Doggy Diaries – Jayden’s incredible night work among other tidbits

Before I get into this post, I first want to link to this rare footage of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. It brings tears to my eyes. A friend on Twitter shared it and it had to go on the blog.

Last night we went to a meeting with Georgie. Oh my, is the sky falling? Haha! We went to a meeting last year for my five years but I haven’t been back. I got a lot of flack for putting Jayden first when we got home. I didn’t yet feel comfortable going to meetings and dealing with John Q. Public and pretty dog syndrome. This wouldn’t work for everyone with sober time and it certainly wouldn’t have worked for me when I was newly sober and needed to attend meetings regularly. However life happens, and sometimes special circumstances like going blind and training with a guide dog put a wrench in the works, so I had to find other ways to stay sober and practice the things that keep me that way. It has worked out fine and I constantly check in with my sober friends to make sure I’m not in danger of falling off the roof. Staying centered tends to prevent that.

I decided to go last night though since Georgie has been telling me about this meeting for awhile. It’s not at the place I was going, where you get random “stragglers” off the street. This meeting was at a church and off the beaten path. So we decided to go.

Jayden was absolutely and completely phenomenal! I can’t even express to you how good he was. Sometimes I throw work at him and wonder how he’ll handle it, especially when we’ve pretty much been doing the routine. I had no idea what to expect last night since I had never been to this place. The last time we went out with Georgie, Jayden refused to follow her and I had to get out the GL. Maybe last night he remembered that and figured he’d better behave so I wouldn’t stick that horrid thing on his face.

(Ok ow, I just did push ups and typing really hurts. Keep taking breaks haha!)

After we got out of the car I told Jayden to follow and he did. We walked across a parking lot and then things got weird. Georgie had said there would be some steps with a rail but she hadn’t mentioned walking through dirt and stepping over brick curbs. When we got there, a friend of ours was there and we were chatting and then moving again. Jayden stopped and I probed out with my foot to find the first brick curb. The girls watched, giving little wows and he’s amazings.

We walked through some dirt and then another curb thing and then we got to the steps but there was no rail. I must hold on to something because I don’t always trust my balance, so I held M’s hand while going down, Jayden showing me every step, which were deep and high. Very odd steps.

We got into the meeting room and Jayden showed me the chair and then settled down perfectly for the whole meeting. It was a little hinky at the end when we hold hands in a circle. It’s kinda hard to control him and it happens really fast haha. Next time I’ll put him in a down stay for that.

People were coming up to me after and it just took a few quick leash corrections to get Jayden back into heel position and I didn’t even have to say stay. I discovered that when I’m talking to someone, I don’t want to be giving Jayden commands. I haven’t had a lot of practice at this and it was like second nature how it all came to me. I mean it was crazy. I could feel what he was doing by holding the leash closer to his collar and all I needed were gentle leash pulls to signal him as to what I wanted. It was amazing. I mean you don’t know how this boy loves people and how much we’ve been working on people distractions. It was incredible.

Here he was at this new place with all these new people and he was all business. I was so proud, especially since the last time I went out with Georgie, Jayden was less than stellar.

After the meeting some of us stood around talking awhile. We took a different way out, going up a ramp instead of the rail free steps. Jayden was being really cautious at this point since it had gotten really dark. I was just so impressed with him! He got cuddles and love in the car and then a romp session when we got home. Hopefully we’ll go back next week too.

Just took a long break from writing this to listen to the Rays game. This season is not off to a good start. *sob*

Ok where was I? Ah yes, wrapped up last night. It was just awesome and aside from Jay’s incredible work, I saw some people I haven’t seen in awhile, none of whom gave me any flack for disappearing. One guy said something about how he hasn’t seen me because I’ve been hiding and I said I’ve been with the blind people, my other fellowship. He understood and was glad I have that. So it was great to get back to the fellowship that saved my life and not get flack for choosing to live my life in a way that’s not what is considered standard.

I’m glad I made it since after making plans, Aunt Flo decided to show up. It’s probably a little gross to mention her visit on the blog, but it helps me keep track hahaha! This morning I woke up in some pretty decent pain, but I did two Pilates workouts that I found on iTunes. While it’s hard to force myself to move during this time of the month, it really does help. I’ve been so laid up and drastically affected by Flo’s visit, that anything that helps a little is worth doing. I think taking the vitamin D supplements has helped as well.

I think Jayden is a little antsy today, but unfortunately I’m not in much of a condition to do anything.

I don’t have a Diaries post from last year until the tenth, but I’m trying to blog more regularly again. I think a baseball post might be next.

Oh I almost forgot! A blog reader who I’m friends with on FB asked if I was going to write about one of my recent status updates. I had written something like, too bad cats don’t know when you’re giving them the cold shoulder.

Basically, Timmy had turned back into a mega escape artist a couple weekends ago, getting out on me when I went out on the back patio. He only did it when B was home and at first B thought it was funny to watch Timmy escape on me and then go get him. It quickly became clear however, that this was a bad idea since Timmy was then obsessed with getting out. So now we both just have to watch him even closer and it’s a total pain. I was giving Timmy the cold shoulder, but cats just don’t understand passive aggressive behavior.


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Jayden’s incredible night work among other tidbits

  1. I am inspired by that clip of helen keller and also hearing about jayden’s phenomenal work gives me chills!

  2. I saw that clip the other night! I had no clue anything like that existed so of course had to show it to my mom.

    As for Timmy… Hmmm. I wonder if it would be possible to clicker train a cat. Haha.

  3. Ro

    Unfortunately cats aren’t food motivated like dogs so I don’t think the clicker would work haha. He’d probably just be like, what the hell is that noise?

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