Doggy Diaries – Independent workout

There’s something awesome about working out independently. For the most part at Saavi, I do everything independently, but Lisa or Glenn will change the weights or turn on a fan. They also keep track of my progress in my chart.

The hardest part about working out At Saavi is doing the paratransit. It makes the whole thing twice as long as it really needs to be. I’m not complaining about paratransit; I’m quite grateful for it, however it does get old feeling like I spend half my time waiting.

So this morning I was able to get ready leisurely and when I harnessed up Jayden, we actually got to leave instead of sitting around waiting for the van. It was awesome! Jayden had no problems at all on the sidewalk, so whatever that fluke was, it’s over now. He walked me straight to the corner Dave and I had shown him on Tuesday and settled in for a nap.

I was pretty conservative today, since I’m still learning the equipment and the layout of the place. I did my usual thirty minutes on the treadmill but not at my usual pace and I only managed about seven minutes or so on the eliptical. That machine is hard!

I did my usual leg extensions that I do on Mondays at Saavi, did my usual leg stretches, and then went to the arm machine.

Since I do lats on Wednesdays, I skipped those today. The other arm machine has three different exercises that I don’t normally do, so I started off easy, ten pounds, ten reps, three sets. I stretched out my arms and was ready to go.

It was awesome to just grab my stuff and head out when I was ready, instead of settling in for who knows how long of a wait. Jayden got me home like a champ and was all hyper getting his frozen Kong.

It was liberating! Getting too and from the workout room is so fast with Jayden. I doubt I would have started doing this if I didn’t have a guide dog. I can’t even describe how happy I was when I got home. I love it! I’ll still do my workouts at Saavi even though it’s more convenient here, partly because of the social aspect of it, but also because they have some things there that I don’t have here. However these workouts will be a great supplement until it gets too hot again.

Can’t wait to start watching the scale! 😉


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5 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Independent workout

  1. You go! You know, you should write a guest post for the GDB blog about stuff like this. I’m so happy for ya!

  2. That’s awesome Ro! Keep it up 🙂

  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself though-and don’t just do something because it’s close. You prob know all that already lol.

    Congratulations. Here our guide dogs aren’t allowed to come into the actual gym. We have to leave them in an office at reception. I haven’t done that yet, but wouldn’t want to for a while either.

    Well done again!! Xxx.

  4. Ro

    Really? Wow. Actually I think by choice I wouldn’t bring Jayden into a gym, one that is for John Q. Public anyway. At Saavi it’s safe because it’s just Saavi peeps. And the gym here is usually empty and if anyone were in there it would just be another resident. I don’t think I’d ever go to a public gym anyway.

  5. I wouldn’t trust anyone looking after my dog though! I mean god knows what could happen while you were working out. At least with your gym you know what he is doing all the time, and you know where he is.


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