Doggy Diaries – He loves his comforter

So pretty much ever since we got home, Jayden has been by my side. At first he had to be since he was on leash or tie down, but that didn’t last long and soon he was completely free except at night. So he’s always on the couch by me, or on the floor at my feet. Sometimes he goes and lays by the door, but that’s really the only time he’s not near me, and before long, he’s running across the apartment to join me on the couch.

Last night, he wasn’t by me, he wasn’t by the door, so I went in the bedroom and he was curled up on his comforter that I just put down for him so he’d want to be out of the kennel. This morning, he stayed with me for a bit then disappeared and sure enough, he was on the comforter in the bedroom. He came out for a little bit and wagged and said hi and I told him I felt abandoned. Then he went and curled up again. I feel like I’ve lost my shadow! I’m so used to being able to reach out and touch him, but now he’s in the other room. Hmmm. Replaced by a comforter.


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  1. Hey Ro. It’s good to hear how you’re getting on. I’m sorry to hear about the heat and all. I’m glad you have given him a blanket to lie on. Over here, we don’t use a kennel or anything, just a quilt thingie that we buy before we get home from the 2 weeks of residential training.

    How are the work outs and all going?

    Take care, xxxx.

  2. LOL I love your last line. “replaced by a comforter” That made me laugh. Glad to hear things are going ok. I will take our rainy, dreary, overcast, thunder and lightening weather we’ve been having over your heat any day of the week. I don’t envy your location this time of year!

  3. I know it’s really hot there, so I wonder if Jayden is too hot on the couch, so he goes to the comforter to cool off a bit. I know that’s what Cabana does after she’s been sitting on the couch for a while. I think we forget how much heat the couch can hold in.

  4. You’ll get used to that. when Carin and Trix first got home, Trix always wanted to be around Carin. Carin didn’t have her tied to her for very long at all because Trixie proved during some off-leash tests that she was going to be pretty awesome, but she always wanted to be near Carin. Wherever Carin went, the dog would follow. Then it became wherever either Carin or I was, she had to be there, especially after she decided I was better shelter from the sound of thunder storms than Carin was. Over time that became you guys just do what you want, I’ll be here hanging out in whatever bed I feel like hanging out in at the moment. There was also an I’ll go where I please but will always follow you two to bed phase in there,but now she doesn’t even care about that. If she wants to sleep in the living room, she does. If the bedroom seems like a good idea, she’ll go there. It’s normal it seems as the dog gets more comfortable with you and the house that it’ll start deciding more things for itself.

  5. Ro

    Yeah, that could be. Though it’s pretty chilled in the mornings and he still went and curled up. Tonight he’s on the couch, and there’s a light right next to it that puts off quite a bit of heat. Who knows.

    Katrin, glad to give you a chuckle hehe 🙂

  6. How cute! I know it’s not the same, but Jessica has a blankie she can’t live without (although I don’t let her take it to school). Blankie, Daddy and Jess watched the World Cup together all weekend!

  7. Midge loves her blankets too. I have one downstairs and one upstairs. You might give him a blanket in the living room.

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