Doggy Diaries – Jayden at Gamma’s

Today we got to the Sunday routine of going to Gamma’s. We’ve been home a week now, can you believe it? It was so good to get back to Gamma’s, especially since it’s been a pretty slow week while I’ve been recovering.

I got us all ready to go and called Gamma. She had asked if she could come out and greet us like she always does, but I had gotten to thinking about it, and since I needed to work him on some funky terrain, I wanted to tell her to stay inside and keep the door closed. So when I called, my Uncle answered.


Oh, you’re not Grandma.

Haha nope.

Are you the big bad wolf?

Haha yes I am.

So explained to him what I was gonna tell Gamma. He had done her taxes today and that’s why he was there.

When we left the apartment, I worked Jayden down the walkway and he took me to the black and stopped. Kibble. I told him left and told B to tell me when to stop. He told me when and I said “halt” and told Jayden “right”. He took me to the parking curb and it’s kind of funky because B’s parking spot is covered, so there’s a pole and the parking curb doesn’t go all the way to the car. Jay got me around it all though, and hopped into the car. It took him a while to get comfortable, in fact by the time he was comfortable, we were 5 minutes away lol.

When we got to Gamma’s, I got us out of the car and put on the harness handle. There’s a dog next door, and he was mildly distracted until I told him forward and then immediately did a moving left. There’s a raised sidewalk there and he ran it, so I brought him back and reworked it. Then it’s only about three feet to steps that are perpendicular to the walkway. He ran the first step so I reworked that. There is a railing type thing right there on the right so I just grabbed that and told him forward, find the door. He took me right to her door and we went inside.

He was excited, but calmly so as he met Gamma and my Uncle. Gamma was sitting in her chair and when I took him to her, he put his head on her leg like, hi, I’ll be gentle with you. They were both totally impressed by him. I took his harness off but he still said hi calmly, and Gamma and my Uncle waited for permission to pet him, and then only calmly pet him. Gamma told me to give him a tour lol. So I just walked around with him on leash.

My Uncle was gonna go get us lunch so he called in the order and I showed them the obedience routing. When the food got there, I settled him in next to my chair and gave him his Nylabone. They were yet again impressed.

We talked awhile and I shoed them our ID card and told my Uncle about the flights. He’s a pilot so he found it funny when I told him about the flight attendent clearing that row for us, and when I told him the air compressor on the little plane, it wasn’t odd to him. So that eased my mind lol.

After lunch, we took Jayden out back. Gamma has a huge fenced in backyard and nothing is back there. Not even weeds. She has a yard guy come. She has no landscaping anywhere lol. So I took his leash off and he went exploring.

There’s a big hound dog next door. His name is Charlie. He always watches Gamma take her trash out. As if to say, if anything happens, I’ll bark, don’t worry. She talks to him and he just cocks his head. Well Jayden thought he was great. He went right to the fense and there was this awful whining and I freaked out. My Uncle assured me they were just saying hi through the fence and it was the other dog whining. Then they took off at a run, racing each other on either side of the fence haha! Jayden would have enough and go sniffing and Charlie would just wait until Jayden went back. He peed and my Uncle was like, now this yard is his haha!!

I did a few recalls with him, and he came right to me every time, earning jackpot kibble. As soon as I said ok, he was off again. He ended up leaving a deposit which my Uncle cleaned up. Just like the play padock at school, even though there’s no grass lol.

After the last time I called him, he was done. He walked towards the door. How perfect that he only wants like 15 minutes of play time. I have to wonder if that’s more miracle work from his raiser.

After that my Uncle left and Gamma and I had coffee and apple turnovers yum. B came back and it was time to tackle leaving.

Going down, the railing is on my left, and I refuse steps unless I can hang on. So I was wondering how I’d do this. I ended up heeling Jayden, keeping him on my left side, but holding the leash with my right hand so I could hang on with my left. Worked like a charm. I got myself down the two steps, grabbed his harness, told him forward and he stopped at the little down step. Yay! Kibble. Then he got me to B’s car.

We got home, and I worked him from the car to the front door without issue. I think it helped that B went in before us. He stopped at my little dippy landmark thing though, kibble.

It was dinner time when we came in so I fed him and he’s been pretty tuckered out since. I hope to be able to run him at Gamma’s again, but I’ll be more worried if someone isn’t there with us. He might leave a deposit again. It was comforting having good eyes to watch him. Gamma’s eyes aren’t a whole lot better than mine, but she’ll never admit it.

So, it was a really fun day, Jayden has a new friend, and I’m sure he thinks Gamma’s is as fun as I did when I was a kid. Fun!

Oh yeah, and my Uncle wants dibs on Jayden when it’s retirement time hahaha!!! B said, we can’t keep him when he retires? I said, well we might not be allowed if we live in an apartment. But it’s like ten or twelve years down the road anyway. Technically, realistically, it’s seven to ten years away, but I’m being optimistic hehe!


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Jayden at Gamma’s

  1. Sounds like Jayden had a fun time at grandma’s!

  2. That’s heart-melting how sweet Jayden was with your gamma and uncle!! I can tell your uncle has already fallen in love. And how fun that Jayden has a doggy friend. He needs some of that. What a fun post!

  3. Yea Jayden has a new friend… well 3 if you count the humans lol! I wish someone in my family had a fenced in yard. We sometimes take Bilko to the baseball field at the high school,but it’d be so much more convenient if I could just go to someone’s house. Glad everybody loves Jayden, (but seriously who ever heard of people not loving such an adorable dog? 🙂

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