Doggy Diaries – Jayden as a party date

Yesterday Jayden and I went to Georgie’s graduation party. I’ve been going to her parties for years now, but I haven’t been nearly as often since going blind. I wasn’t going to miss this one for the world. When I say party, I’m not talking about a crazy party with loud music and dancing haha. It’s more of a bbq, with people sitting around on the back patio or swimming. I used to always be the first to arrive and the last to leave. My how times have changed haha.

B dropped us off and we got in the house. I know the place well enough that I could direct Jayden to where I wanted to go. It was so nice to really be able to move about easily. The last time I was there was before I had Jayden and it was pretty simple to get around witht he cane, but when there were lots of people, it wasn’t as easy. I usually asked for help when I needed to go inside for something. Not now that I have Jayden though. He weaved me in and out of people and remembered where the restroom was after only being shown once.

There were a couple of times that Georgie and I went out front where there was a good relieving circle, so when Jayden and I were inside, he’d stop and I ould here him thinking, which door does she want?

He was a hit among the guests. They all said how beautiful he is, how smart he must be, etc. I had brought a thing for him to lay on outside and after he took in the excitement of the new place, he settle down nicely. When guests arrived, I’d here things like, oh hello doggy. A few people leaned over to pet him, but it wasn’t making him crazy so I didn’t put a stop to it.

Towards the end I took his harness off for Georgie’s parents to say hi To Jay and he greeted them calmly, tail wagging, but not going crazy. He was definitely a hit. He did so great and I felt so much more independent.

Now to me and large groups of people. I’m finding that it’s getting harder and harder for me to enjoy large gatherings. It’s so hard to hear individual people or jump into conversations because I don’t know when I can really jump in. It becomes so much for me to try and concentrate on and discern that it’s actually a little exhausting. It was so nice to have Jayden there at my side. When I felt a little uncomfortable, I just reached out and he was there to reassure me.

I was sooo exhausted when I got home haha! B was watching some metal music thing and someone with an electric guitar was playing the national anthem and I was like, make it stop! Hahaha! It’s like my nerves are frayed after a few hours of lots of noise. The same thing happens when I get home from Saavi after waiting in the lobby for my ride. It gets quite loud in there with lots of people talking loudly. All the noise is like nails on a chalkboard.

I never noticed this kind of thing being an issue until I went blind. It’s the weirdest thing. Is that normal?

But the whole point of all that is to say that Jayden did great and he was such a comfort to me.

Oh! And I can say what we got Georgie now. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the mall with Dave. Well, I ended up getting Georgie a Build-a-bear in graduation robes. The paw plays the graduation song. It was so fun making it and the girls at the store kept swooning all over Jayden haha!

So, we made our first bbq. Jayden gets an A+ and me, well I’ll know to expect exhaustion again next time haha!!


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  1. WOW that is so great that you both had a good time and that Jayden did so well! I know what you mean about voices and noise being nails on a chalk board after a while. It plays on your last nerve and you get to where you’re ready to scream “SHUT UP!” and stick cotton in your ears. No idea if it’s normal for folks after they loose their vision but it sure is normal for me! LOL Hope you get some rest after your long day.

  2. Ro

    Yes! I’ve actually wished I had cotton! Hahaha! Actually, I might stick some cotton in my bag for when I’m stuck in the lobby at Saavi. Wednesday I went to my usual spot, a great spot out of the way of traffic. Well, there was a woman sitting nearby wearing this horrible perfume, the kind I can taste. I was getting a headache from it and then this other woman came and she’s also got a hearing impairment so she talks really loud and she got on her phone. So I’m tasting perfume, the other woman’s voice grating on my nerves and my friend was trying to talk to me and I thought I’d lose it. I was never so grateful when my ride showed up hahaha!

  3. You can get ear plugs at most pharmacies for a very good price. Much easier and works better than cotton. I actually get really annoyed by ear plugs they feel so weird to me so I don’t use them myself but I know lots of people who do.

  4. Ro

    I actually sleep with an ear plug in my left ear. I don’t use two because I don’t want to be completely deaf at night, but I primarily sleep on my right side, so using one in the left helps quiet things down while still allowing me to hear. I wouldn’t want to use them at Saavi because I still want to hear, but muffling things would be good, so that’s why I think cotton would be great. Just deaden the sound a bit. My main problem is on tile floors. In carpeted rooms, it’s not nearly as bad.

  5. I’m the same way with large crowds and lots of noise. It’s funny how tired you can get just from trying to listen to people.

  6. L^2

    I’ve often wondered if it was related to blindness, but I’ve always been bothered by large, loud crowds too. Glad to hear you and Jayden had a great time at the party.

  7. Ro

    Part of me really thinks it has to do with blindness for some, because I wasn’t like this before. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  8. I get really nervous when I’m in a larger group when it’s the French group. When I’m not sure what they’re saying and it’s harder to figure stuff out, it’s exhausting. So, when you’re new to the blind thing, I could see how needing to parse all that sound would be exhausting. There’s no filter. You just get it all and yeah, ug.

  9. Ah yes. I totally understand with the loud noises. I hate them! Sometimes it gets on my nerves. And crowds, don’t get me started. I have no idea when to start and it is just annoying sometimes because I don’t want to interrupt!
    But glad you had a fun fun time! Sounds like it! Isn’t it great when you have someone to just reachout and they are there? That is a total huge benefit of having a guide, no matter where you are you can always be sure that that dog loves you and is there for you for whatever reason!

  10. I’m sighted and can’t stand the commotion of people. Leave me in my garden to plant and watch my flowers grow and I’m good. 🙂

    Oh that’s right, we need to eat. Drats!

  11. I’ve been blind since birth and large groups of people have never really bothered me at all. I can totally understand how they might if you’re a new blind guy, but hopefully it’s one of those things you’ll get used to in time if you’re in enough of them.

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