Doggy Diaries – Happy birthday to my Mellow Yellow!!

Jayden is three today! I can’t believe it. I found the post I wrote on his birthday last year and I think I said it all last year haha!

At the time, I thought he was in the womb the day I went blind, but he would have been conceived just shortly after. I still believe he was made just for me. We spent the day today playing and relaxing together. That is if you consider attacking my house relaxing haha! I find it rather cathartic to tackle the apartment with all the cleaning power I can muster and I’ve got a blister on my thumb to prove it.

I’ve spoiled Jayden every chance I’ve gotten during breaks from cleaning, with a Kong Wobbler every few hours and some peanut butter this morning. He got so excited this morning when I took a break from cleaning that he went on an epic run around the apartment. I’m sure he doesn’t know it’s his birthday, but he does know that he’s getting even more love, which means he’s getting a ton because he already gets lots of it. 🙂

The other night I discovered something that cracks me up. Jayden and I were having our evening snuggle and he was laying on his side. I started blowing raspberries, kind of. I put my face on his side and blew air through pursed lips. He would lay there all content and I’d do that and he’d jerk his head up as if to say, “what on God’s green earth are you doing woman???” It was like when you make a funny noise for a baby and they can’t stop laughing, so you do it over and over again. Only I was the baby. I couldn’t stop!

I did that again today during one of our snuggle sessions and the reaction was the same, seining me in to peels of laughter. It’s been a good day. He’s currently passed out on the couch, but after I post this, we’re gonna have a game of hide and seek, his favorite.

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks. Today I’m filled with joy about Jayden’s birthday, but this date also holds another significance, one of a life ending a year ago. Laughing one minute and tearful the next, depending on what song came on iTunes, sorrow and gratitude, trying to celebrate the life of a woman I only had the pleasure of knowing for a brief time, the emotional roller coaster has been a bit wild.

I can’t wait for B to get home in a bit so I can just be with him. There are just some days when it’s clear that every hour is a celebration, every touch, every whisper, every smile, is something to cherish.

Ok, now that I’ve made myself all misty, I’m gonna go play that game of hide and seek. 🙂

Oh, and the Rays play Boston tonight. How bout a win for me guys? That’d be great, thanks.


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  1. Happy bearthday!!!!!!! Jayden!!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Jayden!!

  3. Ro

    I had already posted your first comment and now I can’t delete it. I think only you can, oops! typos happen. 😉

  4. Happy birthday Jayden! I love celibrating. What would we do without our blogs to recap? I can’t wait to start my recap of the last year with Ushi! Xxx.

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