Doggy Diaries – Jayden’s clean bill of health and perfect teeth

We saw the vet today for Jayden’s second wellness check since we’ve been together. I’m still having a difficult time believing we are in our third year together already!

Jay was given a clean bill of health and the vet asked if he can use me as an example. An example of what, you might ask? An example for how to keep a dog’s teeth in perfect condition. Why yes, you may.

I explained that GDB pounded into our heads about good grooming habits, not only because our dogs go into public, but also for the health of the dog. I have no desire to have to have Jayden put under for a teeth cleaning, and he enjoys getting his teeth brushed haha! Really it’s just the fact that the toothpaste tastes good and not the brushing itself.

I also explained that Jayden has a variety of Nylabones he chews constantly and his favorite toy, the Kong Wubba with the burlap type material, makes for great teeth scrapings in between brushes.

Jayden weighed a perfect 65 pounds which is right where he was when we left school and the vet had no complaints about his belly like last year. Jayden had indeed gained some weight at our visit last year, and the vet taught me that his belly should be right in line with his last rib, so that really has helped me make sure he felt at the right weight.

His years looked great, eyes, feet, everything. He’s in perfect health!

Thank God. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been at least a little worried about today’s visit with how this year has gone so far. Once again, Jayden is the one concrete and constant thing in my life. I don’t think I’d be as ok as I am without him.

Oh, while waiting for my ride, a girl with her little puppy complimented Jayden’s behavior and I gave credit to the puppy raisers. I always do when I get compliments on how Jayden behaves. Sure, I have to keep that up, but his puppy raiser is who trained him. I told the vet as well, when he commented on how good Jayden was about having his nails clipped. I explained that the people Jayden grew up with made sure to touch him everywhere, knowing that his blind handler would need to go by touch to make sure to find anything abnormal.

Another woman exclaimed, “what a beautiful animal!” when we walked out of the exam room. Jayden really is the lady killer, I gotta tell ya.

I also had a brief discussion with the handler of a German Shepherd who was there when Jay and I arrived. The dog was originally trained to be his wife’s wheelchair service dog but retired after becoming way too aggressive in wanting to protect her. The man said his dog was surprisingly calm around Jayden, even though jayden was staring him down. This dog was a hundred pounds, compared to Jayden’s sixty-five haha!

Going to the vet is just so much fun when we’re there for check-ups. Jayden forgets all about me when we’re in the exam room. He hangs out by the door waiting for the doc and his techs to come in hehe!

This post is all over the place. What else, oh, GDB grads? Are you remembering to have your vet fill out the wellness report we got in our binders? Remember the vet at school telling us only fifty percent of grads do this? Remember how these reports go into making our dogs great by tracking the health of the breeding lines?

I told my vet this poor stat and he was surprised. He said it doesn’t take any time at all to fill it out and they are more than happy to help the school. I always take my binder with me when going to the vet. Are you doing that too? I feel it’s my duty to have this little form filled out for GDB after all they have done for me.

Ok, I think that’s it as far as the vet visit. Finally something happy making to write about. Tomorrow is the first Rays spring training game, so there should start to maybe be some happy baseball posts, though writing about baseball last year kind of broke the writer in me haha, so maybe not.

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  1. Way to go Jayden! Yes, time sure flies, doesn’t it?

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