Doggy Diaries – He’s ok, emergency vet visit

I know I haven’t written like I said I was going to. I have to get this down though, since the blog is how I keep track of Jayden’s health and such.

We started our day like normal. As soon as I got up I fed and watered him. He ate no problem but didn’t drink but that’s normal since there’s water in his food. I took him out and everything was normal. We came in and I got on my computer like normal and he got on the couch like normal.

After about five minutes he let out the most God awful screaming and got off the couch and started walking around, screaming. I went to him and started touching him and when I got near his hind quarters he kept screaming. I didn’t keep my emotions under control; I just couldn’t hide it. I had never heard him scream like that.

B was in the shower and I just kept trying to touch Jay and he was kind of squirmy around and it felt like he was trying to sit or hunch which scared me because they do that with bloat so I began crying even harder and he just kept whimpering. B got out of the shower and I called for him and he heard Jayden screaming and I was sobbing and he said Jayden looked ok and then Jayden went to his bed in my room. B said he thought I was scaring him and I probably was. I know you’re supposed to stay calm but I haven’t been ok emotionally to begin with and I just couldn’t control my sobbing.

Jayden got on the couch again but then screamed and got off it. B had to go to work and I called Carol and she said she was coming over and I called the vet and the actual doctor answered. It was only just after 8am. He recommended a mobile vet because I didn’t know if Jayden would get in the car with the pain he was in.

During the phone calls Jayden went and lay by my bathroom, a place he never lays. He wasn’t breathing heavy or anything and his nose was wet and cool. When Carol got here he was excited to see her but very calm. I don’t know if he was calm because of the pain or calm because I’ve been working with him to stay calm when people come to the door. I had almost wished he’d gotten excited, but it had been a very stressful morning and my emotions didn’t help matters.

She looked him over and watched him walk and he looked ok so I called the vet back. Oh the mobile vet didn’t answer the phone and still hasn’t called me back. My vet could get us in at 9. It was 8:30.

I threw on clothes and Jayden seemed happy to leave the house. I did human guide and just heeled him. He got in the car no problem and didn’t have a pain response.

He was happy at the vet but not too crazy. The vet came in right away and started with everything but his hind quarters. Everything was find and then he got to his back side. He examined the tail and as he got closer to the base of Jay’s spine, he caused a pain response. The tail felt ok though.

If you’re squeamish, this is a warning.

They checked Jay’s temp and he did not like that. He reacted much more strongly than normal. When the vet did the rectal Jayden was not at all happy and ended up screaming again. The vet said everything felt normal inside. He said it could maybe a slipped disc, but didn’t really think so. After the rectal, Jayden seemed to have perked up. We all noticed it. He wasn’t so sensitive about his hind quarters being touched. The vet said the glands felt a little full but not too full and he decided to do another rectal since the first one seemed to have given Jayden some relief. It was also the only place the pain seemed localized. The poor vet said he hated doing those twice and as if it was an afterthought he said, “I don’t like doing it to the dog twice”. I’m sure he also doesn’t like doing those, who would?

None of us wanted Jay to go through that again but he had to. This time the vet expressed a little out of both glands and Jayden didn’t react as badly.

Basically the doc is stumped. It might have been swollen glands, it might have been a twisted tail that righted itself. After the two exams, the vet moved the tail like crazy and got no pain response. He prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and if Jayden has any more instances of screaming, we’ll run further tests.

The vet tech said she cut the pills in half since Jayden will take one half a day. The pills are beef flavored. After Carol left I got the pills from my purse and when I felt it, it didn’t feel cut. I called the vet back and she assured me she had cut them. I told her both ends felt smooth and she assured me I had the right medication. I called Carol back and she turned around to check the pills.

I had grabbed a bottle of Aleve from my purse.

It was a rough morning to say the least. Jayden happily ate the half of the correct pill but now he just wants to be left alone. He hasn’t gotten back on the couch. I hope he’s not afraid of it now. He also isn’t interested in water. I’m keeping a close eye on that. He drank voraciously at the vet but not here.

It’s so hard to just leave him alone. It’s also hard that he wanted nothing to do with me at the vet but that makes sense. The vet tech had treats. I just of course go into my head and worry that I played a part. The last time he got sick, right after I brought him home, I had been having emotional problems and now here again, I’ve been depressed. I know my depression didn’t cause pain in him, that’s just silly. I suppose any parent of a dog or human wonders if they did anything to cause their children pain.

Naturally, I’m hovering like crazy, but I’m leaving him alone. At least there are two more business days left in the week if we need the vet again.


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7 Responses to Doggy Diaries – He’s ok, emergency vet visit

  1. Oh god Ro I just went into my dashboard to eddit a post and came across your post.

    I’m so sorry to hear that Jayden wasn’t well. It wasn’t your fault though and you mustn’t think that. I know it’s hard not to blame your self though.

    When Ushi panicked over that fly i thought i had done something. She didn’t come upstairs that night to her bed, but the next night she came up fine.

    It could have been that on the couch he maybe pulled a muscle or something.

    Take care and hugs from me and Ushi. Xxxx.

  2. Super weird. I woulda said dead tail or rutter tail or whatever the name du jour is for it, but since the vet manipulated his tail like mad and nuttin, I don’t know. God I hate mysteries. But don’t beat yourself up over reacting. Remember, he started the chain. It was him who started screaming. So maybe it woulda been a little more animated because you were upset, but the first scream was all his. Hopefully one day the mystery will be solved.

  3. Ro

    Thanks ladies. He’s drinking water now and is not afraid of the couch. Seems to be himself again. What. A. Day.

  4. Hope he has no further instances of the screaming and pain. Sorry you’ve been having such a rough time.

  5. Glad to read the follow up comments that he is doing better. Hope that is continuing and he sleeps well tonight.

  6. Oh my God! I’m glad that Jayden is all right, I hope… Speaking of not staying calm, ah, who’d stay calm when their dog is screaming? I certainly would not stay calm unless it was something that happened daily as a matter of course. But the once-off thing, no way!

    Oh well I’m glad it wasn’t any worse. Maybe Jayden just got a pinched nerve in the tail or something. As for him probably fearing the couch, maybe you could just invite him up when he’s up to socialising again, and if he’s scared, offer him a treat. I hope he doesn’t get a phobia now… Poor creature!

    Please stay safe and say hi to your fluffy critter for me.


  7. By the way I’ve just read a few other comments just now. Glad Jayden isn’t scared of the couch! He should be right for sure.

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