great. He pulled a little but stopped when I said ‘steady’. The other dog was snarling but I could tell it was with it’s owner, so we continued. Coming back there was another dog and Jayden looked in the direction but I told him ‘leave it’ and ‘hop up’ and he continued. Also on our way to the office, he stopped in his tracks. I was about to probe out when I heard a guy say ‘there’s something right there, what a good dog’. He moved whatever it was and we continued. Coming back, Jayden slowed down in the same place. The guy said it was all clear, but I could hear them doing work in the nearby apartment. So Jayden was being super cautious. There’s been enough times now when I’m out with others who can tell me why Jayden slows down. Maybe there’s a bush or an overhang. So now when he slows down and I feel us veer just a tad, I know what he’s doing and it’s so cool. On the way there, there was one spot where he slowed way down and veered me a little. Coming back, I understood. There must have been something in the path on my side. Coming back, he stopped and I had to step off the sidewalk to get around whatever it was. I never had to reach out and risk touching a sharp branch. He got me around it perfectly.

The more we’re together, the more I’m just amazed. To get to the office, it’s the same path as to the laundry, but without the left turn at the mail. I’ve trained him to always show me the mail because it’s a good center spot, a good orientation landmark. So today when we left I said, “let’s go to the office.” I always tell him where we’re going, like Saavi or mail or laundry or Gamma’s. So when we reached the spot where we’d turn left, which we do a lot more often then go straight, he went straight without my telling him. Is it really that he understood when I said office? Or maybe because I wasn’t pulling the laundry cart, he knew we weren’t going to the laundry.

He’s just so amazing. I don’t know how I managed before I had Jayden!

Ok I think that’s all the updating I have. I know I’m not writing about him much. I want to try and get video of the next kibble Kongsicle. =D


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7 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Kibble Kongsicle

  1. You should try frosty paws – it’s like Doggy ice cream and you can eat it too haha. You can freeze it in his kong or put it into ice cube trays. Frosty Paws are made with yogurt and fruit so are very good for your dogs stomach.

    Here are a few recipes I have found –

    The main one that you will find if you google is the banana and peanut butter one. It makes a lot however (I’m guessing because you have to use a whole banana and have to balance that out..) Anyways the recipe is 32. ounces of plain yogurt (they say plain is best but there’s no reason other flavors should be bad as long as its not a fruit that dogs can’t have) 1 mashed up banana, 2 Tablespoons peanut butter and 2 table spoons of honey.

    Another doesn’t make as much but you can always double up the recipe. 2 cups of watermelon (with no seeds) and 1 cup of mixed berry yogurt.

    For both of these recipes just dump all the stuff in a blender and then pore the stuff into whatever you want to freeze them in. I’m not sure about the calorie count but seeing as fruit does have a bit of sugar you should probably take out a bit of kibble but I wouldn’t worry about it if you only give him the treat every once in a while.

  2. Ro you have to get a Canine Cool Coat from Smart Pak for Jayden. They fit underneath a guide harness and I got one for James when we took a trip to AZ last May and it totally helped to keep him working in the heat and happy and he is a black dog. I HIGHLY recommend them. They are lightweight, easy to carry when not in use and they work incredibly well.

    They reflect the light of the sun as well as being breathable and if you get it slightly damp with some water you get the evaporative cooling effect.

    here is a link to them:

  3. Hey Ro. I’m glad to hear that he is doing so well. What a good boy!!!! Wow doesn’t time fly!!!

    By the way, i’m now on blogger, so i think i might have followed you. Take care, xxx

  4. Hey, me with some more detailed instructions on how to make that congsicle please? I have wwondered how to make one…Thanks!

  5. Sounds like Jayden is doing so great. Wow, you are already dealing with such heat — we are thrilled that its been a week since we had snow! I need to remember the kongcicle, I think Cricket would really enjoy that too on our hot August days.

  6. I tried to write a comment yesterday, but ended up feeding it to blogger. Mmm…not quite posted comments.

    Yeah I don’t know how they read our minds sometimes, but Trix does scary things like that too.

    And I would love to watch a kongsickle video. I think Trix would too. Did Jayden do anything when you were listening to Trixie shukh all over the place?

  7. Ro

    He didn’t notice. It was pretty quiet. He reacts more to voices, but he was really passed out when I listened to it.

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