Doggy Diaries – He wanted to be with B

Ever since Jayden came home with me, he’s slept in my room and gone to bed when I do. At first it was the tie down, then the kennel and now the comforter by the bed.

Last night I got ready for bed after his nightly relieving, he follwed me in, got on his bed, ate his few pieces of goodnight kibble and promptly left the room. Ever so often he’s done that to go get a sip of water, but he always comes back in. Last night I reached over shortly after we came in the room and he was gone. I sat on the bed and then heard B laughing. I shouted out, asking if Jayden was on the couch and sure enough, he was. He had left the room when B poured food for the cats and then decided to get on the couch. B asked if he should make him go in the room and I asked if he was closing the door yet, which he wasn’t. (I close the door when I go to bed since B plays music at night.)

After a bit, B said he was closing the door, what should he do? I asked if Jay looked comfy on the couch and B said yes so I decided to let him be. It was sooo weird! Laying there listening to a book and thinking about Jayden and he wasn’t there.

About an hour later, B opened the door and came in and said Jay was just chillin out there with him. B sounded kinda happy to be able to hang out with Jayden hehe! B went into the kitchen and I heard him talking to Jayden, then Jayden came into the room and up to the bed. I got all excited and if I had a tail it would have been wagging out of happiness to see my boy. Jayden gave me some kisses and curled up on his comforter next to the bed.

B said Jayden came out another time also. He’s getting so independent!


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  1. Awe that is so sweet!! He likes his dad 🙂

  2. That’s like Trix. She often sleeps out in the living room by Steve for a bunch, and then comes in later. Aww Jayden. You’re makin’ yourself at home.

  3. Jen

    Aw cute! OJ will go to anyone in my family, anyone at all in fact, if he thinks he’s going to get even the smallest bit of attention or petting. I think its good for other people to be able to interact with them, and not to feel like they can only pet them when they have your permission (not saying that’s what you do of course)
    Its good how they know who their owner is though, and show a level of excitment when they see you, that they don’t show with other people.

  4. Hahaha I was thinking that it reminded me of Trix too. It was fun watching her figure out that hey, I can talk to this dude and Carin doesn’t mind.

  5. Ro

    Yeah Jayden is definitely getting that B is his other person. I thought it was cute that B asked permission to keep Jayden out there with him. He said he and Jayden looked at each other like, are we allowed to do this? Haha!

  6. L^2

    Hahaha… too cute!

  7. You are adorable, Jayden. Cricket will do that but now that it is colder, she is going to bed before we do. Silly snuggle bug, girl.

  8. Thats awesome that he is getting comfortable with B! Leah is very much about Taylor, and its rather cute sometimes :() Hope B enjoys his boy time lol.

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