Doggy Diaries – He disobeyed

Good boy!

Kevin came over and we went to Walgreens. It was our second time there, the first time there was a dog in a car and it distracted Jayden coming out of the store. This time, there was a dog in a car going in and he stopped and looked and then ignored it, taking me straight inside. Kevin stood behind me and directed me so we could find the coffee then Jayden went right to the register. Wow. Coming out, we had to walk across the parking lot, and he was really hesitant. Finally we went and then approaching the truck, he wasn’t moving. Kevin didn’t tell me what was going on, only continued to direct me to the truck. When we got in, he told me that a car started backing up, so Jayden ignored me until he could see what the car was doing. When he was hesitant in the parking lot, Kevin said he was looking both ways, making sure it was safe. Sweet! It’s really cool to hear how he does after the fact. In the store, I could feel him getting us around stuff, and he kept looking down aisles like, do you wanna go here? Here? Very cool. He was so happy to be out, I could tell. When we got back, I asked Kevin if he wanted to see the mailbox route, so we did that too. Fun stuff. Jayden really likes Kevin. It was totally spur of the moment, so I was really glad to have a reason to get Jayden out and about. Tomorrow we should be walking in the historic neighborhood with Dave. Here’s hoping!


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6 Responses to Doggy Diaries – He disobeyed

  1. Oh my, these dogs are so amazing it defies words!! I am speachless. (((hugs))) to Jayden.

  2. Aww Jayden, you are a star. And Ro, you rock too.

  3. I am more and more amazed at Jayden all the time!!! You two are really in sync with each other. It’s awesome to see! 🙂

  4. That’s so awesome that you and Jayden are doing so well! It’s fun to see the comfort levels rising everyday.

  5. Awwwww #Good boy, Jayden!!! Hard to believe you’ve been home for nearly 2 weeks!!!!!!! I’m glad he is picking up so quickly!!!!!

    Does he know out of interest that Dave is an instructor? By that i mean does he act different when Dave is around?

    Take care, and i’m glad you too are working so well!!!

  6. Ro

    Nope, he’s no different with anyone. Once the harness goes on, he’s all work. It helps that Dave knows his stuff and won’t even look at Jayden though.

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