Doggy Diaries – Jayden and the Car Wash

B and I decided to brave the mall today so I could grab something to wear to the family’s house for Christmas that isn’t jeans and a tank top. My nicer clothes have long since been donated after all my weight loss and I wanted to have something a little nicer to wear this year.

Before going to Dillards, we stopped at the carwash since B washes it on Saturdays. It’s just one of those drive through car washes and neither of us thought about how it might affect Jayden. He was curled up between my feet until he heard the water begin rushing over the car, and then he lifted his head. It got a little louder and he tried to burry his face under my leg. He does this in the car, but something told me he was a little freaked, so I put on my uber goofy voice and B and I chatted animatedly.

Jayden eventually stood up and gazed out the windows at the things traveling around the car. B said at first he looked panicked, but he eventually just looked curious the sillier I got. If the handler is happy, things must be ok, right?

As we went through the drying process it sounded like we were in a military jet taking off. Mind you, I’ve never been in a military jet taking off, but I’ve been in an airliner and this was way louder. After we drove out, B jumped out of the car to get some quarters for laundry, and Jayden stared after him like, you are coming back, right? That was just freaky.

I didn’t even think to have some kibble with me, which I always have if we’re going to be somewhere long or something might be freaky for him. So, if you’re going to take your dog in a car through one of those, just have something on hand to comfort him and be prepared to be extra goofy. That’s my forte, so we were ok. 😉

Jayden got lots of praise from the sales associates at Dillards. I always give credit to his puppy raiser when I get compliments on his behavior. And as we were leaving, I heard a mom giving her child a lesson in service dogs. Hearing that kind of discussion always warms my heart!

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  1. Good work, Jayden. I remember Cricket’s first time going through a car wash! Sounds similar.

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