Doggy Diaries – Intelligent Disobedience

Last Sunday at Gamma’s, when I took Jayden out to relieve him, I tried going forward from her back door instead of to the right, because to the right there’s shade and forward was sun. During the summer, we obviously went where the shade was, but it’s cold now so I wanted sun.

Jayden brought me to the edge of the patio but when I told him forward, he wouldn’t budge. Gamma is always warning me about that spot because some briks have come loose, but I figured Jayden would get me around them. Well, he decided that wasn’t smart, and refused. When I gave in and told him right, he obeyed.

Gamma was happy that Jayden had the same opinion as she. It was either that, or he just wanted to go to his normal spot. We’ll never know.

Then today as we headed to the laundry to switch the loads, Jayden began pulling. I thought he saw a dog or something and was telling him to steady. He didn’t listen. In fact he sped up. Then I heard the car.

I had heard it in the distance, but figured we’d get to our sidewalk before the car got there. Nope. Apparently some people think it’s fine to speed in apartment complexes. The car was leaving so it would have turned before reaching us, or so I thought. It actually drove past us, but by that point, Jayden had hurried to the sidewalk to get us out of the road.

It was just like the traffic checks at school, when the hybrid comes at you and the dog has to speed up. I remember the instructors telling us to pay attention and if your dog speeds up and you’re where cars could be, you’d better follow.

I don’t think the car would have hit us. But you just never know. I love how cautious he is! If there’s a moving car anywhere in sight, he won’t move. He likes to know what the car will do before he takes a step. Such a good boy!

He also really makes laundry fun. This morning when he heard me get the laundry cart out, he came tearing into the room all excited. He definitely makes the chore much more fun. 🙂

Right before I finished writing this, I took Jayden outside for a grooming. Holy lots of fur Batman. Then I got out the Wubba and he tore around the house with it haha! I don’t know how he runs that fast without bumping in to anything.


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Intelligent Disobedience

  1. What a good boy!!! Thank god for traffic training and all! Scarey at the time, but well worth it!

    I love when Ushi waits when she hears a car! She just stops, and won’t go until the car moves off! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that your dog is saving your life! Xxx.

  2. Aww, Jayden, you’re awesome.

  3. Jayden is a Rockstar!!! (smile)

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