Doggy Diaries – Home visit

Now that that is over, and my choir is over, my body knows it’s relax time so I am absolutely exhausted. I’m so lazy in fact, I will copy and paste the email I wrote to my list so I don’t have to re-type it lol.

Well, I saw Don today. He came a little early after calling to see if
that was ok. Luckily I’m always ready early and was just finsishing up
my oatmeal. It was raining lightly when he got here, so he suggested
we do the walk first before it really started coming down. So I
directed him to the intersection I crossed with Dave a souple weeks
back. The van smelled like dogs, so I sked him if it was from GDB,
which it was.

So he watched me walk with my cane for a bit on the sidewalk, and then
we did Juno at the intersection. He told me to say Juno forward, when
I thought it was safe to cross, so I did when I heard the surge. He
showed me how to make a right turn and then a left turn and we walked
quite a ways. He didn’t have a harness so he used an umbrella. I bet
that looked silly.

We came back and sat and talked while he did his checklist thing. He
had the same feelings about when it might be good to go to class, IE
not in summer.

He is recommending me for acceptence! He said I would be hugely
benefited by having a dog! So he’s going to call in his
recommendation, and then I wait for the phone call. He said he doesn’t
know if there are any classes available between January and March, so
if not, I’d go in September or later.

I was so relaxed and silly, saying good boy Juno and putting on the
talking to a dog voice lol!!

I kinda knew he’d say yes, so I wasn’t overly surprised. Dave is so
familiar with the program, having gone through it as training for O &
M instructors, and he’s said all along that I’d be great, so I was
kind of expecting a yes.

So, now I wait for the phone call!

That was the email I sent, and I just want to add that he didn’t have a harness because the van had gotten cleaned out and the harness wasn’t returned. I got to thinking, there we were, walking in the rain, with a folded up umbrella between us hahaha!

I feel like I can finally relax. I’ve done the work, now it’s just wait and see time. Off to my couch I go with my blanket, coffee and Harry Potter 🙂


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17 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Home visit

  1. That’s great. I am so glad it went well for you. Now, bring on the dog. 😀 Can’t wait!!

  2. Yeah! What great news!! Now the hard part- waiting!

  3. Congrats!
    Can’t wait to find out the class date:)

    Toby’s Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  4. Yay, Congrats Ro, that’s so awesome lol. I can just picture you being all goofy with an umbrella haha. Too bad no early classes but hopefully a spot will open up. Keep us updated!

  5. L^2

    That’s fantastic! Glad to hear it went well. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for a class date.

  6. Heheheeh! Awesome! You were better than I, I felt all silly praising Juno, especially when it was a rolled up rug in class. Thankfully you don’t have to walk in the street with a rolled up rug.

    Now we all wait on pins and needles. Pins and needles pins and needles.

    Go enjoy a rest. Maybe there’s some of that soup around that you love so much.

  7. Congrats, glad things went well. Now just make sure you get the call for one of the dates I picked in the pool…

  8. Ro

    Oh damn, I knew I forgot something. I meant to tell Don to put in your dates, oh well 😉

    Yep, waiting game now, yikes! At least we’ve had some movement, so that is a good thing.

    Carin, I thought about asking B if we can get Olive Garden so I can have my soup. You are starting to freak me out. Seriously.

  9. Yay that is so exciting! I can’t wait for you to get your puppy..well I guess he/she will be more of a dog.

  10. Whew, two exciting days under your belt and out of the way! I’m really proud of you Ro! You never let me down. Not that you could let me down. “Honey, You, are my shining star…” Remember that song? Or was it before your time? 😉
    Now the patience needed to wait…Life is bliss, eh Ro?
    p.s. I have my f2k post up and Stormcrow posted AGAIN!!!! *shock* lol

    Have a great rest!


  11. Ro

    Wow! He’s getting hooked on blogging! I haven’t even looked at my reading list today. I somehow lost an hour earlier today. Seriously have no idea where it went, and I didn’t sleep. Yikes! Reminds me of the old blackouts lol!

    tomorrow I’m planning on getting all cought up with the blogs.

  12. YAY!!!!! Can’t wait till I win the doggy pool!!! 😀 HA HA! So happy it went so well and you can relax.

  13. Yeah!! Congrats! I would have paid to see you two walking down the street with the umbrella for Juno! Too funny! Poppy will warn her friends that you are coming 😉

  14. Glad it went well. Yes, I agree – always laughed thinking what it must look like with an empty harness (or umbrella!).

  15. Congratulations!

    I always love hearing about “Juno” walks, because I once had a puppy named Juneau.

  16. COngratulations. I remember my first home visit and walking with juno. It was so exciting when the instructor said I would be a great candidate. I hope your class comes sooner rather then later. If you end up going to the Oregon campus, it’s a fabulous place with amazing food. What is the reason they don’t want you going during the summer months?

  17. Ro

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and congratulations! I’ve been a bit slackish on commenting. Been crocheting a lot.

    I wanted to answer the summer question though. I actually decided I can’t go in summer, and Don agreed with me. I live in the desert, and our summers are quite intense. I don’t want to bring a dog home in July and have her suddenly exposed to this heat. I’d rather it be gradual. Plus, with my MS, I tend to hibernate a bit in summer, so I don’t want to bring a dog home and not be able to show her routes. I had decided this ong before I spoke with Don, and he agreed wholeheartedly. It’ll be a bummer if I have to wait, but better for the dog, and better for me. 🙂

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