Doggy Diaries – How a bath helped the human

Deciding to use a mobile groomer to get Jayden a bath took a lot of pressure and stress off me. It meant I wouldn’t have to try and figure out good paratransit times and I wouldn’t be abandoned like the last time I took Jayden for a bath. I know a lot of dog owners bathe their dogs at home but I just don’t have the energy for that so I let the professionals do it.

When I decided to go the mobile route, I googled “mobile dog groomers” and started shopping. The first result was just very meh, the second one sucked me in. K-9 Kruiser is a locally owned and operated company and their message was very personal and clear. They love animals plain and simple. They even have a bio page for all their groomers and one of them has a cat named Jayden! That cinched it.

Figuring out the grooming issue was just one of the things I had to get accomplished and that depression I was in was paralyzing me. The thought of trying to get all this stuff scheduled was just too much and it sent me into a panic. Finally deciding to use a mobile groomer eased the stress a little bit and when I finally made the call, a huge burden was lifted. The website said to leave a message since they don’t answer calls while on the road. This was perfect! I could make a phone call and not have to talk to anyone. After I left the message I actually fist pumped in victory. Hurdle jumped. Then I burst into tears. That was a week ago. This week I’m much more emotionally stable, I’m happy to report.

I felt great after scheduling that and taking care of some more phone calls. Then towards the end of last week the other shoe dropped. We were notified of paving happening in the parking lot on Monday. I freaked out. What if this caused a problem with the groomers coming and parking the van in the lot? I called the office and they couldn’t really assure me it would be fine. I just had to turn it over and wait and see. I called Monday to find out if the striping would be done by noon since that’s when the grooming was scheduled. She said it should be fine since they were starting early in the morning.

The groomer was actually early yesterday but luckily we were ready. It was so nice to not have to leave the apartment and show up an hour early for an appointment. The groomer had her associate with her so he and I stood right outside the van while she groomed Jayden. He got totally hyper towards the end and started bouncing around the van, something I will dissuade next time. He didn’t get hurt but he could have. That’s just my paranoia.

After she was done she came with us into the house to brush Jayden’s teeth. I normally do that but figured I’d make this a full service grooming. Jayden pulled towards the door and I thought maybe he had to pee but once we got inside he was just excited and wanted to go for a run. The groomer got to see how he is when not on duty and she laughed as Jayden ran laps in the house.

After she left I was exhausted and apparently so was Jayden. He didn’t want to be touched. I’m thinking he was overstimulated. He finally lay down by my feet and passed out and later he was himself again.

He is so soft and smells so good! He was a little too fluffy for my liking yesterday but today he feels normal again. I can’t stop burying my face in his fur haha!

I’m glad we don’t have to do that often but it’s sure nice when we do! Today I managed to schedule even more appointments. Calling the groomer last week was the first baby step towards clawing out of such a dark place. I’m feeling better physically too, which is another huge part. We’re back to our dry heat here. Heaven!

Oh right, the main reason I wrote this up today. Apparently Blogger is forcing the switch to the new interface yet again. Supposedly they fixed it, so we’ll see. If I don’t post here again for awhile, that’s what’s up.

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  1. Oh how I love the smell of Crickers after she gets a bath! Glad a little of the burden was lifted – so hard. Thinking of you!

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