Doggy Diaries – Happy Birthday to the Roof!

One year ago today,I wrote my first blog post here on the Roof. After talking with my friend Chupa and telling her about the decision to apply for a guide dog, I had jokingly said I should start a doggy diary. She told me I should start a blog on Blogger, so I did, and the Doggy Diaries were begun.

I read through all the September 2009 posts after finding the first one, and it was really fun to look back at that month and see how far I’ve come. I had a good laugh when I read about my first mile on the treadmill. I was all freaked out that I set a baseline at 3.1 mph. Haha!! I now walk 4.2 mph and do two miles in thirty minutes. That first mile was twenty minutes lol! And I was freaked out that that was my baseline haha!!

It was also fun to read about how it all started with an iPod. In that post I explain how I came to buy my Apple and start my life with Alex.

I also had a laugh about calling my future dog “she” in the Juno walk post. “She”. Haha! It’s so fun to look back on the things you thought my happen, and see what really happened.

I think one of my favorite posts from September 2009 is the why I have a story to tell post. Sometimes I can’t believe the stuff that comes out of my brain, and it’s good to see that I still feel that positive, even more so, about my life today.

There are a lot more posts from that month, but I just wanted to mention some of my favorites. I’m so grateful for this blog and all of you. The friendships I have because of this little spot on the net are irreplaceable, and the storage of memories are invaluable to me. I’m so glad I’ll always have this to look back on. This whole blog, on it’s one year birthday, is all because of Jayden. My guide dog, my companion, my best friend. I am the luckiest girl in the world!


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  1. Happy Birthday Roof! Thanks for bringing so many laughs, smiles, and tears of joy to the blogging world!

  2. Happy Birthday to the Roof! If it wasn’t for the Roof and the GDB Mailing List we could have never found each other! I am very glad that I have your blog, and your friendship to make my life just a little easier knowing one person outside my little family cares 🙂 I found it funny going back and reading all about “she” and then knowing about your baby boy today! Its very funny because you wanted to go against the grind by saying she, but ended up with a he after all! Wow, that post about the MRI was very scary, and something similar to what I expereinced when dealing with that awful, bad, and nasty thing that took my sight, but I only had my parents. So Happy Birthday to the Roof and I am very glad its here, I am not sure what I would do with it!

  3. Happy Birthday, Roof! I love reading your blog and your willingness to share your journey. One thing I love about a blog is it is fun to go back and reflect. Its funny – never have been great about keeping a journal but for some reason I have really enjoyed putting my thoughts out on a blog. Keep on. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  4. Woe man. I guess it was a year ago, but it took me a little longer to find you. And it all started with Emily’s blog. You commented, I traipsed on over here, and so began my comment-barraging. This place is awesome, you’re awesome, and I’m glad I met you. Hey Jayden, did you enjoy your mat today?

  5. Jen

    Happy birthday to the roof!
    Here’s to many more years of blogging.
    I love reading back over posts and remembering things.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jen and OJ

  6. Happy first birthday. I’m glad we’re friends in spite of my brother who nearly made you hate Carin and I forever after you left your first comment on the Comet hahaha.

  7. L^2

    Sorry I’m a day late, but Happy first Blogiversary! I don’t think I found you until about 3 weeks later, after you left a comment on my blog. But I’ve been enjoying your Roof ever since. 🙂

  8. Hey again! I know I don’t read very often, because usually I’m just stalking you on facebook… haha not actually stalking, but you know what I mean. I remember when I first saw this, it was because of Carin’s post called “In the centre of the roof on a quest for a woof.” I always put that last part in when I see the words “In the centre of the roof”. I think “I guess she’s not so much on a quest for a woof as she is on a quest with her woof.” Happy birfday!!!

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