Doggy Diaries – Jayden saved my face

O & M 101: Pay attention, even if you’re just relieving your dog.

My brain was running on safety mode, either that or my RAM was handling too many processes as I relieved Jayden this afternoon. You know you’re foggy when you lose your orientation on on a tiny patio. I thought I was walking towards the door…

With cat-like reflexes and a speedy processor, Jayden leaped in front of me, blocking my path!

Ok, he didn’t actually leap. But he did put his body in front of me and kept my face from colliding with the stucco wall. That would have been very, very painful.

He wasn’t working and was on a loose leash. What an amazing dog. What would I do without him?


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Jayden saved my face

  1. Wow go Jayden! Guess he’s making up for the fat lips and other Jayden bumps lol. Jayden, you rock!

  2. Jayden you rock!!!

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