Doggy Diaries – Jayden got treats and new toys and a storm for his birthday

Jayden is four today. Four! Four. Four? How on earth did that happen? I mean really? I’ve had moments of feeling panic for some reason. Four just feels old. I’m being overly dramatic, I know haha. It’s been an emotional day. July 15th will always have a double meaning, Jayden’s birthday being happy and the other part sadness.

But, we’ll stick to happy. Jayden always gets extra love and extra spoiling on his birthday, which means a lot haha. The other day he gets extra spoiled is the anniversary of our meeting, on February 17th.

So first, he had a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and two and a half of his Iams dog biscuits. The Kong is this dental Kong thing, so both ends are open wide and the center is a bit narrow. It’s perfect for jamming biscuits in there.

When he was done with it, he showed me where it was which earned him another half biscuit. Then B went out to get groceries and dog food and I had him pick out new rubber squeaky toys for Jayden. He found a rubber squeaky bone and a rubber squeaky football. Of course I’ve forgotten the name of the brand. Just asked B, it’s JW. Anyone know anything about that brand? Anyway, I was going to put groceries away before playing but Jayden heard the squeak and came running. I cut the tag off the bone and gave it a toss and Jayden attacked, chewing and tugging with me and then when I tossed it again he ran all over the house with it, scattering the cats on his way. He came back to me huffing with no bone and B had to go find it. Jayden had dropped it in the cats’ room haha.

We played for a bit and then when I was putting groceries away, Jayden was more curious in that than the bone, so he watched me and then we shared a banana.

I cut the tags off the football, which is really cool by the way, and gave it a toss. Again Jayden ran around the house with it, but he didn’t lose that one haha!

I don’t know how long we played. The game was on, Rays and Red Sox. Looking back at last year’s birthday post, there was a Boston game on later that night. I wonder who won that one? The Rays lost today.

I put on afternoon coffee after putting the toys up and Jay and I both collapsed on the couch together for awhile. Then I gave him his Kong Wobbler. When he’s done with it he comes to me and I ask him to show me. He takes me to it and then gets a cookie. (Iams biscuit) Today he came to me in the kitchen not long after I gave it to him. I figured he got it stuck somewhere so I asked him to show me and then I put my hand on his back and followed him.

This part amazed me haha. He took me to the back of B’s couch, where there’s a space between the back of it and the wall, with a shelf thing, a small set of drawers and B’s CD racks. I felt around for a second and then Jayden shouldered past me into the little space in the corner. I crawled in after him and felt him and he was pointing his nose to my couch, which is on an L to B’s couch. I wriggled into the space and felt around, finally grazing the plastic of the Wobbler lodged under my couch. I burst out laughing and calling out lots of good boys.

I don’t remember how I taught him to find the Wobbler and Kongs and stuff for me. He just kinda picked up on it I think, from watching me time and time again feel around for his toys and such. I honestly don’t know. He finds stuff just about every time for me though and sometimes if I’m feeling around and not finding whatever it is, I can sense his frustration and he’ll go paw it or nudge it toward me haha! One time he actually picked up a Kong and tossed it at me.

The finding was the only work he did today. The rest was tons of play, cuddling and treats. He’s passed out on the floor at my feet right now as a storm rages outside.

I know he doesn’t know it’s his birthday or why he’s getting extra love, treats and new toys, but I know, and I have so much fun celebrating with him and spoiling him! I just can’t believe he’s four. He wasn’t even two when I brought him home.

My little boy is growing up! Happy birthday my mellow yell goober head, I love you sooooooo much!

I was just wrapping this up and was going to edit when the storm got nuts out of nowhere. I have to make my poor birthday boy wait to eat and relieve since this storm is insane. Frustrating! Poor boy has to wait on his birthday. B just stepped out for dinner and this freak storm hit.

Ok that was nuts. It rained solid for about two hours. I finally tried to have Jay do his business on the patio but he wasn’t having it. We got soaked even under the awning. He’s used to eating first but I thought it had been awhile since he had been outside and he was sitting by the door. Since he didn’t go I went ahead and fed him and in that short amount of time, the rain let up. We went back out and got wet but not drenched. B had forbade me to even go out on the patio to see if Jayden had to go just before all this, it was that bad.

Crazy way to end Jay’s birthday. I’m really glad he doesn’t know it’s his birthday and that he couldn’t eat or pee when he’s used to haha! I’ve lived here my whole life and can’t remember such crazy rain. Wow.

B said it looked like an alienate invasion. I wonder what the damage reports around town will be.

Anyway, happy birthday Jay! Haha, hope I did a good job of staying calm so you won’t get afraid of storms. I think I did. Felt that panic rise up a couple times, but I stomped it down. Actually, I don’t think the wind got as bad as it’s gotten before. B just exclaimed, ‘there’s the sun!”


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  1. Happy Birthday — wow, hard to believe he’s four!

  2. BS”D

    Happy birthday Jay, sounds you’d a great day with mummy and daddy! 🙂 I love that he shows you where he’ve dropped his toys. It’s very cute!


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