Doggy Diaries – Home at last

I’m sitting on my bed, which is new for me with the laptop lol. But, I’m not all set back up the way I normally am, and I have Jayden’s tie down spot here in my room. He’s got his fleece next to my big oak dresser, pretty perfect for the tie down. The school sent us home with one so I’ve got it wrapped around the leg. Jay will be on leash or on tie down for about two months, as the school recommends. So he’s totally passed out on his fleece. I was sitting next to him on the floor, much more comfortable than at school now that I’m not on tile. I need to get a big pillow to prop up against the wall lol. I had turned the tv on and was holding his bone while he chewed it. B came in and one of the cats, Fi, who’s been hiding was on the bed so I said hi to her and Jay fell asleep, so I got my laptop. It remembered it’s old internet without flaw haha.

So this morning went really well. I had set my clock for 4:45 but forgot that my watch was on Arizona time, so it went off at 3:45 California time. I lay there and couldn’t get back to sleep so I just relaxed until it was actually 4:45. I got up and did the last of the packing, not much. I took Jay out to relieve and he did both and I’m sure he was wondering why I forgot to feed him. I packed his fleece last and loaded the bus for San Fran. There were three of us leaving on the late bus. Everyone else left at 5 yuck. We left at 6:15, actually 6:10 and we joked that we three were always on time so we were glad we were on the bus together.

Darren pulled up to USAir first and did curbside check in. 64 bucks to check my two bags, sheesh. The school tried to give me money for it but I declined. They were so generous; I could pay for my own luggage.

I waited for the escort and she found us and I did human guide and heeled Jay. He did great. Plenty of people tried to say hi but I would hear them and feel him veer and say “no Jayden” and the people would stop. The escort helped me to security and I took out the laptop and took off my shoes and all that jazz. I heeled Jay through the metal detector and told the security agent we’d beep and they could pat us down, so they did with no problems and we were on our way.

The escort took me to the ladies room. Lucky I got a woman. On the way out, the escorts were men and I didn’t need the restroom. This time I did and had a woman, lucky. Then she took me over to buy a bottle of water and then took me to the gate. Jay and I sat awhile as we were there really early and no gate people were even there yet. I was starting to get figity but Jayden did great. I heard a man say something about “sitting next to the dog”. He did not try talking to me. I wondered what he was thinking. Then I heard a woman say, “my favorite passenger”. I looked her way and said me or the dog? She asked his name and asked to pet him and I let her. She only touched him briefly and he didn’t even get up. She said she was the flight attendant and trained dogs in her spare time. Just fun training, not guide dog training. Then she said I could go ahead and board with her even though they weren’t even doing pre-boarding haha! She said it would just be the flight attendents, but that way we could get settled.

So she took us to our bulk head seat and I loved it. Lots of leg room. I had the window and I put my right leg so that Jay would only be able to go that far. Then the flight attendent was like, oh let him stretch out, we’ll move the other passengers, it’s not a full flight. Sweet!! So we had the whole row to ourselves. She told me to ask if I needed anything and all the flight attendents came over to say hi and marvel at his beauty. Oh yeah, a man at security said Jay is the most beautiful lab he’s ever seen. Proud mama hehe!

I told the flight attendent I wouldn’t need anything but a cup of coffee when she was serving. She asked how I’d take it, I told her black, and she brought me some to drink while everyone loaded. Sure that wasn’t first class?

After we took off, Jay slept through the whole thing, completely sprawled out, I had to use the restroom, darned coffee. So a flight attendent took us to the first class bathroom. I held Jay’s collar because the first class peeps were eating. Then the flight attendent held him right outside and I talked to him through the door. She said he did great. We went back, and he curled up on my feed, made himself into a tiny little ball right on my feet. It had to be because I’d left him for 3 minutes because the boy loves to sprawl. That flight went great and then we landed in Pheonix. So close, so close.

We seemed to taxi forever. I was beginning to worry I’d miss my flight. Typically when you need assistence, you’re the first and last to get on and off the plane. But a passenger heard me tell Jay we might miss our flight and she said she’d tell the flight attendent who came and got me.

Another female escort and I had time to visit the ladies *again*. Got to the gate and the guy sat me and said he’d come get me. Jay was so patient. He was getting kibble here and there this whole time.

So the little commuter plane took forever to reach the gate so we were slightly delayed and I was getting antsy. Then we finally boarded and Jay instantly curled up right by my feet again. It’s like he knew it’d be a full flight. The girl next to me was a tennis player from England. Cool. Then there was this horrid noise and nothing was happening and finally the pilot came on and said something like “the air compressor isn’t strong enough to start the plane. As soon as the plane starts, we’ll be on our way.” Seriously? Car trouble leaving home, plane trouble going home?

After what seemed like forever we started to taxi. It was getting warm in the plane and the tennis player kept saying it was warm. I asked if there were those air blowers and we both turned them on. Finally we took off. I had kibble ready in case Jay freaked but he kept sleeping. The ride was turbulant. But short. It’s a twenty minute flight. It would have been faster if B had just picked me up there.

Finally we were decending with more turbulance. The landing was really smooth though. The tennis player told me we were about to touch down, now, now, ok, now haha. We both said it was a really smooth landing.

Everyone got off and then it was our turn and the escort took me to baggage claim and I told hi my boyfriend was getting me. He said, oh someone recognizes you and there was B. Oh to hug him! Yay! It’s B!! And he was like, dog! Hahaha. He knelt down and said hi to Jay and Jay licked him. Then B got my luggage and we were off. I told him I’d work Jay since B was carrying my duffel and suitcase, so I just directed Jay towards where I heard B. Of course I land to rain. I leave rain for sun and land to rain. It wasn’t quite raining yet, but the wind was blowing. B said Jay was getting me around poles. Poles? Had no idea poles were there.

We neared the car and B said, over here Jayden, and I was like, don’t talk to him, lol! We loaded up the car, I got in and called Jay and he hopped in and settled at my feet. Kibble kibble.

Then the storm hit. B said hardly any visibility. Winter storm watch. Joy.

We get home and B starts taking stuff in and it’s raining lightly and I I try to direct Jay to where I thought I’d relieve him but we just kinda walked until I felt gravel and he urinated. I heard B’s alarm on his car and shouted his name. He came over since I didn’t know where we were and he had gotten worried since he couldn’t see us.

We came in and the cats scattered and I walked Jay around a little and then unpacked his fleece and made the tie down spot and he was like, yay my fleece! I then got his bone and he was like yay my bone!

I think I started unpacking and oh yeah B had gotten coffee ready so I could just hit the button so I drank coffee and talked to Gamma, texted Dad and my Uncle and Facebook and then said goodbye to the phone.

Timmy finally felt ok to come say hi when Jay was on tie down so I loved him up. Fi and Spinelli are still hiding. I’m sure they’ll get used to it. Jay and Timmy have already said hi and Jayden lunged at him once and got a NO! and a leash correction and a sit and he’s been fine ever since and calm when Timmy approaches.

B went and got dinner and Jay curled up next to me while I ate and was a good boy. Kibble kibble.

I took him out to relieve and B followed and I followed the path I took with my cane and Jay stopped at all the right places. Kibble kibble!

The place is too akward though, so I’m gonna relieve him closer to the apartment until I can do some clicker training on this landmark curb I need him to show me. He thought it was an obstacle so he just went around it.

I can’t wait to do all that! So fun! And so glad B got to see us work already. Fun stuff. I’m so glad to be home and can’t wait to crash in my own bed. Oh yeah fed Jayden his dinner and he was happy. I’ll relieve again soon and then zzzz.

Home! Yay!


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11 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Home at last

    I loved reading about your journey at the school, and can’t wait to keep reading about he adventures you guys will have!

    Toby’s Raiser

  2. Yay! So glad you’re home and probably comfy in your bed at this point! Can’t wait to hear all the fun stuff you do with Jay and your first training session with Dave!

  3. Yea home sweet home! I remember when I was going home another classmate was on the same flite so we got bulkhead together with this lady who was really good about not petting the adorable labbies! lol My family was really supportive but they couldn’t understand why he needed to be on leash all the time at first. Glad you got home ok! (Why do I always write such long comments?… shutting up now haha.)

  4. Welcome home!!! So glad your trip went well! I have LOVED reading about all your adventures and can’t wait to read more about you and Jayden now that you are home!

    Sarah and Rafferty

  5. Welcome home! It must feel so great to be back! It sounds like Jay is settling in nicely already!

  6. So glad you made it home safe and sound. Can’t wait to read about all of your new adventures and have really enjoyed reading about your time at GDB. Hope you have a nice relaxing few days at home to recoup your spoons.

  7. Glad you made it home safe and sound!
    Jayden sounds like such a wonderful dog,
    it makes me smile to read your stories!

  8. I’m so glad everything went well. Now the real hard work begins.


  9. Welcome Home Ro!
    Gosh, I’m wondering if B, and the kitties, feel shafted since it’s all you and Jay? 🙂
    The kitties will loosen up after they realize they have to share your affection. Do they get kibbles too? lol
    Have a great day and enjoy being home!There’s no place like home!


  10. L^2

    Yay, glad you made it home safely. I’ve enjoyed reading about your time at GDB, but now the real adventure starts!

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