Doggy Diaries – Jayden’s den

Ever since I was replaced by a comforter, I will occasionally find Jayden passed out in his little area in my room.

Over the last few days, I’ve made some additional improvements to that area, and thought I’d share. It’s more fun than writing the Medicare nightmare I really want to get down.

So, let me explain the layout of his spot. In the far corner of my room, there is an old fashioned recliner that my parents had way back in the seventies. It’s got a low back and a foot rest that pops out, and the chair kind of rocks. That was, however, until it broke. The only way it can be used now is propped in a corner, and I really only use it for holding my nightgown and comfy clothes lol. Next to that is my night stand, which is really my dad’s very old high chair. It’s all wooden with no padding on the seat, no fancy straps or leg holes or anything. I guess you could kind of call it antique. It makes a great night stand, though. Next to that is my bed.

Parallel to my bed is the window, and right below that is the kennel I bought for Jayden, which he used for about a month. There is just enough space between the kennel opening and the chair to open the door and let a 65 pound dog enter. On the floor in front of the chair and the night stand and next to my bed, is the comforter. I tried putting a sheet over it because I can’t easily wash the comforter, but Jayden just moves it to suit him lol. I want to get a twin size duvet cover to put the comforter in.

A few weeks ago, I put some stuff inside the kennel for storage, and then created a cat bed on top of it. I draped a smallish crochet blanket on it for stability, then put two old decorative couch pillows on top. I then took my ginormous scrump crochet blanket and folded it in half, the perfect length of the kennel, and put that on top of the kennel, so that the blanket goes down to the floor and covers the kennel. The door remained easily accessible. The cats just love the bed, as it’s right by the window, so when the blinds are open, they can look out.

A few days ago I got the idea to cover up the kennel door, because I’d hear Jayden’s feet against it at night when he lay on his back. I didn’t want his feet getting caught in the door. So I found an old tight t-shirt and stretched it across the door. The arms are the perfect spot to let the prongs close the door. Then I took an old abandoned crochet project that I had done when I first went blind, just to see if I could still crochet, and stuffed it into the shirt, so now the door is all nice and padded.

Yesterday I decided to go through my dresser drawers and get rid of old clothes that are too worn to donate. I got out two old pillow cases and stuffed them with the clothes and tied a knot in the opening.

Jayden had taken my decorative pillow for himself once, when I had taken it off the bed and propped it next to the night stand like I had always done. It made a nice soft “wall” there, creating a corner for him with the night stand and the bed. I wanted that pillow back, so I washed the sham and replaced it with the clothes stuffed pillow case.

I put the other one near the wall, where I have a changing screen thing folded up and propped up agains the wall between the chair. It’s got pockets in it, so I use it to keep my hat and hang stuff on.

So last night after we went to bed, I felt him and he had curled up between the chair and the kennel, with his butt against the padded door, and his head on the clothes stuffed pillow case haha! It was too cute!

He’s got that sheet there in the space between the comforter and the wall, and I think he starts out on that at first because it’s cooler. Then as the night goes on, he gets on the comforter right next to me.

Hopefully some day I’ll be able to get the duvet cover for his comforter. That will complete his little den.

He’s not spoiled, not at all. 😉


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Jayden’s den

  1. I’m just picturing the cutey pie all snuggly wuggly in his den. What an adorable pooch.

  2. Wow Jayden! That sounds amazing!

  3. Glad he has found the place that suits him. Leah uses her kennel as sort of her cave. because it is like half-way in one of my closets in my bedroom, so the back half has clothes drapped over she has sort of a cave. I catch her all the time at school wanting under the secretary in counseling’s desk because it looks like a cave sort of. Its really funny. Leah doesn’t sleep by the bed very often unless I make it a point and ask her to, usually she runs straight for the kennel.

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