Doggy Diaries – Huh?

Man it’s easy to get out of the habit when I don’t tell myself to write every day. It hasn’t been that long; I think I just skipped yesterday. I’m a bit brain dead at the moment. Allergies are really killing me lately. Of course I don’t get normal symptoms. I get the ears being all funny, which makes me paranoid that it’s more than just allergies. But usually allergy pills makes them better, so I’m hoping that’s all it is.

I wonder if I’ll ever write a post that isn’t a doggy diaries post? Probably not for awhile. There’s not much to write about me that doesn’t include Jayden right now.

We’re getting back into the sort of routine I had before I went to school, so yesterday we took paratransite to Saavi so I could work out. When the van pulled up, we approached it and where Jayden stopped, I didn’t feel the doors. The driver got out and I asked where the doors where and he said, “Oh, they didn’t tell me you were visually impaired, just that you had a guide dog.” Uh. Ok. Yeah. I get on and told Jayden to find a chair, not knowing people were on the van. He took me to a person. Finally we squeezed into the very back seat and we on our way. The passengers were dropped off before me, and when they got off, the driver said, “He didn’t look good.” “Oh?” “Yeah, they’re going to {mental health agency} so he’s probably on meth.” Wow…I wonder if any more judgements will come out of this guy?

We continue on and he asks about Jayden and I say we’re new, etc. He says, “You know what I’ve noticed about all these guide dogs?” Here we go. I’m expecting the “too skinny” comment. He then says, “They’re all fat.” Huh? “Really? I’ve been told that people think our dogs are too skinny.” “No, I see them all the time and they seem fat. I want to tell these people their dogs aren’t going to live very long. And I don’t understand why people in wheelchairs have guide dogs when they can see.” Oh I’m getting it now, things are clicking. He thinks all service dogs are guide dog. “Oh, those aren’t guide dogs, they’re service dogs.” I say. “Oh, what do they do?” “They pick things up that people in wheelchairs drop, things like that.” He then goes on to talk about seizure alert dogs and stuff and I tell him about diabetic alert dogs and hearing dogs. Then he says, “You know what they are, right?” I ask what but don’t hear his reply so I ask again and he says, “They’re slaves.” I roll my eyes and say I’ve heard that argument before and he says they’re like ‘Planet of the Apes’ where the apes have to do all the hard work. I explain that I can’t speak for all guide dogs, but when mine isn’t working, he’s a dog, we play and stuff. And he gets excited when the harness comes out. He didn’t have anything to say to that.

When he drpped me off, we were behind another van so we weren’t right in front of the doors. He asked if I needed help but I just wanted away from him. I told Jayden forward but he tried to take me to other doors and then he ran me into a pole. Ugh. I heard the driver tell someone else, “he’s new”. Great. The judgemental guy is standing up for my dog.

The workout went ok but my abs were killing me after Monday. I cried out at my first attempt for a full sit up and Jayden got all worried lol.

After I got home I talked to Carol for a bit. Oh wait, I left out the annoyance of sitting in the lobby waiting for my ride. But that’s just complaining so I won’t bother.

That was pretty much yesterday. Today I had off, so I needed to do chores. I used my cane to take a load of laundry down and then decided to test Jayden with the cart to go switch the clothes to the dryer. He did fine both ways, so I took him to get the clothes once they were dry. Mistake. He walked past the door and I didn’t notice and we got turned around again. I had the cart behind me and couldn’t hear traffic. We must have been in a dead zone. I had no clue where we were and “find home” didn’t work. I had to call the apartment office and S, the maintence man, had to come find us in his golf cart. Blech. I got my clothes and came home. After that I did some cleaning. The kitchen needed a good scrub, and I cleaned up the toaster oven I’m giving Carol.

I straightened the living room and did some dusting and then did an online grocery order. I only do one about once a month, because you have to have a minimum of fity dollars and I just don’t need that much on a weekly basis. So my order should come tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and bad for allergies. Joy.

I think I’m the opposite of most people. I’m really dreading summer. It’s already getting warm. Soon, we won’t be able to do much outside. Yuck.

Wow, this post sounds kinda negative. I’m really not feeling negative, just a little out of it.


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  1. Oh my god what a stupid sightie!!!!! If he is operating that service, he shouldn’t be so judge mental. And he certainly shouldn’t be saying that a guidedog is too fat!!!!!! What a jerk!!!! Sounds like he needed a serious kick up the arse to get him into shape. Grrrrrrrr people like that get on my nerves.

    Anyway……I hope your alergies clear up pritty soon. What are you going to do when you can’t work Jay? Can you not go out early in the morning to catch the cool weather?

    You sound as if you are settling in quite nicely.

    Take care, xxx

  2. Ro

    Yeah we’ll try and get out in the mornings, but it takes me awhile to be able to move well, so we’ll see how that goes. We’ll probably go for walks in the evenings when the sun goes down, but that’ll be like eight o’clock at night lol. There is a big mall nearby and also another one that’s outdoors, but they way they built it, at actually stays somewhat cool. So that will be a paratransit ride there to walk around. Also, my O & M lessons will continue as long as I need, so we’ll find creative ways to get out and stay cool. We’ll just be a lot more limited.

  3. Oh Ro, even though you thought this post was negative, it really made me smile. I loved your description of the bus driver, that is so funny. I am sorry Jayden ran you into a pole though….that is not good. But I loved that the bus driver stuck up for Jayden:) You know I think that driver was right about one thing, I too see a lot more over weight guide dogs than I do skinny ones. And I am talking about real guide dogs, not other service dogs. I often wonder why that is? Some guide dog users have told me it is because they “fill out” when they get older. But I am like, no they don’t. Maybe people who are visually impaired have to be deligent about weighing their dogs on a regular basis because they dont’ have the vision to see what their dogs look like. I hope I am not sounding negative now, but I do worry that having a guide dog so over weight will shorten their working life. Just keep that Jayden in good shape so he will be guiding you for the next 10 years 🙂

  4. Ro

    They do fill out in the shoulders ansd chest from guiding, but they should still have a visible waist and we are given detailed instruction for what to feel on them to watch for weight gain, since it’s not easy to weigh them often. I plan on weighing him at least once a month and I’ve been diligent in feeling him often. The GDB vet says a lot of dogs gain weight when they get home, because they aren’t as active as they were at school. They recommended cutting the food and monitoring, so I’ve cut his food by a quarter cup in the mornings and also in the evenings and he still feels the same as when I got him. Next week it’ll be time to take him to the pet sotre for a weigh in, though. The overweight guide dogs worry me, too. Maybe there are more than I thought there were.

  5. The overweight guide dog thing is a concern…I’m always scared about weight gain. So far I’ve been lucky. I think it happens when people realize they don’t walk as much as they should or they go through a time when they can’t and then they don’t change the food amount. Even boodog put on a pound or two but I think that was because of winter and before that there was some pretty heavy construction so it was hard to do the usual distance that we did.

    And welcome to the see of judgments by John Q. Public.

    And hey, you’re allowed to have ups and downs. You’re human after all. That post sounds about right for being home 3 weeks or so, *grin*.

    It sounds like you dread the summer as much as I dread the winter haha.

  6. Ro

    Yeah, this is our third week home. I think I’m getting paranoid too because someone on the list said I should think about doing more than just working in my complex. I keep telling myself, it’s only been three weeks, this is my first dog, it’s only been three weeks, I don’t need to be walking a mile in the city every day, the home visit person was aware of my limitations, GDB wasn’t worried, Jayden will be fine, etc etc etc. I’m starting to worry about the summer heat even though I know we’ll figure stuff out, and I know guide dogs in crazy winter months are fine without much work, it’ll be fine it’ll be fine, but I can’t help thinking I’m not doing enough but hell I haven’t even been blind two years. So um yeah, I think that’s what I really meant to say in the post hahaha!

  7. If Jayden isn’t bouncing of the walls demanding an outing I wouldn’t worry about not working him enough. He’ll tell you if he’s not being worked enough. He’ll also probably tell you if he’s being worked too much, though that is less likely. They matched you with a dog knowing your needs, they wouldn’t give you a dog who needed 5 miles of work a day around a city since that isn’t your life. It is for some people. They gave you a dog who would be content with your life. That is what the schools do, it is their expertise, matching dogs and people properly. It sounds to me like they did an excellent job in your case. So don’t worry about it.

  8. Yup it’ll come when it comes. You’ve gotta take him to familiar places or places where you have some guidance at first and really show him you know you’re stuff…so if you don’t have that many, them’s the breaks. That’s why there’s Dave to help expand your horizons.

    Ah yes, and welcome to paranoya-land. I still get that sometimes. *Steve mutters something about god yes* I’m sure it’ll all work out.

  9. Ro

    Thank you Katrin. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you how valuable I think your opinions are since you know dogs so well, so this really helped me feel better about things. Thank you!!

  10. Ro

    Steve muttered something about god? Huh? REally? Hahahaha! Yes, I’m sure it’ll all be fine. I just need to stick to taking what I like and leaving the rest 😉

    Folks like Katrin got it goin on haha. Whoa, where did that speak come from?

  11. Negative’s perfectly acceptable when you’ve been stuck talking to a jerk. 🙂

  12. Yuppers. Just take what you need and leave the rest. I think some of them forget you just went blind not two years ago.

  13. Ro

    Haha Sadia so true. Though it’s best if it comes out on the blog, as I think Jayden felt it yesterday.

  14. Ro

    Yeah, I think so. I forget that I’m kind of an enigma in the blind community, being a sudden. You got totals, partials, graduals, and suddens. Hahaha! I’m a total sudden 😉

  15. And that’s a double wammy. Usually the suddens aren’t total. They’re a sudden and a whole lot is gone, but they still have some cheatin’ vision hahha.

  16. Ro

    Yeah, I’m just misunderstood, me and my atypical self hahaha!

  17. Ok, just for the record, I think you are awesome, Ro! You are doing great with Jayden and don’t worry yourself another minute over that. You have 10 years to work on this stuff with him, so take it as slow as you need to. There is no rush 🙂

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