Doggy Diaries – Jayden smells like a hippy

Jayden got a bath today at the do-it-yourself dog wash place I found. It was pretty darned cool!

A staff member lifted Jayden into the tub for me and they have a tie down thing, then he showed me where the soap and stuff is, and the spray thing and stuff. They use all natural products, so Jayden got all natural oatmeal soap. A dog’s version of Aveeno? It took awhile to shampoo him because the guy said to use the whole bottle. Then it was time to rinse him. Jayden didn’t much care for the sprayer lol. The staff guy would check in periodically, but I did the whole thing myself.

I didn’t use the cream rinse because by that point I was getting tired and I knew Jayden wouldn’t want the spray thing again. The staff guy showed me how to squeegie Jayden with my hands. Wow lots of water came off. Then I towel dried him a bunch, then used the dryer. He didn’t like the dryer much. I kept giving him pieces of kibble. I’m so glad I still don’t leave home without my kibble pouch.

After he was all bathed I checked out the toys but they didn’t have much. I got their last Kong and a thing. I call it a thing because I don’t know what it is. I doubt it will last long. It’s a stuffed thing with things on it hahahaha!

Now that I know what toys I want, I can order them on Amazon. After getting some recommendations here, I feel more comfortable ordering online.

We got home and Jayden got his frozen Kong, I talked to Gamma and then promptly fell into bed. I rarely ever get into bed in the middle of the day, but I am absolutely exhausted. The monsoons are really starting to gear up and I can feel the pressure change. I think I might have half a spoon. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep, but layed in bed for about an hour.

Oh I also got Jayden a red flat collar for around the house, and some all natural dog biscuits to keep at Gamma’s.

Couldn’t spoil him much for his birthday since they didn’t have what I wanted, but that only means he’ll get spoiled when the stuff arives after I order it.

Ok, might have to go lay down again. I’m just not feeling well at all. It’s been a rough week.

At least the Rays play tonight. Go Rays!

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  1. Yea hippy Jayden. Yup, sounds like my do it yourself spot.

    Damn you, you put this song in my head. It’s called “The Thing”. Now you know why it got there.

    Replenish your spoons.

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